March 2018: Labradorite

LabradoritePerfect for Pisces and others with ‘loose boundaries’, this highly mystical crystal is a bringer of light containing esoteric knowledge. Raising consciousness and connecting with universal energies, it takes you into another world or other lives. Protective Labradorite creates an interface between your own personal energy field and that of another person. Deflecting unwanted energies from the energy bodies and preventing energy leakage, it is excellent for screening yourself whilst allowing awareness of what is happening in another field. You do not take on thoughts and feelings, but remain objectively aware. Labradorite aligns the physical and etheric bodies and accesses soul purpose, raising consciousness and grounding spiritual energies into the physical body. This crystal opens intuition and activates psychic gifts. It draws messages from the unconscious mind to the surface, facilitating understanding internal conflicts and multiple agendas. Labradorite banishes fears and insecurities. It strengthens trust in your Self and the universe. [Extracted from The Crystal Companion]

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