July 2015: Menalite

Menalite is an ancient fertility stone and, as July is the month of the zodiac sign of Cancer which is traditionally a nurturing sign, it is the perfect accompaniment through the month. It not only fertilises conception (it is excellent for that, put it under your bed), but also any creative projects you may on the go. It is the stone par excellence for bringing anything to birth.
Enhancing divination and forecasting, Menalite reconnects to the wise feminine and the power of the priestess. An excellent stone for conducting the rites of the passage that mark out the transitions through womanhood, Menalite reminds you of the endlessly recurring cycles of life and is useful for rebirth and rejuvenation of any kind. Spiritually, it assists in coming to terms with death, removing fear and assuring that you will survive in another reality. Menalite is a natural accompaniment for meditations to re-member your soul.

This shamanic stone has been used since time began to journey to other realms and carry out metaphysical rituals. Many of the stones simulate power animals, or the ancient fertility goddess, and this nurturing stone provides a durable link to the Earth Mother, taking you back into her womb for healing and reconnection to the root of being. [Extracted from Crystal Bible volume 2]

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