Celtic Golden Healer Quartz

Photo copyright Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

An extraordinary find. Full of magical Merlin energy. As high in vibration as the Green Ridge Quartz I prize so highly. Some of it is exhibiting the natural iridescence so typical of Aurora/Andandalite Quartz. So exciting! This crystal is so nurturing, so joy-full, infused with sunshine and such good vibes. But it is an excellent cleanser too, both physically and psychosomatically. It releases all that no longer serves, especially negative, toxic thoughts, and infuses you with new energies.

Celtic Golden Healer Quartz - ZoomThe crystal is very talkative. So pleased to have been found. It had been pulled from its bed during road making. But it didn’t mind. ‘I want to go around the world,’ it said. ‘To create a grid to bring peace and harmony to the Earth. Let’s heal together.’ We’re honouring that request (see www.angeladditions.co.uk). It works brilliantly with Ancestralite to heal right back to the beginning of time and then takes the healing insights out through the ancestral line into the future so that new generations will benefit. It does that for the planet too, healing the past and anchoring healing light for the future. No doubt more will be revealed as the grid lights up and more work is done with this amazing crystal.

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Celtic Chevron Quartz

White Celtic Chevron Quartz

White Celtic Chevron Quartz with a touch of Merlin’s gold. Photo c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

In addition to the wonderful Celtic Golden Healer, the delicate and so beautiful Celtic Chevron Quartz has made its presence felt. Most of it is milky-white but there’s a few golden examples in my collection too. It looks like triangles stacked on top of each other, little light beings creating a ladder to other dimensions. It could have been easy to overlook on my latest trip up the crystal mountain but I’d collected a few on the previous trip and knew it would be important. And it was hard to miss, tiny ones were scattered all around so eager to be noticed.

Celtic Chevron Quartz in situ

Celtic Chevron Quartz in situ, photo c. Jeni Powell, The Crystal Balance Company

This Quartz has the same effect as Auralite 23, shutting off the chattering mind and creating a calm space into which other people’s antics do not intrude. It is a source of healing energy for the ancestral line so works well with Ancestralite and the Celtic Golden Healer – and Lakelandite which it activates and brings ‘out of hiberation’ (see below). It harmonises both sides of the brain into balance, creating clarity of mind. It is effective for regenerative healing of all kinds and especially for numbed nerves – I’ve been putting it on the facial nerve damaged by oral surgery many years ago that was further damaged by anaesthetic for cataract surgery. The side of my face is coming back to life. It’s also helped Reynaud’s syndrome, restoring circulation to numbed fingers and toes.

This unusual Quartz has intimated that it wants to help out at my ‘Connecting with Star Beings’ workshops this autumn. It will work in harmony with the ‘Star Beings’ crystal skulls and other star-connector crystals. So no doubt there’ll be more to report at a later date. The intention is to take us beyond ‘aliens’, ‘implants’ and ‘little green men’ to connect to the star beings who once communed with our ancestors and who, if the old stories are to be believed, could well have been part of our ancestry. They were certainly part of an evolutionary shift on Earth back then and as we’re in the middle of another one now their assistance is most welcome. So many of us feel that our true home is beyond the stars and the Celtic Chevron Quartz wants to reconnect us – and to soothe and en-lighten us while we serve our time on Planet Earth. I will be reporting on this in a future blog. Sign up now! http://www.judyhall.co.uk/blog

Email Jeni at www.angeladditions.co.uk if you’d like to experience a piece of this fabulous new Quartz as I’ll be using my stock in workshops so it wont be on the website for awhile.

Pure white Celtic Chevrons

Pure white Celtic Chevrons. Photo c. Jeni Campbell www.angeladditions.co.uk

P.S. And as promised…

There’s already more to add. Having taken a large piece up to my shamanic healer Sarah Lownds (www.sarpenela.co.uk) she commented on how cooling it was for hot flushes. So a useful stone for assisting with menopause. We found that one each side was the most balancing treatment. And it also works for respiratory problems such as asthma or hay fever. Sarah commented that it was like ‘breathing in a cool breeze.’ I can certainly say from experience that climbing up that mountain would normally have left me puffing and totally out of breath. But, no, my breathing was great. I felt so good I commented I was running on crystal energy. Nice to have that confirmed.

We’ve also discovered that, while the stone really supports you when you have identified and are working on an issue, if there’s something you haven’t yet become aware of then it will bring this to the surface. It helps you to heal it but you may need to go through a clearing process first.

The Celtic Golden Healer works really well with the gunky Green Ridge Quartz. They seem made for each other – as they share the same vibration. Put Celtic Golden Healer at the top of a couch and Green Ridge at the bottom. Perfect energetic balance after a great but gentle detox.