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Luminescence: be a light bearer

18th November, 2015 Miscellaneous
Be luminescent

‘Be luminescent, a light bearer. Send light.’

Luminescence: The emission of light that does not derive energy from the temperature of the emitting body, as in phosphorescence, fluorescence, and bioluminescence. Luminescence is caused by chemical, biochemical, or crystallographic changes, the motions of subatomic particles, or radiation-induced excitation of an atomic system.  []

I woke up this morning with ‘luminescent’ ringing in my ears and a request to beam out light not fear. The beings who are revealing themselves within the Celtic Chevron Quartz are asking that we remember the power of light – with which they are infused. So I’ve set up a grid to send their luminescence to wherever there is fear. We’ll give a free Celtic Chevron Quartz with every crystal order on so that you can link into the network of light that is being created by these little treasures. They really do epitomise that size doesn’t matter, small is beautiful where they are concerned.

Celtic Chevron Quartz c. Jeni Campbell,

Celtic Chevron Quartz c. Jeni Campbell,

Celtic Chevron Quartz harmonise with the peace grid that the Golden Healers are creating around the world. As John Lennon said: ‘Give peace a chance’. I do wish we’d thought to record Charlie-Skye singing when Imagine floated out of the radio on her second birthday (see crystal judy hall Facebook). She was blown away by it. I’d never heard her sing along like that before – and she’d never heard the song before either. Well, in this life. Such a wonderful heartfelt moment – my beautiful great-granddaughter is a pink star child after all.

These pink stars really are our hope for the future. That’s not a cliché, it’s the truth. And they are in telepathic communication with each other. When I was at the Tree of Life with Joginder and Maketa they brought along baby Jai (one of my lovely Menalite babies). In the middle of a clearing meditation he began to blow raspberries at me, with such a cheeky look on his face. I mentally asked him if he’d been talking to Charlie-Skye and he giggled uproariously – at five months old. When I saw Charlie a couple of days later I asked her if she’d been talking to Jai and she immediately blew a huge raspberry. ‘Nuff said!

Anyway, back to this morning. I immediately sent off a pic of the soul star and causal vortex chakra of the crystal dragon mountain to Jeni and asked her to post it with the words I’d been given imprinted on it.

‘Be luminescent, a light bearer. Send light.’

Dispersing the shadows

Dispersing the shadows: Horace and the light-bearers at work.

The first try told me her address wasn’t recognised. The second went through but she emailed back to say she had a son with virulent norovirus and a bitch who’d just been spayed (healing to both of them!). So it was over to the lovely Julie who usually keeps my Facebook pages, fingers crossed she doesn’t have any emergencies and it will be up there soon. While I was writing this however I got an email from Jeni ‘Done it!’ The urgency had been recognised.

But it did send me into a moment of wondering ‘Have I got it right? Is this what is needed?’ A resounding yes came back and the crystals laughed and said, ‘Why do you think you have you so frantically been cleaning the Chevron Quartz you brought back from the mountain every chance you’ve had?’ Hmm, yes I had become a bit obsessive about liberating them from the mud that always accompanies us home. How many can I clean before my toast pops up had had an urgency I’ve not experienced before behind it. I’d done over a hundred in brief moments throughout the day. Now I know why – and why I was so focused on them on my last trip to the mountain that I brought back hardly any of the golden healer I’d set out to collect. Crystals and the beings within them do have a way of making their wishes known!

Global consciousness

The Lumi - Light EmergingWithout sounding paranoid, I’ve been aware for a long time that there are two forces operating in our universe. One towards evolution. The other towards entropy – lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder. All too often it feels as though ‘something out there’ would prefer the human race to descend into chaos. Or is it something within the human race? I’ll leave that philosophical question for another time but it’s always as well to remember that we have everything inside ourselves. Including an urge to fall into stasis and apathy – and an opposing one to get out there and do something about it. The crystals, needless to say, are urging us towards the latter. It’s entirely up to you which you choose, but I do hope you’ll support the light initiative. If enough people do, we’ll tip from entropy into dynamic action and the emergence of something new. There is an on-going evolution process after all, and this destructive stage is part of the cycle. (After I’d written this I came upon a blog that really made me think about entropy in a wider way, I’ve copied it below.) Global consciousness, that’s what we need.

The Lumi star beings

The Lumi starI’ve been fascinated by how the beings within the Celtic Quartz have gradually made themselves known since I picked up the first one back in the summer. As I say in my blog about the latest trip, there are the white Chevrons and also something other. That other is so luminously clear, so iridescent. Literally beaming out light. The closest I can get to describing them is ‘star beings’, rather in the sense that the Azez who inhabit Azeztulite are ‘star beings’. Indeed, from what came to me in my half awake state this morning I am going to call them the ‘Lumi’. Way beyond alien, E.T. or anything that might want to control us, they are the original ‘helpers of humankind’. The beings that stimulated evolution way back when. Although, they had to a great extent withdrawn and left humankind to its own devices to see what would happen. Now they are back, having decided its time for an intervention.

So do join us. Add your light to the crystal light. Packs of Celtic Chevrons for gridding will be available on www.angeladditions as soon as possible. And you’ll get a freebie with every crystal order placed no matter what stone you order. I’ve found that a five pointed star, the pentangle works well with a Celtic Golden Healer in the middle. Despite what ignorant people might tell you, this is a symbol of light and goodness that draws light down and focuses it into Earth. Used wisely, it literally en-lightens.

Be The Change

Serendipitous synchronicity

I’d just sent this blog off to the lovely Mark to post when I had an email from Terrie Birch, who’d accompanied me on the latest trip up the mountain. It was regarding the Facebook post but I thought it was so relevant that I asked her permission to add it to this blog. My thanks to her and Luciana for agreeing.

Your post is spot on and echoes those that are going round. There seems to be a determination to not let it turn us into haters, not to fuel the fear, anger and segregation.

And I was just about to write something to my friend who is going to help the refugees. She’s sent a thank you out to all her friends. Yesterday I said I felt I should be saying thank you to her, for having the courage to do what a lot of us think about but don’t actually do. There is a lot of empathy, a lot of compassion and upset at the atrocities man is reaping on his fellow man but how many of us have taken action and done something. Think back to the picture of the little boy lying in the water. It horrified everyone at the time, touched a chord, but has it made a long term difference? Have we been stirred enough to do something from the comfort of our peaceful, cosy suburban lives? I don’t truly believe many of us have. I know I’m not ready yet, not for something as big as the volunteering she’s doing on the front line.

Anyway, the reason all that was in my head is because her name is Luciana-which means bringer of light!! And I was sat here thinking what to write back to her message. She is so shining her light now, pioneering, being a fabulous female warrior. She’s leaving her son behind but she has done him the most enormous favour to show him you can be who you want to be, and to go out there and do it, and see the world.

So. Luminescent was tying in exactly with my thoughts.

Terrie has suggested that we organise a webinar to use the crystal grid. More news on that when I’ve sorted the logistics. The internet here in deepest Dorset doesn’t exactly support Skyping. I’ll see what I can do!Terries centre piece

A determined Aries! Terrie taking her own piece of the mountain home. She’d been looking for her centre-piece. She certainly found it! She mentions her trip in her newsletter, sign up here:

There’s a blog on the way so keep an eye on her website for that too.

Beauty of Entropy

September 15, 2013

Entropy Monster

In general it seems that the more one tries to control entropy, the more it will increase. This might be especially true for closed systems. It is known that the entropy of a closed system always increases. If you relate this to the tendency in society to transform more and more closed systems to more and more open systems, you could suspect entropy to increase because of that. If you investigate further, you can see this kind of transformations happening on all kind of levels: demographic, ecological, economical, political, societal, technological.

Could it be that because of this increase in entropy, there is also increase in societal value? Just like Metcalfe’s Law states that the value of a network increases exponentially with the number of connected nodes.

Could this give society more chances for new forms of beautiful, self-organizing, self-regulating, self-improving systems? If this is true, than we should not try to fight entropy and try to contain the ‘disorder’. Maybe we should do just the opposite: try to make as much connections as possible on all the levels mentioned before (demographic, ecological, economical, political, societal, technological). And then let go of the idea we need to control it all (opposite of entropy is ‘order’).

So we should maybe seek for the trust and freedom of ever growing, interdependent networks on all possible levels. Maybe the most important network we should grow is global consciousness, which helps us globally better understand how to transform our beautiful world into a new Golden Age. Good luck with your own understanding of (the beauty of) Entropy.

Beauty of Entropy taken from Inspiration for collective progress

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