Key words: calm, contemplate, see, assess, act.

Earth Blessings

Copyright. Michael Illas/Watkins Books

I was most honoured to have this stone named for me by the lovely John van Rees of Exquisite Crystals, but I prefer to call it the name that came when we first tuned in: Eye of the Storm. Briefly:

  • The Eye of the Storm: creates a calm, strong central core nothing can shake.
  • Facilitates seeing the bigger picture. Enables fully informed decisions and recognition of potential opening up.
  • Contains dynamic raw energy on which to draw.
  • Acts as a life support system for oneself or the planet. The world becomes lighter, brighter, more balanced.
  • Reprograms any sense of loss or lack into positive abundance.
  • Sustains during serious illness. It encourages growth of healthy cells via etheric DNA.
  • Stress reliever, it switches off ‘fight or flight’ response. Promotes natural detox on all levels.

A stone of dynamic stillness, this stone helps you to separate the wood from the trees and ascertain the bigger picture. Grounded and pragmatic rather than spacy, it nevertheless takes you to a wider bird’s eye view beyond situations, emotion or ingrained patterns of reaction such as fear or panic. From there you can make choices and take action. The name ‘Eye of the Storm’ was suggested because holding it is like being in the eye of a storm, everything is turbulent, swirling around you and yet you are in a calm, objective space beyond fear or panic. In this space solutions become apparent. You can be drawn up the funnel of the eye to take a higher, overall perspective but do not lose your connection with earth. Here issues are brought up for contemplation and action. It reminds you that the bigger picture is fluid and changing depending on actions taken and decisions made.

An alternative name would be Zep Tepi. In ancient Egypt ‘the first time’, the original golden age of innocence and joy. This calm stone takes you back to an age when humanity and nature were in harmony together, as were body and soul. Resources were plentiful and were used sensibly and it helps the body to reprogram a sense of lack or loss into abundance in a very earthy, pragmatic way. It shows that things don’t just come to you, there has to be an equal exchange of energy. For people who feel entitled to ‘have without working’ (in other words feel that the world owes them a living’) it helps them to see the value of fair reward. For those who have no sense of entitlement, it gives them a fundamental sense of worth.

The stone shows where you may have inadvertently hyped up apparent problems to a level where you have been so obsessed that you have missed the bigger picture. For example, losing a job could be the best thing that’s happened to you as it opens the way for the perfect job to materialise. It also highlights that what you focus on is what you see, assisting you to draw back and recognise the bigger picture that lies beyond. When you are in this space you can be guided to the right solution for your highest good and one that fulfils your soul plan. And, will be shown what has to be let go to achieve this.


The stone was described by crystal healer Jeni Powell as ‘like a weather forecaster that tracks and maps energy’. It gives you all the information you need to take a fully informed decision – broken down into appropriate sections such as ‘pressure’ (situation around you), ‘wind’ (thoughts), ‘likelihood of precipitation’ (emotion) and so on, both in the present moment and what will occur in the near future, so that you can decide whether to take an umbrella out with you (use suitable protection or shelter till the storm passes) or trust that the sunshine will hold. It reminds you that only by knowing the much wider picture like seeing weather maps for the next few days can an informed decision be made. If it was made based on the map for yesterday, the moment would have passed and decisions would be outdated and pointless.

We would suggest that this stone be polished on one side only and left raw on the other side as energy fountains out of the raw stone like a geyser that can be harnessed for change and healing. Each part of the big stone had its own energy system linked to the others.

During earth healing the stone can act like a life support system for the planet. It grounds and earths the physical body (human or planetary) to allow appropriate changes to take place.

Healing: So far it has proved helpful in lowering blood pressure and decreasing the hormones released from the adrenals when in ‘flight or fight’ mode as a response to a stressful situation. It also releases pressure on the kidneys, facilitating removal of toxins. It balances the organs of the body, facilitating an energy exchange via food, air and water. The stone is being trialled as a support system following chemo. It appears to energetically encourage the formation of new healthy cells by bringing the etheric blueprint into balance and then passing the pristine information into the cell walls as ‘etheric dna’ coding.

Chakras: It has worked well over the heart when taking decisions or releasing emotions. Given the size of the piece we were working with, this also meant that the solar plexus and higher heart [thymus] chakras were covered at the same time. If smaller pieces were used it would be beneficial to place one on each of these chakras. It also assisted when placed on the lower chakras (including the earth star) to ground and facilitate contemplation. Similarly smaller stones on the base, sacral and dantien would be helpful as the piece we were working with covered them all.

Paired with Moldavite:

It acts like a ‘router’/hub/circuit board making connections. Also as a horizon connecting earth and sky/heaven.