May 2015: Ruby in Zoisite

A stone of soul learning – Fiery, passionate Ruby is the traditional stone for spring and is symbolic of the renewed life force stirring. It kick starts the astrological year. But sometimes its effect is too spontaneous. Things move forward with bewildering rapidity and there is no time for assessing whether it’s the right direction, or ascertaining the potential result of the action. This is where the beautifully soft green of heart-centred Zoisite perfectly complements Ruby. A natural combination of the two crystals, Ruby-in-Zoisite synergies and balances the energies. It helps you to see where energy can be expended wisely and where it would be wasted. As is suggested by the sparkling depths of a faceted Ruby, Rubies symbolise fire while Zoisite is an earthy crystal. Ruby-in-Zoisite perfectly balances earth and fire, yin and yang, action and non-action.

This combination encourages empathy with your fellow human beings whilst at the same time expressing your true self out to the world. Ruby-in-Zoisite is a high vibration stone that enhances neural pathways and raises your consciousness, helping you to live a more spiritual life. It helps you to track the progress your soul is making with its plans and intentions. It also enhances your creativity. Keeping Zoisite with you encourages happiness and joy in your daily life. This stone also helps you to appreciate what you have rather than uselessly chasing after what you don’t have. But add Ruby to the mix and you have the courage and the passion to follow your convictions. To reach for what will truly be for your highest good.

One of this stone’s greatest qualities is in soothing a grieving or broken heart. Carry one if you have lost something or someone you loved.

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