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The Moop Machine

23rd August, 2017 Miscellaneous
The Moop Machine

c. Judy Hall

I was listening to Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City on the radio. I’d switched on at the point where they were talking about Moop, the term used for rubbish at the Burning Man Festival. It means ‘Matter out of place’ and I was reminded once again of how appropriate that term is for crystal work. It signifies that something is not ‘bad’, it does not need exterminating, but instead can be disposed of in an appropriate way. Or, even more relevantly for crystal transmutation, recycled or transformed from negative to positive. Crystals work by entrainment, or transduction, that is bringing a disorganised energy field into more perfect coherence through its own highly organised energy.

Brandenberg Amethyst

Brandenberg Amethyst, the other side c. Judy Hall

I could perhaps define crystal healing as the process whereby a transducer, i.e. the crystal, accepts energy in one form and gives back related energy in an enhanced, more advantageous form. Detrimental energy is withdrawn, transmuted and replaced with beneficial. To my mind, the most efficient crystal for this, as it takes the energy back to the initial perfect form before anything became imprinted, is a Brandenberg. But everyone will have their own favourite and, with Quartz being a master healing crystal, there’s certainly plenty to choose from.

Harmoniser Brandenberg c. Judy Hall

Harmoniser Brandenberg c. Judy Hall

Another crystal that I’ve found helpful for balancing high vibration frequencies is Orange Sphalerite. Not too many of these around in their raw state but worth seeking out if your energy has gone out of kilter because of non-assimilation of concentrated high vibe crystal frequencies. It certainly relocates the Moop!

Orange Sphalerite

Orange Sphalerite

Cuts, bruises and empathy nicks

While we’re on the subject of Moop, I thought I’d mention a topic that has been coming up rather a lot recently. That’s the question of whether a broken crystal can be mended. My answer is most certainly – if it’s appropriate to do so. If a crystal shatters into separate pieces, then it may be that, as Terrie Celest puts it, it has given birth to cosmic babies. In which case, I’d thank the universe for its bounty and use the pieces in a grid.

But if a piece has broken into two several things may be going on. The crystal may have been soaking up so much negativity that it has simply given way under the strain. A client of mine clutched a Fluorite wand all the way home from the UK to Australia where she had to confront a difficult choice. By the time she arrived, it was in two pieces, which clearly pointed to the fact that she had to let the relationship go. But it was also a lesson in remembering to cleanse hardworking crystals during as well as after use! In a case like this, I’d return the crystal to the earth for awhile before considering what to do next. But if it’s a new(ish) crystal that has split or one that’s been dropped or stepped on, then it could most certainly be repaired if appropriate. Superglue it, give it healing, and it will work even harder for you. How do you know if it’s appropriate? Well, if it goes back together easily, sliding into place without hitching, then you know that the crystal is ready to work again. If it doesn’t readily ‘knit’ back together, then the crystal is telling you that it’s either not yet ready, or not prepared to be reunited. In which case, you may need to consider that one piece may want to go to someone or somewhere else for a purpose which your intuition may reveal if you ask it to, or the crystal will reveal to the recipient.

broken Buffalo

This beautiful but previously broken Buffalo was retrieved from a hospital corner in a crystal shop. Its repaired middle hardly shows and it was begging to go to a shamanic friend whose power animal is Buffalo. She was delighted.

And then there’s empathy nicks. So many people reject a crystal because it doesn’t match their idea of beauty or perfection. It’s a bit battered, chunks have been taken out of it: it’s bruised inside. But, believe me, that crystal will work twice as hard for you because it knows that it’s like to feel pain, it’s been through the school of hard knocks. Fortunately crystals know how to heal themselves – as self-healed crystals show. So don’t be put off by an empathy nick or a break in a crystal. It almost certainly is there for a purpose.crystal has empathy nicks


This crystal has empathy nicks all along its length, bruises down its sides, and has lost its point but energy still moves through it. It simply divides at the tip, forms a graceful pair of arcs and then reunites above the crystal, or the reverse occurs. It’s excellent for hooking out energy blockages from the chakras and then spiralling in fresh energy. c. Judy Hall



Self-healed crystal

Self-healed crystal image c.

Himalayan Golden Healer crystal

Not the easiest thing to photograph, but this Himalayan Golden Healer crystal – formed in an earthquake zone – has been broken and healed itself several times over the course of its creation and its base is self-healed too. It’s an incredibly powerful healing tool.




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