LakelanditeMeet Fred, my Lakelandite skull. Named in honour of my grandfather who loved the Lake District and who introduced me to its many natural wonders – including crystals. Many of my earliest memories are of being out in that beautiful landscape with him fossicking in streams for sparkling treasures. And that seems to be what Lakelandite is all about, it’s another of the ancestral stones now emerging. It not only assists with the healing but also identifies the gifts hidden in the experiences.

Lakelandite is a home-grown English stone. When it first arrived, as tumbled stones, it was inert. My crystal group had to wake it up with Quartz points and gentle circular rubbing. It was as though it had undergone a long hibernation and was now ready to emerge. And emerge it had. Up a volcanic pipe from three miles underground. This mixture of Basalt and Yellow Labradorite (Bytownite) is unique although Basalt is one of the most common rocks on earth (see the Crystal Bible volume 3). Formed about 470 million years ago at a particularly violent and cataclysmic time in the Lake District, this rock was created and subsequently buried and eventually exposed by glacial action and erosion, having travelled up the ‘pipe’ towards the surface. It’s not surprising that Lakelandite is believed to help deal with trauma and bring peace and order from chaotic situations. But we’ve found that it is especially helpful in ancestral healing, especially when combined with the other new ancestral stones now emerging (see above). It works well with Celtic Quartz to break ‘contagious belief patterns’ passed down through the ancestral line. Which resonated particularly well with information other people were receiving from the stone. One of the websites I consulted ( – such an excellent name!) said:

‘Lakelandite formed about 470 million years ago during a violent and cataclysmic period in what is now the Lake District, when huge volcanic eruptions deposited a 7-kilometer-thick layer of rock over a 10 million year period. This rock was subsequently buried under 3 kilometers of sedimentary rock. In areas where glacial action and erosion have cut into this sedimentary rock, small deposits have been exposed… Basalt (general) symbolises potential – the potential we are born with, and the potential to change outcome or create a new direction or focus in our lives. It is also symbolic of the cycle of creation and destruction (Shiva). Basalt allows us to tune into Earth’s powerful geological process, giving us strength to deal with difficult situations, and energy to release old patterns that are no longer serving us. It helps us return to a time in our lives before we were shaped and fashioned by outside influences (such as upbringing, religion, schooling, etc), so we can be free of that programming and once again find our true selves. Given the rather dull colouration, it’s surprisingly energising and clearing, and activates and aligns the entire chakra system, with particular emphasis on the Solar Plexus, Heart and Throat Chakras (note that bytownite demonstrates similar qualities). The energetic properties of basalt will vary to some extent with the locality, as the mineral content is variable. Bytownite has a powerful vibration that seems to affect the area of the body that is nearest. For example, used near the Root Chakra it can aid grounding. It aligns and balances the Chakras, opens the Throat and Crown Chakras, and can be used to energise the Solar Plexus area and treat the kidneys, spleen and stomach. It strengthens the metabolism and can be used to treat skin complaints, especially by washing the affected area with bytownite crystal water. Lakelandite is said by its discoverer to help deal with trauma and bring peace and order from chaotic situations. Interestingly, I think this can be said of all basalt, though I also find basalt – including lakelandite – highly stimulating, and possibly over-stimulating for the Heart and Solar Plexus in certain situations. I understand that some practitioners are using it in conjunction with Preseli blue stone. This is an interesting combination, as both stimulate the heart. However, when both are used in tandem, the heart reaches a level of stasis, meaning the energy feels neutralised and therefore calmer.’

I’ve found that Bytownite is simply brilliant for breaking any restriction imposed in the past on using your metaphysical sight. It opens the third eye and Basalt helps to ground the information received. So this combination integrates higher dimensional information into the Earth.

Julia Surnina (, a member of my crystal group, wrote to me after the group first meditated with it:

‘It just came to me what a grid of it around the world will achieve: it will allow Gaia to expand, I can see her aura coming out of the centre of the earth and outside of it, she will be allowed to be connected to the higher vibrations of herself. It also feels that it’s all got something to do with Atlantis and using the crystals from the UK will allow for the reversal of the damage caused to Gaia by the Atlanteans. The process will not be pleasant for Gaia- it will feel like she is having several electric shocks but they will break her chains.’

Very similar to how ancestral healing can feel! No doubt more will emerge specially since Fred has woken up and become talkative. He’s in conference with Horace right now, so stand by for further earth healing information sometime soon. One or other, perhaps both, will be going to the NEC in Birmingham with me for the ancestral and karmic clearing workshop. Watch this space!


It’s amazing what a bit of attention will do, Fred positively glowed as he was being photographed! Photo c. Jeni Campbell

As with some of the other new ancestral healing stones as they’ll be going to workshops with me, this won’t be on the website yet but if you really want one you can email Jeni or check out as they have the tumbles available.