December 2014: Turquoise

As we head into the depths of the winter solstice (in northern hemispheres) it is a moment of deep reflection. Sagittarius is the sign that asks all the great questions of life such as ‘what are we doing here,’ ‘where do we go from here’. One of its birthstones, Turquoise, promotes of self-realisation and assists with creative problem solving. This stone provides solace for the spirit and well being for the body. It is a protective stone and has been used for amulets since time began. Turquoise promotes spiritual attunement and enhances communication between the physical and spiritual worlds. Placed on the throat chakra, it releases old vows, inhibitions and prohibitions, and allows the soul to express itself once more. It explores past lives and shows how the creation of our ‘fate’ is ongoing and depends on what we do at each moment.

December reading: The Crystal Wisdom Oracle: 40 Oracle cards for self understand and soul healing.0 oracle

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