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Lessons from Atlantis

28th February, 2018 Miscellaneous
Madagascan Etched Quartz

The Time Portal: Madagascan Etched Quartz c. Judy Hall

Etched crystals have always fascinated me. Some carry star maps, others ancient languages, or they portray the journey of the soul (Trigonics). But the ‘etched’ Madagascan Quartz that was gifted to me by Mark at Elestials in Glastonbury is rather different. More bumpy craters than etchings, and with a fabulous ‘key’ at one end. Very bright and clear. I’d had the crystal by my bed for several months before I found the time to meditate with it. It proved to be a portal to a lost world.

The key

The key.

The Madagascan Quartz reminded me of a deeply eroded landscape seen from space but was, I discovered called a ‘corroded Quartz’. Its geological creation seemed to fit rather well with what it revealed and it had more than a passing similarity to the journey of the soul.


‘Corroded Quartz’

Changes in the geological environment (rising temperatures, aggressive solutions, increasing pressure) can lead to the complete or partial dissolution of a crystal. Depending upon its inner structure and on how much is dissolved, the pattern that is etched into the crystal varies. Not all parts of a crystal are equally susceptible to etching – the thermodynamically more stable faces can withstand the attacking solutions better. Smaller crystals get dissolved more easily and at an earlier stage than large ones.

The backbone

The ‘backbone’.

When such a crystal has been corroded very deeply, it starts to grow again, forming a macromosaic structure.

The result is a crystal with an irregular overall shape, covered by many parallel crystal faces whose orientation reflects the crystallographic orientation of the original crystal. []

Not surprisingly, perhaps, such a crystal holds an enormous amount of information, acting like a holographic Akashic Record. In this case, it would seem from my experience, for a whole civilisation: Atlantis. Atlantis is often seen as an allegory, a warning to the ancient Athenians and perhaps prophetic for our present day civilisation. But its mythological roots go much deeper. Myth being a spiritual truth embodied in folk memory. You can read the rational, scientific ‘explanation’ for the myth of Atlantis on Dr Iain Stewart’s

Personally, I much prefer the mythological version especially as my mentor, Christine Hartley, had strong memories of being sent out from Atlantis during the fall – and confirmed to me that I had been sent out too. In my case, to Egypt. Christine held the belief that the Western Mystery tradition with its magical technology of subtle spiritual forces stemmed from Atlantis, a tradition that passed to Egypt. As Christine said:

The periods of Egyptian incarnations were chiefly periods of study, of development of our higher selves. ‘To go down into Egypt’ was in the old days a synonym for a retreat into the store of ancient wisdom.’

But Christine also said:

Most of us who are interested in these beliefs will probably agree that the first great civilization of which we have much cognizance is that of Atlantis. Before Atlantis came the great continent of Lemurian in the Eastern seas, of which the volcanic islands are believed to be the last signs, but it is generally assumed that this continent was the home of underdeveloped man – successors to the yet more ancient and scarcely conscious. [A Case for Reincarnation, Christine Hartley]

Were Christine alive today this latter statement is something that I would hotly debate with her. I believe the Lemurians actually were a higher consciousness race, having not, as yet, come so deeply into the material world (see my Atlantean Lovestars piece). Awareness that comes from having explored Lemuria in great depth with the aid of the Lemurian Seed crystals. Knowledge of Lemuria is an example of the currently rapidly unfolding access to the wisdom that was available in the far past. Christine was writing in 1972 and things have moved on since then. But it does not negate, in my opinion, the remainder of what she has to say about Atlantis and the crystal technology and spiritual wisdom that was seeded from there into our ancient world. Although, we do not have the mental concepts and constructs that, as yet, fully allow us to fully understand and describe all that went on there as far as energy – including crystal – utilisation was concerned. It is possible, during regression and journeying, to feel and see much that cannot be put into words on return.

Edgar Cayce

Cayce gave over 600 readings mentioning Atlantis. He was strongly focused on the crystal aspect – which caught my attention many years ago. But here’s a modern interpretation which takes into account the rapidly emerging quantum world of which Cayce and Christine were unaware.

Edgar Cayce on Atlantis Technology

He claimed that the Atlanteans were well-versed in technology that harnessed the power of the quantum world. This included the use of crystals and sound waves for healing. Elevators and connecting tunnels operated with compressed air and steam. And they used quartz crystal science to mine gold, copper and silver from the earth. Atlanteans were adept at the use of silicon chips at levels unrivaled in the modern world. The Crystal Skull, for example, was cut with such infinite precision that “no known modern tool could have replicated the job.” They were familiar with the amplification power of crystals in laser technology and memory chips. Also, they made extensive use of mass mental telepathy, psycho-kinesis and astral projection into fourth dimensional consciousness.[

The modern day search for Atlantis according to the readings of the American seer Edgar Cayce is chronicled here:


For those of you who are not familiar with the legend of Atlantis, here’s an account that summarises what Plato, one of the earliest recorders of the fall of Atlantis, had to say thousands of years after the event:

The Tale

According to the Egyptians, or rather what Plato described Critias reporting what his grandfather was told by Solon who heard it from the Egyptians, once upon a time, there was a mighty power based on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. This empire was called Atlantis and it ruled over several other islands and parts of the continents of Africa and Europe.

Atlantis was arranged in concentric rings of alternating water and land. The soil was rich, said Critias, the engineers technically accomplished, the architecture extravagant with baths, harbor installations, and barracks. The central plain outside the city had canals and a magnificent irrigation system. Atlantis had kings and a civil administration, as well as an organized military. Their rituals matched Athens for bull-baiting, sacrifice, and prayer.

But then it waged an unprovoked imperialistic war on the remainder of Asia and Europe. When Atlantis attacked, Athens showed its excellence as the leader of the Greeks, the much smaller city-state the only power to stand against Atlantis. Alone, Athens triumphed over the invading Atlantean forces, defeating the enemy, preventing the free from being enslaved, and freeing those who had been enslaved.

After the battle, there were violent earthquakes and floods, and Atlantis sank into the sea, and all the Athenian warriors were swallowed up by the earth.’

Plato’s Atlantis From the Socratic Dialogues of Timaeus and Critias, N.S.Gill []

You can read the full, more lyrical text of Timaeus on Other accounts differ, especially of the earlier stages of Atlantis.

The Journey

It was against this background of a long-held interest in Atlantis that I began my journey with the Madagascan Elestial Quartz. It followed on from my discovering that Candle Quartz and Celestial Quartz had been renamed ‘Atlantean Lovestars’. Such a beautiful connection (you can read about it in the member’s community pages). But the Elestial Quartz took me one stage further in the journey.

picture of Atlantis

I’ve always loved the watery picture of Atlantis because, on my very first journey there many years ago, I was in an underwater world – and could breathe perfectly well. So well in fact that recently, when Susannah Rafaelle was looking at my ‘ancestral chest’, she suggested that part of the family chest problems stemmed from the fact that residual gills were still trying to do the breathing. It sounded feasible to me. I’ve done many journeys to Atlantis since my first one. To the civilisation at all stages of its development until it sank again beneath the waves and finally became uninhabitable. But I wasn’t really expecting to go there when I began to work with the Etched Quartz, even though numerous people – and several crystals – have suggested a link between Madagascar and Atlantis.

Placing my finger into the key on the end of the Madagascan Quartz, I lay down and began my journey. What followed was a high speed trip through a civilisation, which began with a diaspora from Lemuria as that continent broke up and sank beneath the waves. (It was on the Pacific ‘ring of fire’). Precious record-keeper crystals were conveyed to the boats and ‘beings lightly clothed in skin’ began the perilous journey around a world that looked very different to the one we know today. It was a moment when the continents were being reshaped. These Lemurians were not as deeply immersed in the material world as we are today. They were much closer to the spiritual ‘soul essence’ from which we all emerged. The Atlanteans were an evolutionary step that went deeper into physical materialisation and, in so doing, gradually lost the etheric spiritual connection that had nurtured Lemuria.

In complete accord with my initial visit to Atlantis, it was an underwater world. For those of you who remember the 1970s tv series ‘The Man from Atlantis’, you may well have shared my confusion at why a peculiar swimming mode had to be adopted to get around. I always saw myself walking quite normally – and breathing underwater.

This was a rapid trip I was on, almost like time-lapse photography – and the underwater world soon rose up and its inhabitants began to adapt to an air-breathing civilisation. Initially one that followed the spiritual precepts of Lemuria and used its crystal technology wisely. Crystal healing, communication and energy-generation were a foundation for the growth of the civilisation. But power-struggles and greed began to take over. ‘Science’ experimented with human beings and animals. Pictures that I had seen when undertaking past life readings for clients flashed past. Heads, without bodies, running machines. Crystals flashing messages around the globe and controlling the weather. Other experiments too horrible to contemplate.

Eventually Gaia shook off what was described as ‘an abomination of unnatural sciences’. The earth literally shook herself free. And Atlantis descended beneath the waves once more. Those who carried its carefully preserved knowledge were sent out to the four corners of the earth.

Those who did not heed the warnings are amongst those who have incarnated again now to learn, or unlearn, the lessons from that time. We cannot destroy our planet. Gaia won’t let us. Our planet could, however, throw us off like fleas off a dog. The Madagascan Etched Quartz carries a profound ecological message. We cannot let ‘science’, or greedy humanity or ignorant politicians, repeat the mistakes of the past. We cannot interfere with nature without dire consequences. It’s something that has been said before and will no doubt be reiterated again many times. This is the message that the crystal would like to leave with you. It’s our responsibility. Why we are here. The choice is ours.

Madagascan Etched Quartz will be with us at The College of Psychic Studies in early March. If any remain, they will be available on Watch this space.


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