August 2015: AnandaliteTM (Aurora Quartz)

Leo’s really like to shine so shimmering rainbow-hued Anandalite is the perfect stone for August. (It is also sold under the non-trademarked name of Aurora Quartz which comes from further along the same seam of crystal.) This incredibly high vibration stone brings love and light into every heart and accesses exceedingly high dimensional consciousness. It’s excellent for cleansing the chakras too. You can literally watch the energy change as the stone is taken from the ground up through the chakras on the front of the body to the top of the head, down the back, and then back over again to the ground in front (and thank you to John van Rees of Exquisite Crystals for suggesting that as well as for the gift of my first pieces of this beautiful crystal). In the workshops we now do side to side sweeps as well. People positively glow afterwards.

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