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On being me

26th March, 2015 Miscellaneous

‘Celebrating our uniqueness and being authentic from a calm centred place, can be liberating and empowering, but with a hands-on-hips, this is me, take it or leave it challenge, it can tip over into provocation.’

Judy Hall

When Terrie Birch included the above advice in the March newsletter astrology forecast it gave me an insight into what might be happening in a certain situation. That’s the great thing about astrology. It helps us to handle tricky situations by pointing out things we might not have thought of and suggests alternative ways of handling challenges. I moderated my approach and all was well. But it did make me look back over the last few decades and take stock. ‘Being me’ is an issue that has arisen time and again – absolutely in accord with my birth chart which has Leo rising and my North Node of the Moon with Pluto there too (for non-astrologers that’s my karmic purpose meeting the great power transformer of the zodiac). I was born with the soul intention of standing in my power. Of being empowered. And how do you learn such a lesson? Usually by coping with the lack of it! Or with other people’s perceptions of what/how you should be.

People seem to have a fixed idea of how someone like me should look. I once went into a crystal shop with my granddaughter and when she proudly told the shopkeeper that I was the author of the book she had on the counter the response was, ‘Well, I never thought you’d look like that.’ OK, it was pouring with rain. I was wearing a sturdy waterproof and dripping on her floor. But that wasn’t what she meant. She wanted her fantasy picture of a crystal guru standing in front of her. Many people do. My agent once laughingly offered to get me a blonde wig so I’d fit the profile.

But I can’t be myself in a sleek blonde helmet. No matter how much it might make me look like a stereotypical new age guru on the outside. It isn’t me and I can’t present a false front. I’d be guilty of the emperor’s new clothes syndrome in reverse if I did. Nor do I actually want to be thought of as a crystal guru. I’m a person who loves working with crystals and communicating what they can do. I actually want to empower other people. I’ve found my pair of big Smoky Elestial Quartz Sceptres very helpful in this respect. They turned up just when I needed them most. If you need to stand in your power get yourself a Sceptre Quartz. Even a small one will assist. You can read more about them in 101 Power Crystals but here’s a taster:

Transformational power

An Elestial Quartz Scepter is the ultimate tool for reclaiming lost power whether this has been willing handed over or has been lost from abuse or misuse of power in the past but all Scepters assist with assimilation and right use of power. It is especially useful where this loss of power has caused psychological dis-ease, anxiety and personality disorders. Calling back power transforms you into an inner directed being who cannot be swayed by external influences. You are empowered.

Harnessing the power  

To activate your power, place the Scepter over your base chakra for five minutes and say out loud: ‘I reclaim my power now’.

Green Ridge Sceptre Quartz

Green Ridge Sceptre Quartz, photo copyright Jeni Campbell,

I have to present myself as I am. I had a big lesson in this during the six months I could barely see a couple of years ago. After the first operation my eye looked like a fried egg liberally laced with tomato ketchup and was exceedingly sensitive to light. And one lens had to be popped out of my glasses so I could peer through the ‘good eye’ – which had developed a cataract overnight in response to the anaesthetic. Actually, both were equally scary. Not a great look! I covered them up with clip-on sunglasses while I waited for the next op and for them to settle down enough to get new glasses – now also heavily tinted as my eyes still haven’t recovered fully. And when I needed to do promotional photos forThe Crystal Wisdom Oracle, I wore the clip-ons and went to one of my favourite places to do the shots. Long before that my skin had become ultra-sensitive to make-up. So I’d given that up. So, with me, you get what you see. No camouflage is possible. A Leo Ascendant was born to be seen, not to hide under a rock – although crystals can be a useful distraction. Leo’s Ascendants have to learn how to shine. And Sagittarians, my sun sign, need to be free. I’ve learned to be happy with myself. I feel authentic and congruent – and empowered by being so. So I was vastly amused when looking up the meaning of my name to find this from the Urban Dictionary – which takes a sideways swipe at conventional definitions – and to see how well it summed up me and my birthchart:

‘Judith: A woman to be reckoned with.
She has her head screwed on right and is willing to fight those with Rectal Cranial Inversion, or what is more commonly known as those with their heads up their ass.
A fearless heroine. Judith is a classic example of the courage of local people fighting against tyrannical rule. History’s best known Judith decapitated Holofernes, an invading general, then took his severed head back to her countrymen, so as to inspire them to stand up and fight for themselves.
She is what all little girls should aspire to be. She is the equivalent of Auntie Mame, seeking to share adventure and knowledge while despising the narrow minded, the selfish and the bigoted.
She is one tough bird who is not afraid of an uphill battle.
Judith is a beautiful yet fearsome creature. Be warned she is scrappy and will not back down from fighting words.

With vanishing forests, rising ocean levels, fewer birds, and corrupt government and big business what this world needs is more Judiths.’

I couldn’t agree more!

Doing what I do best in the place I love most. Crystal retail therapy at Philae, Egypt with Terrie Birch.

Doing what I do best in the place I love most. Crystal retail therapy at Philae, Egypt with Terrie Birch.

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