December 2017: Sunstone


Image c. Michael Illas/Crystal Companion


Sunstone is excellent for overcoming S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder). It revitalizes the body and lifts dark moods. If you have lost your enthusiasm for life, Sunstone remotivates, facilitating self-empowerment and instilling awareness of your own value. It dissolves codependency, and supports independence. This highly energetic stone overcomes procrastination, giving the impetuous to move forward. It detaches from feelings of being sabotaged or discriminated against, encouraging optimism and enthusiasm. The crystal acts as a spiritual compass and heightens intuition. Removing hooks located in the chakras or energy bodies, it is extremely beneficial for tie-cutting with energy vampires or previous partners. [Extract from The Crystal Companion]

The S.A.D. layout

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