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Anorthosite rock

‘The mystery stone’ Anorthosite rock from Split House Lighthouse, Mn.

Anorthosite, also known as Northosite rock from earth is often sold as ‘the mystery stone’. It’s a plagioclase feldspar and is related to Labradorite – and to the rocks of the moon. It is one of the most ancient of rocks, both lunar and terrestrial. Its properties are Intuition, Protection, Strength. It is said to be a powerful stone for white magic, linking back to ancient mystery schools, traditions and cultures. On a physical legal, it is used to assist with stress, tension, anxiety, fatigue and to quieten an overactive mind. Use one to meditate on the vastness of creation.

The Genesis Rock

‘The Genesis Rock’ brought back from the moon by Apollo astronauts.

I used to own a genuine, although extremely small, piece of moon rock. I bought it at the Space Centre in Houston not long after it had been collected on a moon landing. It was an extraordinary feeling to hold in my hand a piece of something I had gazed on with wonder for so long. Sadly the rock was lent to a school and disappeared. It was a rather disappointing dull grey, rather like a piece of slate. A slight sheen to it but that was all. It didn’t look like Anorthosite. But I could understand how seeing a dazzling white Anorthosite rock in situ could have a profound effect on astronaut Jim Irwin. “It was remarkable,” Irwin said. “It was sitting on a pedestal rock almost free from dust. It seemed to be saying, ‘Here I am, take me.’” Scientists believe the rock dates back to the time the original lunar crust was formed, which they estimate at 4.5 billion years.

In the introduction to Crystals and Sacred Sites I wrote: ‘Rocks can have a profound effect on those who interact with them. During the Apollo 15 landing on the moon, astronaut Jim Irwin found a 4.15 billion-year-old “Genesis Rock” which he described as “perched like an outstretched hand on a rocky pulpit.” Irwin said that, at that moment, he heard the voice of God in his ear. The sparkling white, Anorthosite crystalline rock is almost as old as our solar system and far older than any rock on earth. When Irwin returned to earth he became a “Goodwill Ambassador for the Prince of Peace.” He frequently commented that his experiences in space had made the presence of God utterly real to him.’

Crystals and Sacred Sites

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