Quartz MountainQuartz Mountain taken from the Green Ridge trail

Green Ridge Quartz is one of the most powerful healing crystals I’ve come across with exceptionally high vibrations. It makes an excellent healing grid and facilitates profound shamanic journeying. Green Ridge is found in Clear, Amethyst, Orange, Golden and Iron-coated forms, some with metals included. The different forms are a continuum of healing energy and should be used together laid out along the chakras of the body, with Iron-coated Green Ridge at the base, Orange Green Ridge over the sacral, a Golden plate over the heart or throat, and Clear or Clear with Amethyst above the head at the Soul Star or Stellar Gateway. The combination disassembles everything that’s happened previously so that a new program can go in. Clear Green Ridge then clarifies and fine tunes. It opens the crown and higher crown chakras like a kaleidoscope to see what’s inside.
The more we align our vibrations, expand our awareness and interact with higher dimensions, the more information encoded within the crystals manifests. Higher vibration crystals resonate with the journey of our soul and the process of enlightenment: literally bringing light into our inner being and the fabric of our physical body, reminding us that: We are part of the Earth and the Earth is part of us – Chief Seattle.
Combination Cluster
Green Ridge Quartz combination cluster: Iron-coated, Golden and Clear.

Green Ridge Iron-coated is like a pipe cleaner brush that reaches all the little areas that couldn’t normally be released. The dark iron entraps material not needed in the energetic body – the iron transfers it through the greenish clear Green Ridge Quartz. As the coating flakes away so the negativity is removed. It creates an energetic circuit: a vortex pulling down material that needs cleaning from the dantien and the spiralling energy into the crystal. An Iron-coated plate removes deep ancestral and shadow material from deep within – deeper than we know about. These are lower vibrational aspects that are usually ignored – shadow things we’re not proud of, residual emotions, unethical acts that can go way back into the past. These aspects need to come out as we can’t hold the lower vibrations any longer. It sheds the outer layer, clears the crap to reveal the light inside. ‘Filaments’ then connect to the other soul aspects and the subtle bodies so that integration can take place once the cleansing has occurred. A small densely Iron-coated plate on the throat pulls out cords attached to old thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve.


Green Ridge Light-GoldenThe Orange Green Ridge is highly energising and creative, giving the sacral chakra an effective cleanse from previous relationship hooks and leaving it ready to start anew. It also has an activating effect on the soul star chakra, linking it into the whole chakra system at both higher and lower vibrational levels.

A Green Ridge Light-Golden plate acts as a life support system while healing work is being done in much the same way as a life support machine works in a hospital. It takes over running the physiological and autonomics systems for the physical body. This enables delicate healing to be undertaken which can then be anchored in the physical body. As with all Golden Healer Quartz it is a master healing crystal.

A combined Iron-Golden Healer helps the soul to remember what’s hidden, bringing up the deeper issues and karmic wisdom. The lighter bits are for soul remembrance.




Clear Green RidgeGreen Ridge Twinflame Clear Quartz
Clear Green Ridge Quartz is excellent for the outer edges of a grid as it draws in healing and transmutational energy. It clarifies and fine tunes the changes set in motion by the chakra crystals. It opens the crown and higher crown chakras like a kaleidoscope to see what’s inside and to make powerful high vibrational connections for the lightbody and to higher beings. It literally brings enlightenment, light into every cell of your being.

Green Ridge Twinflame Clear Quartz






Amethyst tipped Golden Soul StarAmethyst Green Ridge
The much rarer Amethyst Green Ridge has an incredibly high spiritual vibration that connects to the highest dimensions and to unity consciousness. Opening the highest of the chakras, it brings in a whole new meaning to spiritual connection.






Amethyst tipped Golden Soul Star and Stellar Gateway openerNatural iridescent coating
Rainbow-coated Iridescent Green Ridge
Sometimes the iron-coating flakes off to reveal wondrous rainbows of colour on the Quartz beneath. The effect is like that of Rainbow Mayanite (another of my favourite stones). It cleanses all the subtle bodies and aligns them ready to receive a download of high vibration energy from the universe. A very effective lightbody-activator and a true gift from the Earth.

Natural iridescent coating

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