Rooster Tail Quartz

Rooster Tail Quartz. Spot the dragon! c. Judy Hall

Rooster Tail Quartz is just what we need during a long dark – and where the UK is concerned record-breakingly wet – winter. It’s also known as Dragon Quartz so you can imagine how I tingled when I first saw them. I bought mine from Pelham Graham who said:

‘Rooster Tail Quartz, a new find from Brazil is known for its Red and Gold color with swirling mossy plumes and fancy inclusions. Each crystal has great detail , unique and one of a kind in design. Rooster Tail Quartz helps balance your energy of the body , mind spirit and emotions. It promotes brotherhood, good will and generosity. It has been used to combat Blood Vessel blockages and improve mental stability.’ [–19925.html]

As soon as I tried to photograph them, the stones lit up shining with bright blue energy. You can see the difference less than a minute made here. These were taken in natural light and I could hear the camera struggling to focus as the energy changed. It was on automatic so it was probably trying different shutter speeds too but I really did feel it was having a hard time handling the energy. Something that often happens when photographing crystals!

Rooster Tail Quartz Grid

Pelham Graham have a $50 minimum order which encouraged me to buy enough for a crystal grid. Feeling in dire need of an energy boost as the sun had come out fleetingly and then disappeared behind rain clouds yet again, I put them around me with one above my head, two just below my shoulders, two just above and two just below my navel. With the darkest one at my feet to ground me. Wow! Even the sun popped out from behind the black clouds again to offer more energy. How good is that?

Another crystal site said:

‘It helps to promote brotherhood, good will and generosity.’

I only have enough for personal investigation as yet so they aren’t on  but, if you can’t wait, order up a job lot from Pelham Graham and share the good fortune with your friends. Let’s chase the winter gloom away!