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The Spiritual Magic of Mother Earth

21st December, 2016 Miscellaneous
Mother nature

Our planet is in constant dynamic motion, flowing and changing, expanding and contracting. To the ancients the Earth was alive, a living breathing being: Gaia, Mother Earth. They honoured her and the fruits of her body the crystalline bones created by an on-going magical process of geological transformation. Precious stones were regarded as the primeval deities made manifest. Rock was immutable, incorruptible and permanent in contrast to the frail uncertainty of human life. It created an interface between the visible and divine worlds.

Judy Hall Earth Blessings

At our recent College of Psychic Studies workshop on Crystals and the spiritual magic of Mother Earth, I was struck once again by the profound wisdom of the Hermetic maxim, ‘As above, so below. As within so without.’ So many participants voiced the feeling they had as we journeyed deep within the Earth only to find that we were actually going within ourselves. All is one.

as above so belowThat which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing.

Hermes Trismegistus

We began by connecting to the Gaia Gateway chakra using my new find, Sea Foam Flint. It comes from a liminal, sacred place that used to stand at the juncture of land and the sea. It has now been thrust up above. But, lodged in the bank below, fossilized sponges look like frozen sea foam. These Flints form an excellent portal to the inner world, connecting to the Gaia Gateway chakra. They transmute anything toxic that they find there. Many have tiny crystal geodes within them. Perfect and beautiful. And so symbolic.

sea foam flint

Sea Foam Flint

sea foam flint other

I intended to use Crystalline Green Kyanite on the workshop as I’d found that was a perfect Gaia Gateway chakra connector, but it didn’t arrive in time. However, we had a few to place around the neck of the Aragonite goddess who graced the grid we built on our Celtic Knot Tree of Life cloth. They also helped to fill her empty womb until we came to replenish that in our ritual. (You can read more about Crystalline Green Kyanite and Sea Foam Flint under the new crystals entry on

Celtic Tree of Life

Celtic Tree of Life

Green Kyanite

Green Kyanite

The Gaia Gateway Chakra
The sphere of anchoring Light

Location: About arm’s length beneath your feet, below the earth star.
A higher resonance of the earth star, this chakra anchors high frequency light into the physical body and the body of the Earth. Without this chakra high vibrational energy cannot be assimilated and grounded. It adjusts your electromagnetic frequency so that it remains in harmonic resonance with that of the planet and facilitates an uplift in your own personal resonance. It, together with the stellar gateway, allows kundalini energy to travel up the spine, into the higher charkas over the head, and then to cascade down through the subtle energy bodies into the Gaia gateway. The energy then travels back up to the dantien where it can be stored until needed or move out in the cells and intercellular spaces of the physical and subtle bodies. This chakra connects you to the soul and spirit of the planet, Gaia, and to Mother Earth herself. When your Gaia gateway is open and functioning at optimum, you are aware of being a part of a sacred whole, part of the energy system of the Earth and, at the same time, All That Is. When balanced and open, this chakra helps you to protect yourself from entity attachment and lower energies. By holding you gently in incarnation and in contact with the planet, it mitigates the more extreme symptoms of ascension and kundalini rise.
blue skyConnective correspondence: stellar gateway
Overactive/blown/spin too fast: when this chakra is blown it leads to extreme sensitivity to earth changes and to geopathic and electromagnetic stress. Being in incarnation, and especially being in a physical body, is challenging and there is no ability to remain stable during periods of energetic uplift.
Underactive/blocked/ spin too slow: when this chakra is blocked there is an inability to ground and connect with higher energies. Disconnection from the Earth as a sacred, living being may lead to greed and over-utilisation of the planet’s resources and consequent disregard for others who share the planet.
[Extracted from Crystal Prescriptions volume 4: the chakras]

Then it was time to take the Fire and Ice journey to replenish the heart of Gaia. I usually use a cave deep under the Andes to access the heart. But a recent vision had shown me an access point in the Celtic crystal dragon mountain much closer to home. Participants had the choice of using Fire and Ice or water-clear, bubbly Brandenberg Amethyst.


Fire and Ice c. Jeni Campbell

Fire and Ice c. Jeni Campbell

Brandenberg Amethyst

Brandenberg Amethyst c. Michael Illas

The Fire and Ice Journey

Put your crystal in the sun for an hour or two to collect sunlight. When it is fully charged and ready to go sit in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed and withdraw your attention from the outside world.

Holding the stone, sit quietly with your eyes closed and hold the intention that it lifts you up and transports you to the Celtic crystal mountain – the stone knows where to go. You feel yourself rapidly travelling to quiet space surrounded by larch woods with a bubbling stream away to your left. In front of you, you see a path leading up to a turquoise door set into the hillside. . Follow the path until you enter the cave that is the home of Gaia. Hold your crystal high its light guides you. All around you, golden crystals sparkle to light the way.

The path is broad and wide and it winds down and down into the heart of the mountain passing many crystals on the way. You can hear the crystal oversouls and the earth devas speaking to you, thanking you for helping the earth in this way and lending their support to you.

Eventually you come to an immense cave. In the centre of the cave is a huge Celtic healer stone heart. This is the higher heart resonance of Gaia, Mother Earth, that beats very very slowly, once every hundred years or so. Allow yourself to feel the presence of the spirit of Mother Earth and feel the love that she has for you.

mother-earthPlace your crystal on the heart of Mother Earth to fertilise her with the light of the sun. Hold the intention that the light is used to heal the Earth and its subtle energy grid and to support life upon the planet.

Image: Pinterest                               

[take as much time as you need]

When you are ready to leave, make your way back up the path and out onto the hillside. Hold the intention to be taken back to where your physical body waits for you. When you reach your body, settle back in. Take a few deep breathes, wriggle your fingers and toes. Stand up and stretch. Stamp your feet on the earth to reconnect and ground yourself.

Journey was repeated going down to the womb of Mother Earth through a doorway lower down in the hillside. This journey replenished the creative energy of the Earth and sowed the seeds of our own new projects.


Menalite c. Judy Hall

A small Menalite was placed in the empty womb of the goddess statue, which immediately transformed the energy. The whole grid came alive.

Aragonite goddess with Menalite

Aragonite goddess with Menalite c. Judy Hall

The wonderful Lumi crystals from the crystal mountain united the universal mind with that of Mother Earth and ourselves on the top of the mountain. The Lumi are star beings who carry cosmic wisdom and who are emerging to assist with our transition to a higher awareness. (The Lumi will be gifted to the first 100 subscribers to the members only section of my website, watch out for further details coming soon.) We danced with the golden dragon on top of the mountain to celebrate the renewal of the Earth and our connection to Gaia.



The Lumi

The Lumi

mother earth promiseNew Zealand healing

And then it was time to turn our attention to a healing for New Zealand, which had been requested by a friend of mine who is surrounded by the further devastation wrought by the latest earthquake. I tell her initial story in Earth Blessings and her own property has been kept safe by the crystal she planted there. But the whole of the south island needs healing for the shock and trauma of the last few years. So we set out a grid around the photo of her crystal in situ, the piece of Pounamu Jade (Maori Greenstone) she had gifted me – with the permission of Maori elders – and two pieces of New Zealand jade that workshops participants had serendipitously brought with them. Somehow we forgot to take a picture. So you’ll have to use your imagination!

Pounamu, my New Zealand Jade dragon.

Pounamu, my New Zealand Jade dragon.

One of the participants, who is from New Zealand commented that her’s is a very young country, still settling down. Which prompted me to tell the story I learned from Barry Brailsford of the Waitaha, a confederation of tribes from all around Oceania and across America who had come together to form one nation and who lived in peace in New Zealand back in the predawn of history. I told their inspiring story in Crystals and Sacred Sites. On the workshop, I invoked the energy of Castle Hill, the ancient stone university that holds their story.

Here’s the Greenstone meditation from Crystals and Sacred Sites. You can practice it with any piece of Jade as the crystal oversoul will link up.

The greenstone meditation

The Castle Hills Rocks university

The Castle Hills Rocks university

This meditation takes you deep into the ancient past to connect to a time when nature, humankind and the divine were one and the same, linked in unity consciousness. You can also use it to send thoughts of healing and stability to New Zealand and all who live there.


Sit quietly with your Greenstone and gently work it with your hands or rub it against your face – moving it in a circular motion lightly over the third eye stimulates imagery. When your stone is warm, begin the meditation.

The meditation

Hold your Greenstone gently and mentally communicate with the spirit of the stone. Respectfully ask that you will be connected into the knowledge of the far past, that you will become one with the Earth and all that is upon, within and above it.


When the meditation is complete, put the stone aside, either on an altar or wrapped in a cloth until you meditate with it again. If the stone can be worn, wear it constantly and touch it frequently to remind you of your journey.

Earth Blessings

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