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To everything there is a season

29th December, 2016 Miscellaneous

to everything there is a seasonTo every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

… A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together.

Ecclesiastes 3 (KJV)

Gathering stones together is exactly where I was in the latter part of 2016, writing two books on how I use crystals for healing and self-development. And attempting to get the member’s only subscription section of my website up and running so I could share so much more with a community of like-minded people. I’d burnt much midnight oil on that one, to no avail it seemed. There were so many delays and frustrations on projects and yet so many deadlines to meet. I became deeply dispirited and gave up on hope. Not a good place for a Sagittarius to be in. At the midwinter solstice instead of celebrating as I usually do, all I wanted to do was dive under the duvet and hibernate till spring.

Being an astrologer, I’d put a lot of what I was experiencing down to Neptune being retrograde. But it had turned direct and things didn’t improve. On the day that Mercury went retrograde (again!) I expressed my frustration to Terrie Celest: ‘I have a taster campaign set up in my head. Just can’t start it without knowing that it will actually happen. You can only tell people for so long that something is going to happen before they lose interest. Or for that matter tell the person who should be most enthusiastic that it isn’t happening yet… que sera sera I guess.’

‘Turn it to your advantage and write a blog on delays, things being bigger than you thought, patience, que sera or something.’ Terrie replied.

‘But I don’t have time,’ I wailed. And besides, I was wary of sucking others down into my black hole.

It felt like a crash-and-burn or make-a-breakthrough time was looming… and looming… and looming. But not arriving. If you’ve been reading my blogs regularly you’ll know that patience is still a huge challenge for me. I wanted to push the river. I wanted to have the member’s only site up and running for New Year so that we could offer Christmas gift subscriptions, I want… I want… I want.  It just wasn’t happening. As my mother always said ‘I want doesn’t get.’ (And yes, I’m working on releasing that one, my drum has been busy reverberating free all that my navel holds.)

But I also recognise that there is something deeper at work beneath the surface. Timing. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the course of what has now become a very long life indeed, everything has its right timing. It’s what I tell the people who have to wait for a reading from me. I can only do it when the time is right. And it always turns out to be exactly right even if there is a long delay. So I trust it. Why not apply it to myself?

So here I am a couple of days after the solstice, writing this blog, putting aside all those ‘could you just do…s?’, the need to pack up the Christmas presents, ignoring the thought of publishing deadlines and repeating the mantra ‘what will be will be, all things must pass.’  Why am I writing? Because I know so many other people are experiencing exactly the same frustrations and confusions, goalposts being shifted for the umpteenth time, backtracks and disappointments by the score, feeling deflated and let-down. So I wanted to share the journey with you. To let you know you’re not alone if you’re also feeling this way. And to offer a few tools that I’ve found helpful in getting me through. By the time you read this, things will have moved on.

There’s so much astrology around that explains it. But astrology can only go so far. It’s how it affects us and what we do with it that makes the difference. Energetic shifts outside can only occur when we shift inside. When we open up and flow rather than push against the current. Easy to say, not so easy to do. And I also have learned that being rather than doing is essential. And, with the solstice, I realised I’d got into doing mode. Time for a change. So what am I being? Here are a few of my coping strategies.

  • Auralite 23

    Auralite 23, the ultimate mind chatter shutter-down. C. Michael Illas, Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle and Crystal Mindfulness.

    The first is probably self evident. Sit with a crystal! Or, in my case, sort out a whole boxful (thanks for your help Julia!), and buy another dragon. Lulu, a planetary higher crown chakra guardian. More of my explorations with her and the Earth’s chakras in a later member’s only blog. It’s been an exciting journey.

  • Mindfulness. Staying in the moment rather than thinking about all that there is still to do (See Crystal Mindfulness), or regretting past decisions. Letting the website be birthed in its own time and the books in the shape they wish to take.
  • Breathing in a conscious way. Taking the breath right down to the bottom of my lungs, holding it and then letting it out for much longer than it took to take it in. This calms the vagus nerve – so helpful before I go to sleep.
  • Naming how I am feeling without judging it. Just before I wrote this, I was listening to Desert Island Discs with Bruce Springstein. He was talking about his lifelong depression and how he’s coped with it. Naming it and knowing that it too would pass was one of his strategies too.
  • Hein Braat mantras help enormously at any time. If you don’t know this amazing voice, click these links immediately and then buy the cd or download the mp3 to support him. You can get a taster here:

My favourite version of the Gayatri mantra is here:

  • Playing with Charlie Skye. There’s no room for anything else when a three year old is making a pretend tea that is absolutely real to her. And picking up Flint is a joy when you’re with a tuned-in pink star child. Having a picture of her striding towards me on my computer lifts my heart every time I switch on. She keeps me anchored here.

Time to let go

This speaks for itself:

The Crystal Wisdom Oracle

The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle insight for this time of year.

Fresh hope

Fresh HopeMy rescued-from-the-reject-pile Peace Lilly is flowering yet again. Despite its constantly manky brown leaves, which have never really recovered despite the care I lavish on it, and it’s horribly unhealthy overall look, it has sent up another pristine white flower with its golden fairy-quartz-like spire. Hope shining out in the midst of desolation, reminding me of my pure spiritual core. Holding fast to that thought, time really does have no meaning. It will be as it will be.

You will be able to share the fruits of my midnight-oil burning sometime soon. As the season turns. You can sign up on my website and, when the time is right, enter into my crystal world.

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