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Time to let go: Ancestral and karmic clearing

23rd September, 2015 Miscellaneous

Melting clock

Note: This blog incorporates the notes for the MBS and other Karmic Clearing workshops.

I was back in Birmingham at the weekend to clear karma and the ancestral line at the MBS show at the NEC. Karmic clearing in two hours, something of a challenge! As I was born just down the road this seemed particularly apt for me. We all have stuff we need to revisit, dust off, and let go. So I was clearing alongside the other participants in the workshop. It never hurts to keep unravelling the layers.
I was joined by Terrie Birch and, as the workshop wasn’t until the afternoon, when we arrived at the show we headed straight for Spiritual Planet, a source of all things scrummy and marvellous. We weren’t disappointed!
First I ‘accidentally’ dislocated a beautiful Labradorite heart from its stand – which reminded me to strengthen my interface so I wasn’t overwhelmed by the myriad energies at the show. I always wear a Labradorite pendant to workshops but this needed an extra dose of Petaltone’s Power Shield to keep my energies protected – a combination later handed out to participants in the workshop so that they wouldn’t take on each others stuff as we worked closely together.
Then, oh how wonderful! While I chatted to Stacey, one of the owners, Terrie had moved around to the other side of the stand and spotted two oddly shaped Quartz skulls. They were amazing. Camera shy, so they haven’t been photographed yet (unless she’s not telling me something). The smaller of the two had been carved into a point at the back, and the bigger one was carved across the top. Well! When we used them for clearing past life chakras in the workshops the energy was phenomenal.

A fertile moment

Menalite from The Crystal Wisdom Oracle

Menalite from The Crystal Wisdom Oracle, c. Michael Illas

Then, while still on the stall, a participant who would be on my workshop asked me about a fertility stone. Her nephew needed one for a low sperm count. I immediately said Menalite with Red Jasper. But Jan and Stacey, most unusually, did not have the stone. So we moved to another stall and found three beautiful Menalites and a Carnelian that wanted to assist. Having chosen two of the Menalite, one to go in a trouser pocket with the Carnelian in the other, and one under the bed at base and sacral chakra level, I put the other back on the stall. Menalite takes on many shapes and one was like a perfect anatomical drawing of the inside of male genitals, and the other was one of the soft rounded ‘pregnancy bellies’. Perfect! I went to pay for them and was explaining why I was buying them when the stallholder said, ‘oh my daughter is having problems conceiving and carrying to full term. Would one help her?’ Yes, yes, yes!!! She quickly put the other Menalite aside. I love the serendipitous synchronity of it. Two people finding what they need within five minutes.

After that I went round to the Tree of Life stand ( hoping to see one of the new Menalite babies, but although Marketa had been there the day before I could only see a picture – which you’ll see too in the Tree of Life Magazine. But I’ll be back later this year to meet their long-await bundle of joy. Come and join our workshop to raise kundalini if you can

The karma clearing skulls

Then it was time for the workshop. So good to see so many old, and new, faces. It was fascinating to feel how the new skulls instantly ‘powered up’ when needed. So excited to have begun work. And so fast. Which was just as well because there were around 50 people in the workshop although not all needed the extra boost the skulls gave. We’d been using my tiny but powerful Dumortierite skull in an Anadalite grid to radiate energy to clear the past ife chakras and the participants were using small Dumortierite tumbles on the back of their skulls. But, for some people, more was needed. All I had time to do was drop some Clear2Light onto the skulls before they sprang into action.

I found that I – and each receiver – could feel the skull thrumming and throbbing. A deep vibration that changed tone and speed with each person (I applied Clear2Light between each application). The skulls were either placed face in or face out into the hollow at the top of the spine according to what the participant intuited was needed. Everyone said it felt as though ‘something was being pulled out’ in various chakras. ‘Face-in’ meant that the skull could suck the energy in through its mouth. ‘Face-out’ meant that the skull’s past life chakra was working with the participants. They could also be turned to input light into the spaces where the karma had been held. Clearing was obviously taking place at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. And what speedy clearing it was! I could feel the energy being pulled out into the skull, transmuted and returned as light to fill the spaces where the karma had been held.

I am so looking forward to my crystal group experiencing these very special skulls on Tuesday. I’m sure there’s more to discover! Naturally all the skulls will be going to the karma clearing workshops taking place somewhere near you this autumn and next spring.

We finished the workshop with an Ancestralite grid laid out around Fred, my Lakelandite skull, with Anandalite ‘outriders’. This grid was to clear our ancestral lines – in the widest possible sense of the word – whilst keeping the soul learning that had taken place along the ancestral line, and sending healing and gifts forward into the future generations.

It was a brilliant workshop to do and I thank everyone who took part. Human, crystal, and crystal mentors. You were stars!

Here’s the notes for those of you who attended or who will be attending the same workshop in the months to come.


Cause and effect. A soul-growth tool. An on-going process that can create ‘good’ or ‘bad’ results in every moment but cant be judged from the standpoint of one life. It’s never fixed or unyielding and can be transmuted.

Karmic dross includes:

  • Past-their-sell-by-date beliefs and soul imperatives
  • Old vows and soul contracts
  • Outdated soul purpose
  • Entangled relationships
  • Toxic emotions
  • Unresolved ancestral issues
  • Imprinted environmental or racial memory
  • The karmic treadmill – the ‘hamster wheel’ effect
  • Addictive patterns and habitual responses

And so much more that I have explored in The Book of Why: understanding your soul’s journey.


Soul is ancient, immortal, indestructible – although it may fragment and leave bits of itself in other lives and other dimensions. The whole soul rarely incarnates in one life or one place at a time.

The forgotten karma

Karma. There’s a lot of it hanging about. Some of it is yours – and some of it is mine. Huge chunks belong to the ancestors and pass down the ancestral line. But some has attached to the land, to a racial group or the collective. It’s the forgotten karma. No one person is responsible for creating it. It’s part of history. But it needs to be cleared. If we are going to shift into a ‘new age’ – literally into a new vibration – we need to be shot of the karmic past, personal or otherwise. There’s no way we can drag it with us into the expanded consciousness of the Age of Aquarius. Shame and guilt, bigoted minds and outdated beliefs belong to the Age of Pisces and that’s passing into history. This is a pivotal, axial moment. It’s time for a revitalisation. That’s what my MBS Birmingham NEC workshop was all about – and those taking place elsewhere in the country (see for details).

It’s up to you

If you’re on earth right now, you’ve volunteered to be part of the clean-up squad. Sort your own karma, dump your baggage, detox your ancestral line, and the collective can only benefit. As will you. Create a more positive future for everyone.

Ancestral line

Not just physical DNA, it includes subtle energetic DNA and an energetic web encompassing past, present and future – and beyond. The ancestral line carries your family history. The beliefs, experiences, dramas, traumas, dominant emotions and assigned roles that stretch back into eternity. Lineage breakers incarnate to break the chain and start a new trend.

Akashic Record

The Akashic Records are an on-going record of the journey of the soul, the evolution of this and other worlds, and the future of All that Is. In this view, anyone living now has probably lived on earth before – and will live again, possibly on earth but most definitely in other realms. Fortunately we don’t have to understand how the field can exist nor how it works in order to be able to utilise it for psychic work. While everyone ‘sees’ the Record in their own way, the underlying experience is always the same. It is a connection in to what we can call the wisdom of the cosmic mind or the cosmic memory field.

In my experience, the Akashic Record is a not a record of a fixed fate but rather an outline map of a soul’s journey with all the potentialities that opens up – and from mine and my clients’ experiences, it goes way out into the future with myriad possibilities opening up as well as accessing the past. We can view the Akashic Record as a hologram of all that is and might be – it is not in any one place as it permeates our whole universe but we can nevertheless access it as though it were indeed a Hall of Records. Our souls are connected to this hologram, each carrying a small piece of the hologram within that contains the whole. In many regressions to the interlife state souls will visit the library – or the hologram – to collect up experiences, soul gifts, wounds and karma that will be dealt with during the lifetime to come and to recognise how to prepare for lives in the future.

Souls play out the destinies we planned for ourselves in the space between lives – the interlife – although this plan may be powerfully affected by the karma we have accrued and by soulplans from others lives that, although outdated, still overlay our soul’s intention (see The Book of Why: exploring your soul’s journey). So, through accessing the Akashic Record we can see both what we have been (our previous lives) and what we might be – our potential futures depending on what choices we make. Many seers connect to the Akashic Record when doing readings of various kinds, although they may call it Spirit, Source and so on.

The grounding cord

The grounding cord

Love it! Be rooted in the earth and you can reach for the stars!

Before beginning work on cleansing karma and reaching higher consciousness, it is sensible to ground and stabilise yourself first. Then you can open the higher chakras with safely.

Anandalite - Crystal Wisdom Oracle

Anandalite, Crystal Wisdom Oracle, c. Michael Illas

  • Cleanse the aura and chakras with Flint and/or Anandalite – use the picture if you don’t have the stone. (You can do this with all the cards in the Crystal Wisdom Oracle pack, they capture the energy so beautifully.)
  • Stand with your feet slightly apart, well balanced on your knees and hips. Feet flat on the floor. Place a Flint, Eye of the Storm (Judy’s Jasper), Graphic Smoky Quartz, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Smoky Quartz Elestial or other grounding stone at your feet.
  • Picture the earth star chakra about a foot beneath your feet opening like the petals of a water lily.
  • Feel two roots growing from the soles of your feet down to meet at the earth star.
  • The two roots twine together and pass down through the earth star going deep into the earth. They pass through the outer mantle, down past the solid crust and deep into the molten magma.
  • When the entwined roots have passed through the magma, they reach the big iron crystal ball at the centre of the planet.
  • The roots hook themselves around this ball, holding you firmly in incarnation and helping you to be grounded in incarnation.
  • Energy and protection can flow up this root to keep you energised and safe
  • Allow the roots to pass up from the earth star through your feet, up your legs and the knee chakras and into your hips. At your hips the roots move across to meet in the base chakra and from there to the sacral and the dantien. The energy that flows up from the centre of the Earth can be stored in the dantien.

Note: Whenever you are in an area of seriously disturbed earth energy, protect your earth star chakra by visualising a large protective crystal all around it. The root will still be able to pass down to the centre of the earth to bring powerful energy to support you, and the crystal will help to transmute and stabilise the negative energy. A virtual crystal can work when visualised with intent, but placing an actual crystal here intensifies the effect.

(Extracted from Crystal Prescriptions 4.)

Past life chakras

Located behind the ears along the bony ridge to the top of the spine. The past life chakras hold all the soul’s memories – access – note you may need to link this chakra with your third eye.

Crystals: Flint, Dumortierite

Causal Vortex chakra

Blue Kyanite - Rutilated QuartzAbove the head, slightly back or to the side. Connects to the Akashic Record and the soul’s journey. Brings the Record closer for easy access – note you may need to link this chakra with your third eye.

Crystal: Blue Kyanite, Rutilated Quartz, Auralite 23 or White Agate.

Auralite 23

Auralite 23 shut off the chattering mind c. Michael Illas

See Crystal Prescriptions 4: Crystals for the Chakras and Kundalini for in-depth information on this and all the other chakras

My top 5 crystals for a karmic and ancestral detox

  • Flint
  • Chrysotile
  • Dumortierite
  • Brandenberg Amethyst
  • Ancestralite

 1. Flint: the portal stone

Flint - the portal stone

Flint, c. Terrie Birch

A much overlooked crystal – literally. In many areas Flint is strewn beneath our feet. In ancient times it was interred with the dead. A portal to another world, it also gave a cleansing scrape-down to the soul before it passed over. ‘Combed’ over your aura, it rapidly clears karmic dross and tunes up the chakras.


The subtle biomagnetic sheath around the physical body that holds the energetic imprint of your present and former lives, and those of the ancestors.

2. Chrysotile: keeper of the soul’s secrets.

Chrysotile accesses

Chrysotile accesses the Akashic Record and links it to the Causal Vortex chakra (see Crystal Prescriptions 4: the A-Z guide to chakra balancing crystals and kundalini activation stones if you haven’t heard of this important chakra). Like a vast metaphysical internet, the Record holds all possibilities, past, present and future. All timelines and each and every timeframe. The multidimensions and multiverses of the soul’s experience. With Chrysotile you can step onto a different timeline, freed from karma, or call in the gifts and soul learning from the past that will assist you in the present.

3. Dumortierite: the karma of grace crystal


The karma of grace says that you only have to do enough. You do not need to keep banging your head against a door that will not open. You can step away and choose another route. Dumortierite gives you gentle access to the past to gain an overview of why you are here. Opening the past life chakras, it shows you the outdated soul imperatives that have held you trapped – and facilitates their release.

4. Brandenberg: the ‘does it all’ crystal

Brandenberg Amethyst from The Crystal Wisdom Oracle

My favourite crystal. A ladder to higher consciousness, Brandenberg Amethyst holds the record of all lives and karmas whenever and wherever they evolved. And offers release. It brings in the perfect blueprint to replace old imprints, patterns and imperatives, facilitating the soul’s evolution. The fills the physical and subtle bodies with transmuting light. This crystal is helpful for retrieving and reintegrating soul fragments left in other lives.

5. Ancestralite: ‘The buck stops here’ stone


Ancestralite - The buck stops here stone

Ancestralite, c. Terrie Birch

A brand new stone that is only just reaching the market, I’m still researching its full potential and will be for some time yet. This stone literally sinks down through the layers of the past to reach the core. Ancestralite clears the ancestral line of trauma, dramas, ingrained emotions and imperatives that have passed down the family line for generations. At the same time it preserves the soul learning so that it can be incorporated into present and future actions. Ancestralite assists lineage breakers to cut the past, so that toxic karmas do not carry forward into future generations. But there is much more to learn about this most ancient of stones. (Ancestralite is available through )

Additional stones

Lakelandite Skull

In the workshops we will also be using Lakelandite (see ‘new crystals’ section on my website with Anandalite to cleanse the aura and chakras and bring in light and Rutilated Quartz, Auralite 23, Blue Lace Agate plus Labradorite to shield cleansed auras.


We will also be using Petaltone’s Clear2Light and Z14 to cleanse the crystals and our space, Akashic to read the Akashic Record and Power Shield to protect the aura while working.


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