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Right said Fred: Celebrating life with the Crystal Skulls

31st August, 2016 Miscellaneous

Indiana Jones: Where’d they go? Into space?
Professor Oxley: Not into space… into the space between spaces.

c. British Museum

c. British Museum

How do you respond to crystal skulls? From what I’ve observed, people are either entranced by them or exhibit a strong aversion. There’s little in-between. But aversion can quickly turn to passion under the hypnotic gaze of a crystal skull. There’s so much hype out there that few people really understand what they’re all about or where they come from – I plump for the space between the spaces myself. That’s where expanded consciousness lives. There being so many questions is what led me to write Crystal Skulls: Ancient Tools for Peace, Knowledge, and Enlightenment. I’m not totally sold on the ‘ancient’ idea, but it’s what many people believe and what my publisher wanted and the book encourages you make up your own mind. My research led me to recognise that the skulls have very ancient roots but I remain to be convinced that the claims for the antiquity of certain contemporary crystal skulls are proven. So many are 20th century ‘copies’. Not that it matters. I’ve seen enough of them in action to be convinced that something very extraordinary indeed is going on. The consciousness that inhabits the skulls goes way back into prehistory and far beyond this universe of ours. They are most certainly here to offer us peace, enlightenment – and healing.

My first encounter

Horace: earth healer extraordinaire lighting up ready for action.

Horace: earth healer extraordinaire lighting up ready for action.

Have you ever come face to face with a skull and had it call to you? I did, in 1975 in the Museum of Mankind in London. A life-sized, flawless crystal with more than a tinge of blue about it (you can see its picture above). Those mesmerizing eyes were alive with intense intelligence and pulled me in like a powerful tractor beam. I gazed into it, watching an ancient South American temple going about its daily business. I thought I stood there for a few minutes, but it was almost two hours. I had been seduced. Then I went home and forgot all about crystal skulls. And yes, I know that the skull itself isn’t actually that old. But that was my experience. It’s all in the book.

It took another thirty five years for me to start working with them. But once you start it quickly becomes addictive. A visit to Glastonbury, home of all things magical, mystical and downright weird, got me hooked.

‘Get me out of here,’ a voice demanded.

The friend I was with said, ‘Someone’s talking to you.’ So into the shop we went. I had already voiced the intention of buying a skull. I had in mind a clear crystal like the one I’d seen in the museum. Something light and bright. I had not envisioned this inky black one. But once a skull adopts you it seems you have little choice. I took the skull home. It had had a hard few months and needed extensive healing. Fortunately David Eastoe, founder of Petaltone Essences, created new essences that helped to clear it. When Horace finally woke up, he was worth the wait. And he’s been transforming ever since. No longer dark and gloomy, he’s filled with champagne bubbles. He’s starred in one or two blogs already but you can read more of Horace’s story in the book. He was my guide and mentor during the writing.

Just passing through

HorusMost of the time I’m a temporary skull keeper until the right ‘owner’ comes along. Just as well with the number that passes through my hands. Not that we actually own them you understand, it’s more of a mutual relationship. A two way learning process. Although it can be sad to let some go. I was once lovingly gifted a beautiful Amethyst skull but somehow we never quite connected. Then, at one of my crystal groups, we worked with the skulls and he reached out to energy healer Emma Penman. Telling her his name was Horus, he immediately adopted her and the two have a beautiful relationship. He was not the only crystal skull to be attracted to her gentle energy.

Morganna and Gawain, Preseli Bluestone skulls

Morganna and Gawain, Preseli Bluestone skulls

My daughter Jeni gifted me Gawain, beautifully crafted from Preseli Bluestone. He’s a great example of skulls not needing to be huge in order to be powerful, and he’s an entertaining companion. He’s taught me about cycles and seasons and right timing when working with skulls. Next to arrive in my own personal collection was Morganna, my Preseli Bluestone dragon skull. A great companion for Gawain. The two work so well together. The Preseli Mountains are a very special place for me and I love this stone. I was quietly browsing through Raven’s Roost when Morganna jumped off the screen and into my life. Since then she’s been heavily involved in earth healing and has led more than a few journeys to meet the elemental dragons. Highly appropriate for someone whose ancestors inhabit the centre of Stonehenge – just up the road from here. I soon had so many young dragons chattering in their nest on my dining room table that they had to be banished to my storage unit until the next dragon workshop.

Egyptian delight

Merit Aten grabbed my attention when I was in Luxor with Terrie Birch. ‘Oooh’ we both said as we spotted her in the window of a ‘fixed price’ tourist ware shop. Luckily past experience told me a bit of bartering would do no harm.

‘Beautiful natural Lapis Lazuli’, said the shop assistant showing me a piece of what was indeed beautiful Lapis. But the head was not Lapis. He gave me a price that left me reeling. But, pointing to Merit Aten:

‘Sodalite,’ I said firmly.

‘I am not knowing this Sodalite,’ said the assistant. Strange given that the shop was full of it.

‘Sodalite,’ I said again showing him the relevant Crystal Bible page on my Kindle.

‘Oh,’ he said and went off to fetch the owner.

Greetings over, the bartering began. I showed him how much English money was in my purse – I knew from previous encounters that he much preferred these to Egyptian pounds.

‘Not enough.’

‘It’s all I have.’ True, it was our last day.


So we left but lingered outside waiting for our cab.

Crystal love: Smenkhare and Merit Aten

Crystal love: Smenkhare and Merit Aten

Seeing him looking out – and hearing her wailing ‘Don’t leave me.’ I went back in waving the pound notes. Less than a quarter of the ‘last price.’ She caused endless problems going through the five scanners at the airport. They thought I might be taking an antiquity home. But we got through eventually. She’s caused problems at various UK airports since then. They seem to think she could be used as a weapon. If only they knew her true power! She now has a Carnelian companion. Smaller than her, but what does size matter. She’s smiling!

Barak and Ba’rama

Elestial and Rutilated Quartz. Barak and Ba’rama. Yes really, some skulls have a great sense of humour.

Terrie was with me at the NEC in Birmingham. We thought we’d pop in to say hello to the lovely Spiritual Planet people. ‘Look’ said Terrie and ‘Looook’ said I. We’d just spotted a pair of gorgeous karma clearer skulls. They were in action at my workshop less than half an hour later. I resisted the, very large, Smoky Quartz who completed the trio. Sometimes the budget just doesn’t extend far enough. I suggested to them they could work together at a distance. There’s still the odd grumble. It will be interesting to see if he’s still available next time I see Yan and Stacey.

Right said Fred

Then along came Fred. A Lakelandite skull named for my grandfather. Are you old enough to remember that old Bernard Cribbens song:

“Right,” said Fred, “Both of us together
One each end and steady as we go…”

My grandfather loved that song. I can still hear his explosive chuckle and see the tears running down his face although it’s fifty years since he passed. He only ever saw it in black and white. It would be nice to think he’s had the opportunity now to thank the man himself for all the joy he gave him. Maybe even to sing it together. He did a mean impersonation. (Here’s the song in an animated version in case you don’t know it)



Petronella, photo courtesy of

Petronella, photo courtesy of

As a toddler, I walked miles in the English Lake District with my grandfather picking up shiny stones. The start of a lifelong obsession. So when I saw a Lakelandite skull I just had to have him join my burgeoning army of ancestral and karma clearers. He’s brilliant at connecting to the Earth dragons with more than a touch of fire too. Appropriate as a volcanic eruption over four hundred million years ago pushed his source material towards the surface from three miles down. Buried again, glacial erosion revealed it once more. This is a great stone for burnishing all that’s been hidden away to reveal the gifts within.

Speaking of elemental dragons, I thought I’d accumulated a member of each of the elements until I realised wood was missing. So, thanks to Terrie, at midnight up a remote Welsh valley with a very dodgy internet connection, I managed to acquire Petronella, my beautiful pink and grey Petrified Wood dragon from my friends at Skullis. She couldn’t be anything but female. The picture doesn’t do justice to her soft colours but her compassionate nature shines out. Ever since she arrived she’s been distance healing devastated forests around the world in company with Morganna, Gawain and a piece of Celtic Golden Healer Quartz.

Healing the Tears of a Nation

Skull conclave

Skull conclave

‘We want to work with you to heal the tears of a nation’ a rather strange-looking collection of crystal skulls told me on the crystal dragon mountain in Wales. Terrie had purchased the skulls and brought them to the mountain so that they could speak to me. They told us that they carried the collective consciousness of a group of Cherokee Native Americans who had been forcibly ejected from their lands and who had ‘walked the trail of tears’ into exile.

When I returned home, I researched this and found that, indeed, there had been a trail of tears. But, as other crystal skulls joined the group, it became clear that a healing was needed for all displaced peoples around the world. So we took the skulls, ‘humanoid’ and dragon, and some Celtic Healer crystals from the mountain to my local sacred site, Knowlton Henge, and invited friends along to perform the healing ceremony. Canadian healer Linda MacKinnon, who was visiting the UK, brought along an Apache Tear crystal from the end of the Trail and placed it in the centre of the layout as we sent healing to dispossessed people everywhere.

It was a powerful, sacred moment and a privilege to be part of such an event. It was particularly special for me as my grandson, who had been washing crystals from off the dragon mountain, brought his girlfriend along to the event. The first time he had attended a crystal gathering. He has now become the caretaker of a crystal skull and clearly heard its name as it was handed to him. Jeni was also present. So three generations at work. The family tradition lives on!

And finally, for now at least:


Bob, a bit camera shy but an interesting combination if ever there was one. His other side has pink stripes

About a hundred skulls later Bob arrived, birthed from the junction of two different types of rock. This little guy turned up just when I’d broken my digitus minimus manus (pinky). He leapt out of his packaging and snuggled straight into my bandaged hand. I didn’t even have time to cleanse him, he went right to work. So thank you Paul Harrison of Lancy’s Crystals for keeping your skulls in such pristine condition. I’d bought him because he was described as an intriguing mix of green and white Quartz with pink Serpentine. But Bob – an acronym? Bits and Bobs? – was full of Pyrite speckles. The soothing of the pain was immediate as was the comfort he offered. When I went back to the fracture clinic expecting to have the split bone pinned, it was healing so well it only needed a new splint. If I can source more of this combination I’m sure it won’t be long before a new healing stone is born. It’s magical.

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Jeni will be posting a Coterie of Crystal Skulls and a Weyr of Dragons already activated by me and set to go to celebrate the launch of the crystal skulls book:

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Crystal Skulls

Published 1st September 2016
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