The Cradle of Humankind

The Cradle of Humankind stone comes from Magaliesberg, South Africa. It is a product of the archaeological excavations taking place at a spot where the oldest human and protohuman fossils are being found. It’s not a particularly pretty stone, very basic looking grey, black or white with the occasional brown. But that’s exactly right given its purpose is to strip you back to basics and help you rebuild yourself.

The Cradle of Humankind stone was given to me a few years ago for assessment and I thought I’d added to the Crystal Bible volume 3 under the title ‘Cradle of Life’ as I’d misremembered the name. But although I’ve found my text on file, I can’t find it in that book. That may be because I’d missed a very important property. The stone not only shows you what you need to release, but it also shows you how much of other people’s energy you still have in your own energy field and it helps you to release that. And, as I now realise, it shows what is stuck in your DNA and needs to be moved out so that you can switch on beneficial DNA and move on from family patterns. It was a missing piece of the ancestral healing puzzle. It clears out ‘stuck energy residue’. In this context, the ancestral line is not only your own family tree but that of all humanity and the planet.

The stone also has a profound and very deep link to Gaia and all that is stored in the DNA of Mother Earth. My crystal group suggested that ‘Cradle of Being’ would be the perfect name. But we’ll go with what Alex from Dolphin Minerals coined when he first brought it back from Africa for now.

When my crystal meditation group were assessing the Cradle of Humankind stone, Crystal healer Jeni Powell’s guide described it as, ‘a holding catalyst.’ I’d been looking for a word for an inert, space-holding ‘substance’, such as light, that ‘fills’ the space when something has been let go and keeps it open until something new can be brought in. But ‘holding catalyst’ is more dynamic as it offers the possibility of transmutation too.

Here are my somewhat disorganised notes from the very first assessment, but you’ll follow the process as it unfolded. As you’ll see, I was calling it the Cradle of Life then and that still feels right to me although I have also called it the Cradle of Humanity when writing about it. That feels more relevant than Humankind somehow.

Cradle of Life Stone (Cradle of Humankind)

Ancient wisdom and inner knowing.

Rebirth, new start.

Heals and strengthens bones (although it can be painful as the process commences and stress held in the bones is released).

Promotes centering and grounding, assimilating new energies and ideas.

Going back to the foundations to start again from the beginning of the soul’s journey – reprogramming all that has gone before.

Good for those who’ve been uprooted/displaced and need to find a new home within themselves.

Perfect for ancestral healing rituals.

Facilitates a life review.

But!! Still keeping its secrets – about to awake? Do we need to have made a shift of consciousness, moved on before it will reveal itself?

Connects heart and throat and earths communication, opens and releases.

Half a rainbow, orange, left to middle.

Like a rock ‘don’t push me around any more’

Third eye, centres on the cerebral level so you understand what is being metaphysically communicated – link back to the days when minds were connected. Telepathy.

Ears react – past life chakras are being opened.

Takes the healing deep into Gaia and her inner structure.

Jeni will have some soon. Email her if you’d like one as there are a very limited number at the moment.

I found a word-image that seemed to beautifully sum up the effect of this stone and all I now know about it: