Source: Skardu, Pakistan (also occurs in China; Bavaria, Germany; Kimito, Finland; Karibib, Namibia; and Maine, Connecticut, Arizona and Colorado in the United States).

Colours: Vitreous Red, Orange, Brown, Black

The majority of Triplites from around the world are generally black and opaque. However Triplite in this form is a rare manganese/iron phosphate from Skardu, Pakistan.

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Triplite is the perfect stone for overcoming energetic depletion and kick-starting creativity. Triplite is named after the Greek ‘triplos’ due to its tendency to cleave in three directions. Highly energetic, boosting the flow of kundalini and Qi throughout the body, it stimulates the base and sacral chakras and enhances the flow of life force to all parts of the body, physical and subtle. If a brown or black Triplite is placed below the feet, a red on the base chakra and an orange on the sacred, it shoots energy up through the heart and into the top of the head – rather like a firework going off. If the effect is too dramatic it can be regulated with a white crystal above the head. The energy then flows down around the aura to enclose and boost your biomagnetic field. In the space created, Triplite assists you to manifest whatever you desire or most need for your spiritual development. Triplite then assists the kundalini energies to integrate at the etheric, physical, emotional and mental levels, raising consciousness so that you become aware of being part of a greater spiritual whole. From there it stimulates compassion for your fellow human beings.

Placing Triplite over the dantien (just below the navel) stores the creative force in the dantien until it is required. It is excellent for overcoming depletion and severe fatigue.

Rich in manganese, a powerful antioxidant and metabolic function regulator, Triplite shares properties with Rhodochrosite, another manganese rich crystal and keeps the etheric heart healthy. It is also iron-rich, supporting the circulatory system, liver and spleen. Bi-coloured Triplite assists in harmonising dualities and balancing blood pressure and physiological processes. Correct balance of manganese is essential for correct bone development, tissue repair and assimilation of minerals within the body. Triplite energetically assists in maintaining mineral balance within the body.

When working with Triplite on the Crystals for the Future workshop at the College of Psychic Studies one of the participants, who had just completed a course of radiotherapy, found that Triplite helped to detox her body, clearing out the remnants of the radiation and the debris from the disease. (She became incredibly hot which was part of the process.) Simply holding a tiny piece was sufficient to begin the healing, but then her whole system was cleansed, readjusted and soothed by lying in a Triplite and Smoky Quartz grid for fifteen minutes.

It was also found that the crystal helps you to identify your frenemies – those people who are oh so nice to your face and yet are happy to stab you in the back with gossip, criticism, taking credit for your work and so on. The stone brings them out into the open so that the situation can be resolved with grace and move into true friendship – or release them for your life. It does the same for your inner frenemies, the thoughts and emotions that undermine you.

Triplite also was experienced as a stone that knows exactly what each individual person needs. It helps you to see situations calmly, to assess them and find solutions, and then strengthens your resolve as you put them into practice. The non-crystalline white or brown Triplite makes an excellent grounding anchor.