Icelandic BaggaluturWe were given these stones from Iceland for evaluation sometime ago but the time has only just been appropriate. On picking them up there was an activation of heart energy for the group. The stones were rather like Bojis in their effect but rather than strongly grounding energy as Bojis do, instead the energy was contained and amplified around a central core. It created something like an iron cage around the energy field but needed another stone to take toxic or negative energy out. They balanced left-right sides of the body and recalibrated, healing the ancestral line and creating cellular regeneration, working through the bones. The stones were haemostatic, restoring order. Cooled the blood and encouraged wounds to heal more rapidly. Useful for tinnitus. The stones would be helpful in healing the ancestral line and understanding the meaning behind the Icelandic Sagas. It would be interesting to see what effect they had on dementia sufferers.
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