The Recharger

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This natural red, hematite-coated Lemurian Seed crystal recharges the whole body. Instantly. It is incredibly energetic and power-full. It is excellent for people whose self-confidence needs a boost or whose energy is flagging. Resonating with the three-chambered heart chakra, it integrates the higher resonances of the heart seed and higher heart (see Crystal Prescriptions vol.4 for more information on the three chambered heart chakra.). It is the perfect empowerment crystal on all levels. This crystal has a gentle feminine energy when pink or pale, a much stronger and more masculine energy when dark red. It embodies all the spiritual qualities of a Lemurian Seed crystal, including the spiritual information and the ‘codes’ implanted from Lemurian to assist our evolution now. Each one is unique, many being record keepers and starbary-type crystals accessing information from multi-dimensions. But the beauty of the Strawberry Lemurian is that it grounds the information into our physical body and the Earth, ensuring that the information is acted upon with grace, ease and right timing. I’ve just had a new shipment in so Jeni has a wide variety available, not all are on the website. Email her with your specific needs Lemurian

The Magic of Strawberry Lemurian

A personal account by Zsuzsanna Griga

Judy Hall – world famous karmic astrologer, past life specialist, and crystal expert, my master and hero – visited Budapest this May. Lélek TV (Spirit TV, an internet TV station broadcasting esoteric programmes) organized a festival for her, where a number of lecturers gave speeches on subjects related to the soul’s journey and spiritual development. It was immensely successful, 500 visitors turned up, and Judy also gave two full day seminars which everyone loved. I was her official guide and translator, but being a karmic astrologer myself, I was also invited to give a speech on the festival. As Judy was the guest of honour and the highlight of the event, she was, naturally, the last one on the program.

When we arrived on the scene, however, I realized that my appearance was being strategically placed between a Norwegian lady, Birgitta Thewlis (the founder of Access Consciousness), and Judy. I obviously got very nervous. The rest of the presenters were all Hungarian colleagues, astrologers and healers, but none of them is internationally renowned. Not only was I put in a situation where I had the disadvantage of inevitably being compared to two shining stars, I also had to carry the burden of responsibility to make the audience stay in the main auditorium so that it wouldn’t be half empty by the time Judy started her presentation on the Crystal Zodiac.

I freaked out, to say the least. I am a relatively successful astrologer, the author of four books and two DVD’s; I have been teaching astrology for 15 years, I do monthly Balsamic Moon meditations, and I am used to speaking to people – and yet, all of a sudden, I felt terrified. Andrea, the managing director of Spirit TV, gave me a shot of homemade palinka (strong Hungarian spirit distilled of fruits), which she conveniently had on hand, and it seemed to help a bit, but after a while its effects wore off and I didn’t want to drink more. When Judy noticed my nervousness, she pushed a large beautiful Strawberry Lemurian into my hands. “Here,” she said, “place it on your heart and see what happens”.

I sat down with the crystal, tightly clasping it, and closed my eyes. All of a sudden, power surged through me and I became filled with it. Every cell of my body began to sing, and the energy poured out into my aura. I felt strong and reassured. I hung on to the Strawberry Lemurian during my entire speech. I was bright, funny, my voice carried authority, and I miraculously remembered everything I wanted to say. The auditorium, which was actually half empty when I started, filled up completely by the time I was halfway through my presentation. I cannot tell how grateful I felt. After a very short break, Judy came to the stage and gave a brilliant presentation on the crystals linked to the Zodiacal signs.

The next day, when I came to her seminar on how to read the Akashic Record, I found the Strawberry Lemurian on my seat. “It’s yours”, Judy said. I could hardly thank her I was so moved by her generosity. Now it is sitting on my desk, emanating its power whenever I write or work.

Investigating Strawberry Lemurian Seeds

By Terrie Birch

Having realised that the crystals I had bought as phantom red quartz were, indeed, Strawberry Lemurian seeds, I decided to have a play and investigate. Although I had recently seen a lovely example of one I hadn’t been the guardian of any before so was curious to explore the energies for myself and to see how they would work with me. A grid was suggested, but when I looked at them, I was drawn to pick two up, and I intuitively picked them, taking one in each hand. Sitting back down at my desk and holding them, I immediately started to have kriyas, involuntary muscle and body twitches, which for me, indicate energy shifts. I found myself leaning forward with my elbows on the desk, putting my hands, holding the crystals, against the side of my temples. The twitches and shifts of energies continued and they made me laugh, and laughing had made me realise that my energy had lightened considerably. I felt amused and quite joyous. I continued to hold the Strawberry Lemurians in my hands to the sides of my head for a minute or two and then took them away. Again, during this, I felt an amused chuckle escape from my heart chakra.

After a while, I kept the crystals in my hand and searched for information on them on the web. I recalled Judy Hall had written something on them in a blog but couldn’t recall the information. Having found her blog I then read it and was intrigued to see that the darker crystals are more masculine energy whilst the paler ones are more feminine. Because I had selected the two I was going to work with, quickly and intuitively, I hadn’t really taken any notice of the colour, and they were still clutched in my hands, so I wondered what they were. Lo and behold, my left hand held a pale, feminine one, whilst my right hand held a very dark one with a lot of the red, hematite coating, and therefore the masculine energy.


So, I realised I had been balancing the left and right sides of my brain, my mental masculine and feminine energies. It didn’t feel right to put the crystals down and as I sat I placed them in the crease at the top of my legs. Were they working on my lower masculine and feminine energies? The kriyas now were much less frequent but it was clear the work was continuing as I carried on working myself.

The following day, I was feeling quite frustrated. Astrologically, we were in the middle of both Mars and Mercury retrograde, and I was feeling it! In particular, I was feeling Mars anger bubbling to the surface, caused by difficult communication and misunderstandings of Mercury. My usual tolerance levels seemed to have disappeared and peace and loving kindness where proving difficult to pin down! Remembering how my energy had lifted the previous day, I again used two strawberry Lemurian points, with the paler, feminine one in the left hand and the darker, masculine one in the right. I put the crystals to my temples and had a similar response to the day before, with kriyas indicating energy releases. The energy change was subtle but definite. I didn’t suddenly feel that my anger had disappeared, but I noticed a gradual lightening until I realised I was calm, happy, centred and grounded. It was as if my previous feelings had dissipated, almost as if they had never existed, as I couldn’t now see how I could have felt that way.

I used the strawberries on another occasion, when I was feeling quite emotional and this was clouding my judgement, making it difficult for me to see a way forward. This time, instead of holding the crystals to my temples, I tried tucking them behind my ears, like a handyman with his pencil. The right one slipped a few times but eventually seemed happy to stay there and, in that way I was able to leave them there for much longer than before, and carried on working, whilst they did the same. This time, it felt like they were working on many more layers, and with more chakras. The result, however, was the same, the negative feelings gradually dissipated and were replaced with a quiet but definite sense of joy, of contentment with things as they were.  I was left feeling grounded and settled.

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Strawberry Lemurian Seeds

©Terrie Birch