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The Evil Eye. A sincere form of admiration?

29th November, 2017 Miscellaneous

The Evil Eye


I know him by the evil eye

That aids his envious treachery;

I know him by his jet-black barb

          The Giaour, Lord Byron

I’ve just been reading Victoria Hislop’s Cartes Postales from Greece. I thought I’d join her on a nostalgic pilgrimage through unexpected places in Greece that I’ve enjoyed in the past. Her affection for the country and its people brings the places to life so vividly. I travel with her, seeing afresh through her eyes. I never thought to find a piece of insight on energy vampirisation in those pages though. But, in her story of Despina, the young girl whose admiring eye was inexorably drawn to Lord Byron, she has lit upon a deep truth.

As the story points out, the ‘evil eye’, or mati as it is known in Greece, can be created not only by jealousy or malicious hatred, but also by adulation – and obsession. In ‘Eyewitness’, Despina first sees the dashing Byron as he arrives in Messolonghi. He casts his eyes amongst the adoring crowd, ‘seeking an object for his love’. Someone on whom to focus his considerable energy, making him feel alive. A habit of his. This is the man described by Lady Caroline Lamb as “mad, bad and dangerous to know.” His mesmerising gaze alights on innocent Despina with ‘lascivious curiosity’. It is enough. She is hooked. As he walks away, her look burns him, like an electric shock on the back of his neck. Her obsession with him causes her to languish, neither eating nor sleeping. But. Not to fade away. All she wants is another glimpse.

Lord Byron, The Dream.

Lord Byron, The Dream.

Byron, meanwhile, who was already weak with fever, is tossing and turning in his sickbed. His doctors counsel constant blood letting, weakening him further. His maid suspects the evil eye has been cast from within the adulation he’s been receiving, rather than malicious intent.

In the midst of a thunderstorm, Byron expires. Next time Despina sees him, it is on his funeral byre.

No one suspects that such an innocent girl could be the source of the mati.


So, the question is who enthralled who (or should that be whom? I never know!). Byron was notorious for the trail of romantic devastation he left in his wake. But that’s not the point. The author has highlighted something that I’ve been aware of, at a subconscious level, for a long time. Obsessive adulation is a form of psychic vampirisation. It literally sucks the lifeforce, or life-blood, from the object of the admirer’s manting eye. So, what can be done? Wear Black Tourmaline and protect your spleen chakra. It’s a sensible precaution whenever there’s a possibility of attracting adulation or ill-wishing. Both can have the same energy-leaching effect.

If you feel an adoring gaze, or a jealous eye, falling upon you and there’s no time to reach for a crystal, picture a psychic crystal shield in front of you. Gentle Rose Quartz to absorb an over-abundance of desperate love. Scintillating Labradorite. Its colours weaving its own spell around a hex. Stalwart Black Tourmaline to absorb a malediction.

Labradorite Shield c. Judy Hall

Labradorite Shield c. Judy Hall

Protecting your spleen chakra

Keeping your spleen chakra free from hooks should be a regular part of your spiritual and energetic housekeeping. This is quickly achieved with a crystal.

  • Cleanse your spleen chakra by spiralling out a Green Aventurine, Quartz point, Flint, raw Charoite or Rainbow Mayanite to clear any hooks or energetic connections from the chakra, or use a Jasper or Sard tie-cutter.
  • To protect the chakra after tie cutting, tape a Tantalite, Green Aventurine, Green Fluorite or Jade crystal over the spleen chakra, or wear one on a long chain so that it reaches to the base of your breastbone  level with the chakra.
  • Picture a three dimensional green pyramid extending down from your armpit to your waist, front and back to protect the spleen.
  • If the area under your right armpit then begins to ache, tape a piece of Gaspeite, Tugtupite or Bloodstone over the site and leave in place for several days until the message is received that you will not be giving away any more of your energy. You can also picture a red three-dimensional pyramid protecting this area.

(Extracted from Crystal Prescriptions 4)

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