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The Knowlton Stone

29th December, 2015 Miscellaneous

c. Terrie Birch, Astrologywise

Here I am at the (rather cold) summer solstice with Horace and a crystal grid Terrie Birch and I had laid out. The stone Horace is sitting on is the one that a few years ago Dorset dowsers became very excited about. They thought they’d discovered one of the standing stones in its original place. Err, no.

When English Heritage ‘renovated’ the ruins a few years ago they took this stone, along with other ‘rubble’, from the wall of the church and buried it where the dowsers found it. It may once have been part of the circle, it certainly zings with energy. But it had formed part of the Saxon church for very many years. The builders left this so- inappropriate brick excrescence in its place. I know because I watched the whole thing:Inappropriate brick

I wish I still had the picture of the boarded up arch with its angry messages: ‘free this sacred space’, ‘hands off our henge’ scrawled large upon it. Because when I went back to Knowlton this morning having been rained off at the winter solstice this is what had happened to the stone:

Overturned stone

It’s not the turning over I object to, which has revealed the carving from when it was incorporated into the church. It’s the remains of the fire that has been left in the pit. And the burnt out tea lights and other litter left around the site. Presumably it was part of a solstice ritual. This site has been continuously sacred for thousands of years – see my Crystals and Sacred Sites and various blogs on Why not respect it as such? And clear up after yourself?

The year before last the ‘altarstone’ in the church was left covered in candlewax with drinks cans  and snacks beside it. Now, that huge ironstone was definitely part of the stone circle that once enclosed the site. It normally buzzes with energy. But not on that day!

Summer solstice 2014

c. Michael Illas summer solstice 2014.

At Knowlton today there was a howling gale blowing. A powerful cleansing. Here’s nature trying to denude the so-called ‘clutie-tree’, an ancient yew.  Tying bits and bobs to it is a practice that has grown up over the last few years. Before that it was a place for quiet contemplation – and a portal I often used to enter the shamanic underworld. One of my most beautiful crystal balls went down beneath it as an offering and, if our dowsing is to be believed, is now halfway to the church on a powerful leyline. But the trees (there’s a pair) have become a dumping ground for the rubbish from people’s cars from the look of it. Some genuine votive and prayer offerings, but not a lot. Take it home with you! Please. If you have a request tell it to the tree, that’s all that’s needed. It will hear you.


Oh yes, I almost forget, a very happy, abundant and clutter-free new year to you!




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