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The lure of the raven’s call

25th November, 2015 Miscellaneous


Higher, ever higher, we followed the raven’s call. Crais, crais. Come, come. It croaked us on. Rewarding, Well done, you’ve found it. We were back on the crystal mountain. Thankfully Terrie Birch is an intrepid Aries and her car had been well chosen for such adventuring. But eventually we had to abandon our wheels. Left it with raged-out monsters guarding. And star beings watching over. And walked on. On All Hallows Day.

The diggers are stilled for the holy day

The diggers are stilled for the holy day, the star beings come out to play. c. Judy Hall

It was the most gorgeous day. The sun shone as warmly as on our previous visit in an unusually hot – and almost dry – August. But now it was the beginning of November, my birth month. Terrie gave me an early birthday present. A Terry Pratchett Discworld calendar. The image for November? My old friend Death. What else! So perfect.


Few people find November pleasant. The Anglo-Saxons called November ‘Wind monath’, because it was the time when the cold winds began to blow. They also called it ‘Blod monath’, because it was the time when cattle were slaughtered for winter food. The poet T.S. Elliot called it ‘Sombre November’. Sir Walter Scott, in his long poem Marmion, wrote in 1808:

November’s sky is chill and drear,
November’s leaf is red and sear (withered)’

The first week of November has always been a time of festivals and celebrations marking the end of the harvest and beginning of Winter. []

But it was neither chill nor drear on the mountain. Although dragon’s breath banded the distant hills holding the promise of the dense fog that sought to hoodwink me fast in Wales on the last night. The bright sun made the crystals wink at us, one after another, after another. Mostly white and translucent gold this time. Celtic Chevron Quartz and something other, still to be explored. Potent and mystical, it spoke the wisdom of Bran the Blessed (more of him in my skull book to come) as his ravens croaked their ancestral knowing. It connected deep into the heart of Mother Earth and the Gaia Gateway chakra that links us to her. It whispered of star beings and there they were in the photographs. Along with bright pink stars that spoke of soul star and causal vortex chakra openings. We had been first to the water to find the gentle Blue Quartz but it was gone, stripped out. For now. After the winter’s heavy flow more will emerge. Jeni Powell, who was on the mountain on previous visits, has found that it activates Lemurian Quartz, but more on that later. As we’ve discovered, you need to be discerning when opening those codes.

The mountain’s soul star and causal vortex

The mountain’s soul star and causal vortex. c. Judy Hall

limegreen Gaia Gateway

And the limegreen Gaia Gateway chakra connector in the foreground. c. Judy Hall

And yes, I know, I promised this blog would be about turning your junk-DNA into dancing genies. But this was a magical, liminal moment that calls out to be shared. Halloween and All Hallows. Portals all. And those crystals are, I’m sure, relevant. Helping us with yet another layer of clearing, integration and preparation for a genetic transition. As were the pair of ravens circling overhead, encouraging us, trumpeting our finds. Let’s remind ourselves of raven symbolism.

The Borely

In a tear’s blink
Long after the notice call
An emptiness so real
Beyond the raven’s caw
And after it’s over
The raven softly chuckles…

Raven symbolism of wisdom and knowledge-keeping is connected with the Welsh hero Bran, the Blessed whose name means raven. Bran was the holder of ancestral memories, and his wisdom was legendary. So much so, that he had his head (the vessel of his powerful wisdom) removed and interred in the sacred White Mount in London. Ravens are still roosting there (in the Tower of London), and they’re thought to keep Bran’s wisdom protected and alive by their presence.

Dr. Carl Jung deemed raven symbolism to represent the shadow self, or the dark side of the psyche. I very much like this. Why? Because by acknowledging this dark side, we can effectively communicate with both halves of ourselves. This offers liberating balance, and facilitates tremendous wisdom (something the raven would be very pleased with).

In other words, through the consistent unveiling of inner depths, and the positive/active utilization of inner impulses the esoteric secrets become exposed to the light of our own consciousness. This is at the crux of what the raven speaks to me.

What does the raven whisper to you?


An unkindness of ravens

An unkindness of ravens? Not necessarily. But a conspiracy? Definitely!

All Hallow’s Eve

All Hallow’s Eve

By serendipitous synchronicity the only time I’d had available to go back to the mountain ‘happened’ to be Halloween weekend. The weather forecast was dire, even for Wales. Rain, cold, more rain. I laughingly said to Terrie, ‘we need to do some weather magic.’ We did. Calling on our ancient skills. It was the hottest place in the UK that weekend. I find it works much better to casually mention such things and then let it go. Like when I walked the Preseli Mountains with astrologer Chris Mitchell and laughingly said, having looked at the glowering black sky behind us: ‘I’d better put up an etheric umbrella.’ The dramatic storm-filled sky stalked us all the way, keeping pace. It only released its torrent of rain as we got back into the car and hastily closed the doors. When I looked up, the top of the mountain was shrouded by dense cloud. Or was that dragon’s breath? Either way, we would never have found our way down had it descended earlier. A night in the stones might have been revealing but we were hardly prepared for that. Morganna, my Preseli Bluestone dragon, demanded to go to Wales with me this time. Terrie was going on to Preseli after our trip. That equally magical place was very much with us.

Preseli mountains

Not exactly the Preseli mountains but the same sky!

The Halloween Grid

The Halloween Grid, c. Judy Hall

Morganna along with Horace and the ancestral clearing skulls became a pivotal part of a grid we placed in my pub bedroom on All Hallow’s Eve. The other crystals were ones we had collected that day towards the bottom of the mountain. Beautiful beings and a hint of what was to come. Anchors and connectors to Mother Earth.  My dreams that night were all crystal. Crystal beings, being a crystal, healing with crystal, being healed by crystal. I was told to plant a grid on the mountain itself. It has been scarred more by logging than by mining but healing would be appreciated. Repairing its grid. Sending love to the heart of Mother Earth. Then the crystals would pop.

All Hallows Day

So, Terrie having valiantly volunteered to drive to where Josie, who couldn’t be with us, had chauffeured us the day before in her four-wheel drive, we set off. We only got bogged down once but some skilled negotiating by Terrie freed us and we parked alongside the huge diggers, quiet now. Walking around the corner revealed the perfect spot for the grid. Quietly concealed so that it could be left in peace to do its work. Amidst the trees, amongst psychoactive Fly Agaric. We didn’t need magic mushrooms, the energy of the mountain was giving us a natural high. But I couldn’t resist sharing one with you.

Magic Mushrooms

c. Judy Hall

And once the grid was settled, the magic began. Walking up the track to where I’d previously gathered the Celtic Golden Healer crystal points positively sprang out of the ground. Enough, once they’ve been cleaned, for a huge Gaia grid at some point in the future. Terrie had asked for a centrepiece stone for her garden. Well! She’ll no doubt post on her astrologywise site the results of that.

Celtic Golden HealerFor myself, I found my heart. So beautiful despite it’s peat-filled fissures that would need delicate probing to cleanse them. As I took it back to show Terrie, I bent to pick up another crystal that called to me. With a horrible pop something went from my ribs. An ancient tie. Finally released. Like a deep tap root sucking out. Now I could claim back my heart. Thankfully I was booked in with Sarah, my shamanic healer the next day. She removed the final splinters of the tie. And I set to work with cotton buds and fairy liquid to free the grot.

Having taken our treasures back to the car we decided that, rather than negotiate the particularly boggy patch, we’d complete the circuit. Take the healing all around the mountain. Terrie, of course, hadn’t been up before or she might have thought twice. But I remembered it as a reasonable track, not too far. Funny how we misremember, I seem to have written on that before. But eventually we made it. The views from up there are fabulous. But we made it down the other side and back to the mine. And this is what met our eyes. Unlike the earlier pictures, I could see this on my new camera’s screen. An astonishing dancing white ‘orb’. I’m not sure if it’s the cork that lets the genie out of the bottle or a miniature spaceship, but watch this space:

healing all around the mountain 3 healing all around the mountain 2 healing all around the mountain 1Healing all around the mountain 4

Crystal Mountain

The Gaia Gateway

Opening the Gaia gateway links us into higher dimension and divine connections and then grounds them deep into the Earth. It also links with the Soul Star chakra to form a pathway for kundalini flow. In case you are new to this essential chakra connection, here’s an extract from Crystal Prescriptions 4.

The sphere of anchoring Light

The Gaia GatewayLocation: About arm’s length beneath your feet, below the earth star. (Note: in other systems this chakra is perceived as just above and to the side of your navel but it serves the same function.)

A higher resonance of the earth star, this chakra anchors high frequency light into the physical body and the body of the Earth. Without this chakra high vibrational energy cannot be assimilated and grounded. It adjusts your electromagnetic frequency so that it remains in harmonic resonance with that of the planet and facilitates an uplift in your own personal resonance. It, together with the stellar gateway, allows kundalini energy to travel up the spine, into the higher charkas over the head, and then to cascade down through the subtle energy bodies into the Gaia gateway. The energy then travels back up to the dantien where it can be stored until needed or move out in the cells and intercellular spaces of the physical and subtle bodies. This chakra connects you to the soul and spirit of the planet, Gaia, and to Mother Earth herself. When your Gaia gateway is open and functioning at optimum, you are aware of being a part of a sacred whole, part of the energy system of the Earth and, at the same time, All That Is. When balanced and open, this chakra helps you to protect yourself from entity attachment and lower energies. By holding you gently in incarnation and in contact with the planet, it mitigates the more extreme symptoms of ascension and kundalini rise.

Physiology: subtle energy bodies beyond the physical, linking into the Earth’s subtle bodies and meridian system.

Sense: at-one-ness

Positive quality: the soul is fully grounded within the human and earthy spheres and aware of the divine.

Negative quality: disconnected or over-sensitive.

Connective correspondence: stellar gateway

Overactive/blown/spin too fast: when this chakra is blown it leads to extreme sensitivity to earth changes and to geopathic and electromagnetic stress. Being in incarnation, and especially being in a physical body, is challenging and there is no ability to remain stable during periods of energetic uplift.

Underactive/blocked/ spin too slow: when this chakra is blocked there is an inability to ground and connect with higher energies. Disconnection from the Earth as a sacred, living being may lead to greed and over-utilisation of the planet’s resources and consequent disregard for others who share the planet.

Crystals: Brown, black, golden, silver and pure white.

Colour: Limegreen seems to work particularly well as a background for Gaia Gateway stones.

Lemurian codes

Let’s get back to those Lemurian codes. These are said to have been encoded by an ancient race to be activated when the time is right. Many Lemurian Seed crystals have emerged recently and I have a friend’s huge Lemurian crystal skull sitting on my dining room table. She’s been having healing as her heart had been broken by what happened to Earth. But she’s begun to speak and is working with Horace and my own tiny Lemurian skulls. Last night she was the focus for our crystal meditation group. It’s become clear that not all of the codes are for our highest good. Some are a form of mind control. Others are highly beneficial for our spiritual evolution. So it’s as well to be discriminating when opening the codes. We need to move beyond them to the essence. The beautiful Blue Quartz from the base of the crystal mountain is particularly helpful for this, as is the White Chevron and the new, clearer form. But that needs to be grounded. We have to remember the ‘as above, so below’ principle. We have it all inside ourselves. We don’t always have to reach ‘out there.’ The beneficial codes were left by what I call the Star Beings. Beings that are beyond aliens or E.Ts. They are part of our most ancient ancestry and are willing to help us evolve, if only we will ask. These crystals appear to have emerged to assist with that process. We’ll have more on when it’s the right time.

Going home

Raven - Strange HappinessSo, with reluctance I left the crystal mountain, calling in on the way to see Sue and Simon Lilly in their delightful new home. It suits them so well. But, watching the dragon’s breath and the darkness creeping up their valley, it was definitely time to head for home. The fog thickened. The way darkened. Those are long, long unpopulated Welsh roads. I had no idea where I was most of the time but the crystals did their bit and got me home in less time than it had taken to drive there in bright sunlight. That’s crystal power for you!


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