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Moving On

15th November, 2017 Miscellaneous

I bring thee a casket of jewels fair…

Gather them all for your spirit’s shrine…

They are gems from the boundless mine of thought!

          The Language of Gems Miss H.J. Woodman

Moving On

c. Judy Hall

In the 1970s I used to buy my crystals in Southend-on-sea. It was an extraordinarily tiny shop. Sawdust on the floor like an old-fashioned butchers, oil drums of unwashed crystals stuffed in anywhere and everywhere. No order to it. Nothing carved or shaped. A few tumble stones at most. And presiding over it all, the fattest man you’ve ever seen wedged on a tiny stool in the corner. Nothing was labelled. ‘Go away and find out’ he’d growl when asked what a particular mineral (he hated the word crystal) was. So I did. I put them on astrological charts and on people and in the environment, and noted the effects. But when I needed to identify them, there were precious few books that helped. I knew what they did, but not necessarily what they were.

So I wrote the first Crystal Bible in the 90s – although it wasn’t published until 2003. It was called ‘Bible’ because the publisher already had a bible series that it fitted into. I’d been consciously working with crystals for well over a quarter of a century by then and wanted to record all I had learned from these potent beings and how they’d facilitated my spiritual understanding. That’s over twenty years ago now and, while I’m delighted that so many people still love that first Crystal Bible, my comprehension of what crystal energies actually are and do has developed hugely since then – as has my view of ‘reality’ and the multidimensions of being. Helped by three intense years of academic study of ancient primary crystal sources during a Masters degree in cultural astrology – I was seeking the origins of birthstones.

What I was intuitively feeling and doing with crystals in my twenties and thirties has become more clearer now I’m in my seventies – crystallised if you like – but it’s still fluid and ever changing. There can be no one definitive guide. Crystals continually surprise me. They, as we, adapt to changing circumstances and open up their potential. As a Sagittarian, I believe we never stop learning. And, as the vibrations shift, so too must our understanding of what our our crystal colleagues offer if we are to keep pace.

It was frustrating to me that my first publisher wanted ‘The definitive guide to crystals’ as the strapline. I refused initially, finally compromising with ‘A definitive guide’ (but I notice that has been sneakily reverted to ‘The’ in the intervening years). When questioned, I’d explained that I’d only touched on a small proportion of the crystals out there and I certainly hadn’t said all there was to say on the ones I had chosen due to space restrictions. But publishers want categorical certainty and best sellers. Most are not interested in innovative explorations that take you way beyond the known world and deep into crystal and universal consciousness. So I have to save those for my crystal groups and workshops.

Road to the future c. Judy Hall

Road to the future c. Judy Hall

I did manage to get two further Crystal Bibles out – once the first publisher had been persuaded that volume 2 would not dilute the ongoing sales of volume 1. And I found publishers for books on how I actually use the crystals. The lovely John Hunt of ‘O Books’ took a punt on Crystal Prescriptions and the series has grown and developed ever since. We’re up to volume 6 now and sales keep on growing. The prescience I’d accumulated from the past went into The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle – although even that had to go through a new incarnation to include additional crystals I’d wanted to put in the first version but there’d been ‘no room’.

But these books take so long to emerge from the cocoon of the publishing process, and get forced into a mould along the way – word counts, page plans and translation restrictions are the bane of my life – that the content is inevitably diluted from what I would say given all the space in the world. It’s like that philosophical conundrum, is the butterfly really the same as the caterpillar or is it a different species altogether? The birthing process for a book can be protracted and brutal as words are excised. I did say I was a Sag didn’t I? We have a lot of words within us that want to spill out. Not all of them are tactful, conventional or politically correct, but they record our eternal quest to answer all the great questions of life.

Which is why I began to put information about new crystals on my website, rather than waiting to publish it in a book. I wanted to share where I’d got to, what my group of highly experienced crystal workers and also workshop participants experienced when exploring new crystals. And to stimulate an exchange of ideas and impressions. This is reporting work-in-progress – and hopefully the reader understands this and participates in the process to expand rather than restrict our knowledge. Not everyone will experience what I do, they will have their own views and reactions to the crystal energy, and I want to encompass that too. So the exploration is now expanded through the crystal community Facebook pages on my website. A forum for shared crystal experiences. Do join us!

Grape Chalcedony

Grape Chalcedony

We can all benefit from partaking in such a sharing. The information then gets distilled into its essence for my latest book – the forthcoming Crystal Companion has so many new crystals it could almost have been volume 4 of the Bible, but I wanted to share how I use them too. No one person ‘owns’ such crystal information. No one knows it all and there is certainly no one, least of all me, who is the definitive authority. I never sought to be a crystal guru or queen of the crystals. I am content to be a crystal crone who, to the surprise of some people, talks to what my copy editor has just described as ‘an inanimate object.’ How could she! She couldn’t understand how crystal families could have ‘offspring’. I’ve had to enlighten her on that. Crystals are animate, intelligent and active. I’d better introduce her to her own crystal. She’ll soon get the picture. All my editors do!

I may not know it’s name, but I can still explore its properties!

I may not know it’s name, but I can still explore its properties!

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