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Walking the stairway to the stars

2nd September, 2015 Miscellaneous
Starway to the stars


As I was saying in the last blog, when on the crystal mountain in addition to the wonderful Celtic Golden Healer, the delicate and so beautiful Celtic Chevron Quartz made its presence felt. It would have been easy to overlook it but I’d collected a few before and knew it would be important. This time it was everywhere. This unusual Quartz has intimated that it wants to help out at my Connecting with Star Beings workshops this autumn. (See my autumn newsletter for more info on this unique Quartz and the workshops, you can sign up here

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Meeting the star beings

Twighlight and Night


The intention is to take us beyond ‘aliens’, ‘implants’ and ‘little green men’ to connect to the star beings who once communed with our ancestors and who, if the old stories are to be believed, could well have been part of our ancestry. They were certainly part of an evolutionary shift on Earth back then and as we’re in the middle of another one now their assistance is most welcome. So many of us feel that our true home is beyond the stars and the Celtic Chevron Quartz wants to reconnect us – and to soothe and en-lighten us while we serve our time on Planet Earth. They’ll be joining my lovely star being heads at the workshop. (


Star being in waiting, c.Terrie Birch

The ancient Egyptians were convinced that the ancestors and the gods came from the stars and were, as with the land, ‘engineered’ by them, and that Pharaoh at the very least would return there.

‘Egyptian traditions held that in times immemorial “Gods of Heaven” came to Earth from the Celestial Disk. When Egypt was inundated by waters, “a very great God who came forth (to Earth) in the earliest times” arrived in Egypt and literally raised it from under the waters and mud, by damming the waters of the Nile and undertaking extensive dyking and land reclamation works (it was therefore that Egypt was nicknamed “The Raised Land”).

This olden God was named PTAH—’The Developer.” He was considered to have been a great scientist, a master engineer and architect, the Chief Craftsman of the Gods, who even had a hand in creating and shaping Man. His staff was frequently depicted as a graduated stick—very much like the graduated rod which surveyors employ for field measuring nowadays.’ (

This is what the ancient Egyptian Pyramid texts of Unas, some of the oldest known Egyptian writings, had to say on the subject:

The Gates of Heaven are opened for thee;
The doors of the Cool Place are opened for thee.
Thou shalt find Ra standing, waiting for thee.
He will take your hand,
He will take thee to the Dual Shrine of Heaven;
He will place thee on the throne of Osiris …
Thou shalt stand supported, equipped as a God …
Among the Eternals, on the Imperishable Star.

Great description that, ‘the doors of the cool place opening.’ Remember how scorchingly hot Egypt can be. ‘Heaven’ would be cooler. Egyptologists now believe that not only did Pharaoh ascend to the stars at his death but he made regular shamanic journeys during his reign in order to maintain cosmic order. Maybe I’ll write more on that in another blog. But in the meantime take a look at this pictorial representation of the journey – and of the cosmos:

The ultimate destination

The ultimate destination: the stars

Funnily enough the Egyptians, as with the Sumerians before them, knew that the Earth along with the other planets orbited the sun. Knowledge that was discounted for quite sometime before it was eventually regained. The astronomer Galileo spent his last years under house arrest as a punishment for suggesting it was so. But the ancient knew more than we give them credit for. This is one of the clearest expositions of the Egyptian position I have found (I have some very obscure and academic ones!) I hope you’ll find this enlightening.

‘A well-preserved mummy case, discovered by H. K. Brugsch in 1857 in a tomb at Thebes (Fig. 50), shows the Goddess Nut (“The Heavens”) in the central panel (painted atop the coffin), surrounded by the twelve constellations of the Zodiac. On the sides of the coffin, the bottom rows depict the twelve hours of the night and of the day. Then the planets—the Celestial Gods— are shown traveling in their prescribed orbits, the Celestial Barques (the Sumerians called these orbits the “destinies” of the planets).The Goddess Nut

In the central position, we see the globe of the Sun, emitting rays. Near the Sun, by Nut’s raised left hand, we see two planets: Mercury and Venus. (Venus is correctly depicted as a female—the only planet considered female by all ancient peoples.) Then, in the left-hand panel, we see Earth (accompanied by the emblem of Horus), the Moon, Mars and Jupiter as Celestial Gods traveling in their Celestial Barques.

We see four more Celestial Gods beyond Jupiter, on the right-hand panel. With orbits unknown to the Egyptians (and thus without Barques), we see Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The time of mummification is marked by the Spearman pointing his spear into the midst of the Bull (Taurus).

Starway to the stars pink


We thus encounter all the planets in their correct order, including the outer planets whom modern astronomers discovered only rather recently (Brugsch, as others of his time, was unaware of the existence of Pluto).

Scholars who have studied the planetary knowledge in antiquity assumed that the ancient peoples believed that five planets—the Sun being one of them—circled Earth. Any depiction or listing of more planets, these scholars held, was due to some “confusion.” But there was no confusion; rather—impressive accuracy: that the Sun was in the system’s center, that Earth was a planet, and that in addition to Earth and Moon and the other eight planets known to us today, there is one more large planet. It is depicted atop all others, above the head of Nut, as a major Celestial Lord with its own huge celestial orbit (“Celestial Barque”).

Four hundred fifty thousand years ago—according to our Sumerian sources—astronauts from this Celestial Lord landed on Planet Earth.’ (

Yeah! Now let’s make the journey the other way with the assistance of Celtic Chevron Quartz, the star beings and a few other crystals I have tucked away for the workshops.

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