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September 2017: Shungite

Pyramids and tumblestone. Shungite images c.

Shungite is the perfect crystal for September. This is health-conscious Virgo’s month. Virgo knows the value of purity and discernment and Shungite is the number one crystal for detoxifying and protecting against pollutants of all kinds. Research has shown it to be anti-bacterial, anti-viral with a host of other health benefits. It is first and foremost the best crystal for protecting those who are electro-sensitive from the detrimental effects of electromagnetic fields. Grid it around your house and any electrical equipment, wear it, make Shungite water with it and drink it regularly. Stick it to your phone or on your smart meter. Above all, remember to cleanse it frequently as it is the most effective soaker-upper of negative energy that there is.

Shungite water system.

My Shungite water system. Works for me!

P.S. Personally I’ve drunk Shungite Water made from raw Shungite in a filter jug for years with very beneficial effects on my well-being (you’ll find details of how to make it in my books and in the crystal community on my website). I also put Elite Shungite in my water bottle to keep the water fresh. But if you prefer, you can make the water by the indirect method using Elite Shungite.

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