October 2015: Sapphire

Stone of Peace – Sapphire is a traditional Libran birthstone and a stone for October. Its beautiful blue colour is often faceted and used for jewellery but the raw stone is equally effective for healing and energy work. It traditionally brings prosperity and lifts depression. This beautiful crystal brings dreams to fruition, and imbues your life with lightness and joy. It aligns the physical, mental and spiritual levels, and restores the equilibrium which is so vital within your body. This is the Stone of Peace that ensures a tranquil life. It assists in avoiding confrontation and assures peace of mind. If you suffer from indecision it can help even the most chronic ditherer to make up their mind and to draw on their innate wisdom. Blue Sapphire is associated with love and is popular for an engagement ring whilst Green Sapphire ensures fidelity.


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