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The Ancestralite Report

6th March, 2018 Miscellaneous

We all grow up with the weight of history on us. Our ancestors dwell in the attics of our brains as they do in the spiraling chains of knowledge hidden in every cell of our bodies. ~Shirley Abbott

Ancestralite, c. Judy Hall

Ancestralite, c. Judy Hall

Ever since I was introduced to Ancestralite in Belfast by Stone Age Ireland, it’s been used in Ancestral healing grids as that was the first property to be recognised in the stone. After we’d been working with Ancestralite for awhile I was offered some Ancestralite skulls. Exactly what I’d been asking for! So we had them for sale at an ancestral healing workshop in Cheltenham and on my member’s community page. They were snapped up almost instantly. I then asked for reports from my members’ community on how the skulls had been working. The responses are below. But first, this is what I wrote when I first received the stone in 2016:

Ancestralite: ‘the buck stops here’ stone.

Ancestralite c. Michael Illas Crystal Companion

Ancestralite c. Michael Illas Crystal Companion

A brand new stone that is only just reaching the market, I’m still researching its full potential and will be for some time yet. This stone literally sinks down through the layers of the past to reach the core going right down to the collective level. Ancestralite clears the ancestral line of trauma, dramas, ingrained emotions and imperatives that have passed down the family line for generations. At the same time it preserves the soul learning so that it can be incorporated into present and future actions. Ancestralite assists lineage breakers to cut the past, so that toxic karmas and attitudes do not carry forward into future generations. It literally says: ‘the buck stops here. It’s up to you so get on with it. Now!’

It also cauterises the etheric body, clearing the imprint of that karma and its effect on the present life body. It is particularly useful when a parent needs to put down feeling overly responsible for a child who was ill or in any way disabled during childhood but who has now grown to adulthood. The stone assists in standing on your own two feet.

In scrying, Ancestralite facilitates in accessing and reading the Akashic Records. But there is much more to learn about this most ancient of stones that connects past, present and future to the eternal now. Ancestralite was created from a stromatolite structure (fossil algae colony) that oxygenated the atmosphere for a few hundred million years before other life was able to exist. But the presence of Martite ( a hematite pseudomorph of magnetite) suggests that the rock got buried at a later date and underwent other chemical processes, as the process by which martite forms happens in the earth’s core. As can be seen from its sparkles and speckles, this stone has pure star material within it. It takes you back to before creation began. So this stone is a perfect example of the birth, death and rebirth process and is excellent for where a parent needs to put down feeling overly responsible for a child who was ill during childhood but who had now grown to adulthood.

The layers c. Michael Illas for the Crystal Companion

The layers c. Michael Illas for the Crystal Companion

Healing: useful for bones, teeth, jaws and anything structural in the body, excellent for inherited diseases such as Huntington’s Chorea, but also helps stabilise the body in MS, Parkinson’s and anything that involve the shakes.

Ongoing work

One the questions I asked myself was: ‘Does it go down to the racial/collective level – literally to bedrock?’

The answer was a resounding Yes! As my skull Biz said, ‘we go back to the ancestral source not the tree.’  And, as I’ve since discovered, it goes way out into the cosmos too. After all, everyone has star material in their make-up, physical or etheric.

Artur: Matter coming into form

In 2017 I received Artur, a face carved from a huge piece of Ancestralite. I’d requested a skull be carved, but what I actually received was a face with a large piece of raw rock behind it. The face told me that he represented matter coming into form out of stellar debris. He told me he wanted to do full time ancestral healing and was very put out to find I wasn’t going to be doing that. I agreed to put him up for sale so that he could find the right group to work with – when the time was right. As it turned out, there was some work to do with him first. Skulls do not always arrive pristine and ready to work (see my Crystal Skulls).

Both sides now: Matter coming into form c. Judy Hall

Skull clearing: An aside.

Concerned that something that was not for the highest good might be inhabiting Artur along with the powerful crystal being that I knew was there, I dosed the skull with Petaltone Z14 and ‘Blast’em Off’ (David Eastoe’s secret weapon available by special request, email him if you need it [email protected] ) requesting that only the highest of beings remain. Here’s the before and after pictures. The lighting and camera setting was exactly the same. Do you see a difference?

The Supermoon Eclipse

We worked with Artur during the blue supermoon eclipse in early February 2018. Shamanic healer Yulyia Surnima channelled the need to integrate the shadow energies – symbolised by the dark and light banding on the stone – before we undertook an ancestral healing meditation. During this session, Ceres, one of the Greek Mother goddesses stepped into the skull. She is both a goddess of new beginnings, sowing seeds, and the harvest. Once her feminine energy had been integrated into Artur, bringing together the matriarchal and patriarchal ancestral sources, he was ready to find his new home. He has stated that he wants to work full time on ancestral healing, going back to source. I am prepared to sell him at cost, plus shipping as he is exceedingly heavy, so long as he goes to the right group. The time has now come to make this public. If you are interested, please contact Terrie Celest, see below.

I’ve also acquired two rather large, fully carved Ancestralite skulls who are seeking a home, plus a smaller one. All will be available through

Seeking a good home

Seeking a good home

Feedback from the crystal community

Once people had had an opportunity to work with the first Ancestralite skulls and their pieces of Ancestralite, in January 2018 I posted:



Biz is my own small Ancestralite skull. He told me his name was Biz ‘coz I do the biziness.’ As you can tell, he has quite a sense of humour. In our first workshop he took people right back to the ancestral source and healed forward from there, going out into he future, rearranging DNA and subtle energetics. Most effectively. He came home from the workshop with me ‘by accident’, or should that be serendipity? He’s a great character and just the right size for taking to workshops.

The responses began to come in immediately.


The Responses

Susan – 13th January 10:28

SusanI missed out on buying one of the small skulls, fingers crossed for next time round. In the meantime I bought this piece of ancestralite which has a lovely textured surface on one side and is smooth on the other. I felt the textured side aided with ancestral divination – I have found shamanic divination using rocks quite helpful for the sitter and it engages them, they are not a passive receiver of information. I have just started a six month formal ancestral healing course and our first session, after connecting with our ancestral guardians and gatekeepers was on “ancestral divination”. I have paired my rock with a piece of rose quartz to add a healing quality to a session. Working shamanically, I set up an altar, with the ancestralite and rose quartz in the middle, with other crystals placed in the elemental position. I feel the ancestralite acts as an anchor and attractor, a lynchpin for the properties of the other crystals, holding and directing their energies, at the same time acting as a focus for the work being undertaken. It is physically a heavy piece of rock considering it size, and this seems to underscore its grounding, focussing properties, it is strong and not fluffy. I was also quite surprised at the way it boosted my own intuition – I was able to divine what the issues facing the person I was paired with were, and they went back a long way, but also found myself suggesting paths to resolution. Usually when working shamanically and going back to meet guardians/guides for the sitter, I find myself travelling along train tracks, but this time I found myself observing the sitter interacting on her family track/tree/timeline. So, all in all, an interesting mineral to work with.


Caireen – 13th January 10:38

Oh I will in more detail later when have worked with him more…he has named himself Henry (!) and has a great sense of humour and taste for hats!… I have been thinking of getting him a ring of rose quartz mini skulls to go round him, (keep seeing this) which he is calling his girlfriends…he stood out to me as my first skull…as has such a GSOH made me laugh out loud on Terrie’s video shortly after I heard a podcast on ancestral healing and skulls.  The forays I have made into meditating with him on ancestors has definitely deepened the experience. At one point I stood in front of an opening. It seemed almost viscous and I sensed my ancestors on the other side and that they would pull me through if they could so had to tell them I have chosen to stay on this side, thanks very much!
Here he is wearing his santa hat, which he needed to keep warm over xmas.

CaireenI also bought a piece of Ancestralite last year after a beloved cousin had passed I visited her daughters and in the middle of the night woke up aware of a family pattern including an adopted family member and could see the pattern filtering through the generations. Was guided to get my ancestralite from my luggage and half slept/meditated with it, going back and clearing, then bringing The energies back through and out to future generations. The following days brought an incredibly powerful series of coincidences and synchronicities…this success with the stone is what inspired me to adopt Henry and I think this connection could become just as interesting!


Anet Anet

Meet Haldir. At first I thought he made a joke but no…. this is how he wanted to be called. A little research on Google learned that Haldir is a Silvan Elf, one of the Galadhrim and that the name Haldir is Sindarin for “hidden hero”. And that makes sence, because Haldir is just “there”. He doesn’t want full attention and has its place next to my bed. And there he is “doing his thing”. In peace as if he is prepairing me and himself for the bigger things that are coming. I guess he will let me know when that moment is. Untill then I have lively dreams and wake up with a past life chakra that feels as if it worked all night. I also connected Haldir with Artur, the skull Judy has. That was also pretty interesting to see, as if there was an exchange of energy. So, I am curious about the future and the things and insights that will come!

More reports will no doubt be posted on the members community Facebook site. To become a member simply click: Members Community. Once you are a member, you can join our exclusive members Facebook page and share many crystal experiences from around the world.

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