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Rainbow Lattice Sunstone

Rainbow Lattice Sunstone

My crystal group described Rainbow Lattice sunstone as ‘disconnecting from our 3D matrix to plug into a much vaster, multidimensional picture that was the proto-matrix for creation.’ It took about half an hour to figure out what we meant by that! This is a quantum-field crystal. We felt it had a lighter, rather than higher, frequency than crystals we’d assessed previously. Something finer and purer – purity was a word that came up constantly in connection with the crystal.

It opens a new way of working for evolution that makes it a truly magical stone. The type of magic that science cannot yet explain but which will one day be accepted as science. In other words, a crystal ahead of our time. It was equated to the kind of leap made from having no computers to a world virtually run by computers. This crystal could facilitate another evolutionary jump whereby we are no longer caged in our head.


  • Rainbow Lattice Sunstones creates a form of scaffolding for cells to have space between them – energetically and physically – so that the gunk and toxic programming drops out. It then makes the frequencies between the dimensions and the energy bodies coherent at a lighter frequency so that beneficial genetic potential is switched on.
  • The amended frequency connects to the crystal oversouls and our higher selves and light-beings.
  • The merkeba and the alta major chakra expands and extends outside the head to the edge of the biomagnetic field (aura), linking the soul star to the earth star chakra and anchoring the stellar gateway to the Gaia gateway. This brings the lighter frequency literally to earth and integrates it (but see below).
  • The link from this crystal to the quantum world is too vast for us to comprehend right now but we will come to understand it as we work further with the crystal.
  • The expanded frequency facilitates contact with an advanced race of beings, which showed themselves as ‘star unicorns’. A very pure form of energy.
Star Unicorn

Star Unicorn, divine incarnation of purity

  • This created a new freedom to use power. But that had to be from a pure heart and with great integrity. It was the true essence of pure power – described as ‘warrior princess’ energy. Not in the least fluffy but nevertheless gentle and refined. Like ‘standing in a flowing current of creative innocence and home of the divine.’

    The crystal unicorn energy encrystalled

    The crystal unicorn energy encrystalled c. Judy Hall

  • The crystal took us to the universal Akashic Record before anything had been imprinted on it – pared back to the original purity. Repeating patterns could then be released. A new personal, planetary and galactic Akashic Record could be created but not for egotistical gain.
  • The crystal was similar to Stonehenge and Newgrange before it was shut down – a portal to infinity. It gave an overview of the universal matrix and multiverses.
  • Although the crystal needed individuals to bring it into our reality, it was too strong for most personal, individual work and is best worked with in small groups. It is intergalactic in effect and intention.
  • The crystal needed another crystal to hold the effect here on this planet. We used a high vibration silver-white Muscovite in Snow Quartz to realign the physical body to become more receptive to the new frequency as the molecular structure of the subtle energy bodies needed to change and then realign with the physical body. The mica opened and extended the lattice/matrix and anchored the frequency. (This was later augmented by adding Edenite and Kundalini Quartz to the mix see below.)
White Muscovite c. Judy Hall

White Muscovite c. Judy Hall

  • The crystal indicated very firmly that to work competently and coherently to obtain the full benefit from it, and release its full potential, an individual would need to have cleared their own timelines and Akashic Record to access this refined frequency. Denser frequencies would fall away. The aim was transformation on a galactic scale.
  • It may only be a tiny piece of crystal in your hand but as it links to every other piece, the oversoul and the ‘star-unicorns’ its magnitude is vast.
  • It was suggested that the star unicorns could balance with the elemental and cosmic dragon energy during the process of transformation into and integration of the lighter frequency. (That’s one to be explored sometime in the future).
  • In combination with White Muscovite, Rainbow Lattice Sunstone sends entities and denser energies back to their own dimension so that a personal energy field, or that of the planet, was no longer dampened down.
  • The crystal had a message for us. ‘Start a revolution! Realise that you no longer have to listen to the present, damped-down, frequency. Link in at a greater level and work for that instead of following like sheep.’
  • There needed to be mutual respect. You acknowledge the crystal and its associated beings, they acknowledge you. Ask for your heart to be open so that you honour the energy and then it works with you – but reiteration that the heart must be pure with no ego or personal power agenda involved. This is a huge opportunity for a quiet revolution, so the supply will always be limited.
  • There was a suggestion that the crystal may assist those with Alzheimers, but it wasn’t the time to explore that further except to say that Alzheimers patients are often working out-of-body in another dimension but without being consciously aware of it or able to communicate that this is so. This crystal could make that work conscious by connecting the dimensions.


EdeniteWhen in Belfast at the crystal dragons’ workshop, I was introduced by Paul from Stone Age Ireland crystals ( to Edenite. Looking rather like petrified bone or wood, it’s a form of amphibole that is very ancient and Paul has been working with it for sometime now to access the original Akashic Record. He’s found the effect is heightened/deepened by the addition of natural Congo (Kundalini) Citrine. Added to the Rainbow Lattice Sunstone-White Muscovite mix, it anchored the vibrations. An experimental grid will be created as soon as the members of the crystal group can reconvene.

My love and thanks to all the members of the crystal group who assisted with the assessment of the Rainbow Lattice Sunstone.

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