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17th June, 2015 Miscellaneous

Crystal Mountain

Musing when sitting on a crystal mountain has resulted in a blog that is the start of an exploration, not the end. There will be more about that trip in future blogs but here’s what it stimulated for now. I’ve pretty much typed it up as I’d scribbled it down in my notebook so get out of your logical head (if you have one) and give yourself over to the crystal flow:

I deliberately chose a photograph with ‘shutterstock’ imprinted into it to start this blog as it tied so closely in with my thoughts on the way to the mountain. Indeed, I discussed this idea with my companion, crystal healer and channeller extraordinaire Jeni Powell, most of the trip. I wish I’d had a tape recorder handy as Jeni’s guide had some very pertinent things to say. Neither of us has much of a memory of what is said in the moment. Which makes our conversations exciting and yet frustrating at the same time. We need a scribe. Especially when scrambling up a spoil heap loaded with high vibration crystals. But the gist remains.

But to return to my thoughts. We are all imprinted with many programs: personal, karmic, ancestral, religious, cultural, conscious and unconscious. How often do we stop to think about them? And what do we do when we realise those programs are outdated and no longer serve us? Well, I and my workshop participants turn to crystals. But how does this work and does it go deeper than merely an overprinting on our energetic frequency. I think it does. We all have our own unique crystal matrix. In other words, we are crystal. It is precisely because we are crystalline that crystals can work their magic for us. They upgrade our cellular programs and open our conscious awareness.

The crystalline body

Died a mineralWhen a workshop participant wrote to me and described a meditation in which she became Amethyst, it chimed with my own experience. It was something I’d been pondering for some years. Are we becoming crystalline or are we actually crystalline beings at heart? Did Rumi get it wrong when he stated we started as mineral (a crystal) but passed on to other things? Surely that crystal matrix remains with us? It is our basic raison d’etre. The ghost in the machine. The energy generator, maybe even our soul.

Certainly when we die some chemical and mineral elements are left behind. But what about our subtle energy system? That goes on and takes its imprints with it. I prefer this Rumi quote, which seems to sum it up perfectly:

Iam the dust

In my own case, a reading from a larger than life-size Citrine skull had told me that I too was Citrine. It was my crystal matrix. Citrine is a zodiacal crystal for my astrological rising sign (Leo) and my sun-sign (Sagittarius). I wear a Citrine in the form of a yellow cairngorm when I work psychically. A power ring left to me by my mentor Christine Hartley. So Citrine resonates with me – strongly.

But a Citrine crystal matrix? Well, our body already has a crystalline structure to support it and tiny crystals flow through its rivers and canyons. Our muscle fibres are sheathed in Apatite, our blood carries iron crystals. The ‘brain sand’ in our head is Fluorapatite, and so on. These crystals work rather like the silicon chip (which is after all a form of Quartz) in a computer storing information and carrying messages. Your body really can’t function without crystals.

Brain Sand

The multiversal information net

This led me to the perennial Sag question, why? Knowing crystals are information carriers that pass signals around the body, are we just a seething mass of electromagnetic and chemical impulses? Surely something has to keep those impulses in order, to direct operations. I can only think that our inner essence, our subtle matrix, is crystal too. Energy needs form. We are surrounded by a subtle bioenergetic body that is magnetic. Like a silicon chip, the combination of bioenergetic body and a subtle crystalline matrix gives you access to an almost endless information net way beyond anything our earthly brains can comprehend. For me there is a subtle crystalline matrix linked to a worlds-wide consciousness, and that consciousness can be unlimited. Mike Eastwood’s crystal oversouls and then some. Multidimensional. Occupying not just this world but multiverses. And when something occurs in one universe, it can have a knock on effect to all the others. Now there’s an idea I like!


I love this image of the multiverse having a thought. (Not sure that’s what the creator intended, but it’s what it says to me.) Credit: Shutterstock/Victor Habbick on

Finding your crystalline matrix

How do you know what your crystalline matrix is? Look to your favourite crystal. What do you have most of? You are probably drawn to it by resonance, a compatibility of vibration. It may be earthy, the Jaspers, or high vibe, the Quartz family, and all shades in between. Change your crystal and you change your vibration. Take a look at The Crystal Wisdom Oracle or 101 Power Crystals and see what you’re attracted to. The photographs hold the crystal energy. Put them over your heart and see which fits.

The purpose of a crystalline matrix superimposed on our physical and subtle bodies is to be a transceiver for stepping down high frequency vibrational energy downloads so that they can be grounded and assimilated into the earth plane to provide us with a vibrational uplift. The energy shift all lightworkers are anticipating. We know that a crystal will entrain a lower, less harmonious vibration to its own, stable and perfect, unchanging, higher frequency. So if our physical body is interpenetrated by a high frequency crystal matrix such as high vibe Quartz, Citrine or Amethyst, that will facilitate raising our awareness to new heights and grounding the energy. Much the same thing occurs when we work with high vibration crystals and grids of any kind. Or even when we attune to them remotely through a good photograph or by thought if we have already been linked to them previously. The crystal’s matrix imprints itself on our subtle and physical bodies and becomes part of our frequency, entraining it to the higher frequency. This upgrades the operating system – and excludes the bum ones. Let’s take Windows as an example. As we know, some operating systems were easy to use. Others were definitely not an improvement. I look back with fondness to Windows 90something or other, I could cope with Exp. But not Millenium. I’m still using Windows 7 as 8 was beyond me. I’m anticipating 10 with interest. It’s the same with our human operating system, we all have those ingrained programs that feel so safe and familiar. But it may be time for an upgrade.

The Physiology of Thoughts

I found this on the internet awhile ago and saved it but have lost its source. I kept it because it describes those imprinted programs I referred to at the start of this blog so well and how they lurk in all the recesses of our being not just the corners of our mind.

Contrary to what was once believed, the brain is not the only center where our neural responses are stored. There is now growing evidence that our thoughts – which are no more than electrical signals whizzing along our neural pathways – are stored in our cellular and somatic memory, resulting in permanent changes in the way our body and mind influence each other.
Somatic memory includes 3 types of memories: engraved memories (engrams), muscle-memories and bio-memories.
Engrams are bio-chemical changes that occur in our neural tissues as the result of a powerful or persistent reaction to any situation. An engram is not an ordinary memory, but more like a photograph of the situation or event, complete with the emotional response that accompanied it. Engrams exist just below the level of our consciousness, influencing our emotional responses without our knowledge.
While engrams affect our emotional responses alone, muscle-memories are memories that have become so deeply embedded in our system that they can recreate the physical symptoms accompanying these emotions, like those experienced during strong fear or anger. Muscle memories are also responsible for our performing repetitive mechanical actions that do not require our conscious intervention, like typing or cycling.
Bio-memories are memories that are locked into our cells. They carry hereditary memories, past-life memories and memories that have become part of the very fiber of our current personality through constant repetition for years. Both physical and mental patterns can become part of our bio-memory. Bio-memories have the power to trigger physical actions like fight or flight. Mental states like depression and anxiety can quickly become part of our bio-memory if we are not careful. Bio-memories are not only unconscious, but are usually untraceable to any particular source incident.

In my experience, crystals are able to transmute, abort and disconnect those engrams and old programs and replace them with something much more viable and current – in accordance with where we are now and where we need to go rather than where we’ve been.

Setting up a link

While I was in Greece recently the group worked with Sue and Simon Lilly’s planetary crystal nets (see their book Crystal Doorways) so it was great to be able to share the results with Sue and Si when I met them for supper in Wales, and to tell them of a new net that came into being on that course (see below). As we couldn’t lie down in the nets, they were placed on the table around which we sat. The energy of the net expanded to encompass us. And, after 20 minutes or so we not only understood much more about the planet, but our individual energy fields were also permanently altered and imprinted with the crystal matrices layered one on top of the other – like the planetary energies in the cosmos. Multiverses, multi vibes. (See the Chiron exercise in my last blog).

How to find a multiverse

Engrams and ingrained thought patterns between your cells? Or the multiverse? Image: from theoretical physicist at the University of North Carolina, Laura Mersini-Houghton

The North Node net


Anandalite from The Crystal Wisdom Oracle, photo Michael Illas

Part of our intention in Greece was to explore our soul intention for the present lifetime and where we needed to go next – as well as releasing anything getting in the way. When I was packing the crystal nets to take out to Greece I was aware of an insistent nagging from the crystals that I needed to create a North Node net. The North Node is the indicator of karmic and soul intention in the birthchart. But you don’t need to know the position of your North Node to use the crystal net to tune into your soul purpose and to release anything past-its- sell-by-date. I looked around my dining table which, as usual, was heaped with crystals that were going to various workshops when I returned. Aurora Quartz (AnandaliteTM) positively quivered with excitement and volunteered itself. Now, this is a very expensive, and heavy, crystal so there was no way I could take a piece for each of the group. But some small tumbled white Agates that I often use in workshops as a receptacle for soul purpose rolled towards the five Anandalite I had selected for the main net. Message received, I packed the crystals and a silvery white cloth on which to lay them. The stones were placed in a Pentangle, a five pointed star. The effect really was electric. Do try it.

Jeni has plenty of old stock, original find Aurora Quartz/Anandalite, see!/Aurora-Quartz-charged-by-Judy-Hall/p/49520023   or email her if you don’t see exactly what you need as it’s not all on the website yet. (The Aurora Quartz is from further along the same seam as Anandalite and has exactly the same properties.)

Laying out the net

Use a piece of cloth that is big enough to lie down on. Place one cleansed Anandalite – or a white Agate or Milky/Snow Quartz – on each point and join them up either with your mind or a wand. The top point should be above your head, the crossbar about on a level with your shoulders and the bottom crystals either side of and slightly below your feet. Then lie down in the net for ten to twenty minutes and wait with an open mind for your soul to communicate its intention for the present life. You may hear this as a voice, feel it, sense it, or hear something afterwards that clarifies your purpose. Do not force it, simply relax and enjoy being in the net.


When you’ve finished, gather up the crystals and thank them for their work.




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