September 2015: Blue Topaz

Stone of Empathy – Empathetic Blue Topaz resonates with the throat chakra and helps you to communicate with others. At the same time, the crystal insists that the scripts you live by are those you write yourself in accordance with your own truth. Wearing Blue Topaz ensures you live up to your own aspirations without reneging on your dedication to give service where it is needed. It takes you out of a ‘servitude trap’, teaching that true service comes from the heart, doing what is necessary without thought of reward or recognition and yet, at the same time, not allowing yourself to be put upon by others. This stone aligns you with the angels of truth and wisdom, drawing their invaluable assistance into your day to day life. It is the perfect stone for meditating to connect to your higher self and help you to fulfil your spiritual potential. This stone also offers the gifts of common sense and a rational mind, combined with an innate ability for organisation and administration. With its help you have the ability to plan things in the most functional way possible, making the world run more efficiently – and more compassionately.

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