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Having a dragon day

6th January, 2016 Uncategorized

I had to go for a blood test yesterday. The rain had finally stopped and the sun came out. On the way over there was dragon’s breath everywhere. Snaking lines of it filling the gaps between the hills with tree tops poking through like sentinels to another world. I so wanted to take a picture but there was nowhere to stop. It’s a very narrow winding road and 4x4s barrel down it at speed. So I carried on until I reached Knowlton Church. One of my favourite places. Parking? Yes. But, no mist!

So I headed up the main road and, looking back, saw the dragon’s breath again. I pulled into a layby but couldn’t quite see around the hedge to the henge. But, looking the other way, there was mist around the guardian hill. Here it is. Can you hear the dragons laughing? Look at that air dragon above the hill.

air dragon

And, coming home, I managed to dodge into a field gateway – at great risk of never getting out of the mud again. And here’s another one a little further down the road:

air dragon 2

And then, finally, I photographed a beautiful crystal point I’d bought at the Builth Wells mineral fair whilst on a visit to the crystal dragon mountain. I had intended to sell it. But can you see the beautiful golden dragon head inside? Tilt you head to tune into him. Such an amazing uplift in the gloom of winter. Here’s one crystal I won’t be selling!

golden dragon headgolden dragon gathering

The dragons are definitely gathering!


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