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Inclusivity. Exclusivity. Where do we belong?

1st November, 2017 Miscellaneous

All are welcome. Love is inclusive not exclusiveI received a questionnaire that made me ponder, once again, where do I belong? The writers’ organisation of which I’ve been a member for a quarter of a century holds lunch meetings four times a year. But attendances have been dwindling while the number of writers expands exponentially. Why? Well, a name change had meant that the lunches were perceived as exclusively for one county only, not the six previously circulated. The most recent venue is exclusive. The snooty dress code excludes anyone in jeans, trainers or who has their shirt untucked. I’ve had to explain that my ‘trainers’ were in fact specially soft diabetic shoes.

Grape Chalcedony

Grape Chalcedony: community in action.

‘Who will belong?’ was in the back of my mind when planning the new members’ community on my website. I had to make it a paid subscription site because I’d be writing the equivalent of a new magazine each month. That many words take a lot of midnight oil to produce – and there are associated web costs. It was a paradox. Exclusive content was needed to attract members. Yet I so wanted the site to be inclusive. To form a true crystal community with shared knowledge. Hence the members’ forum and question pages and our ‘everyone is welcome’ policy.

With superb synchronicity the new crystals coming to the market speak about inclusive communities of like-minded people supporting each other. And it’s not just within the crystal community. They’d like to see all of humanity working together to support each other irrespective of colour, creed or financial gain. Love, tolerance and respect for everyone. Appreciation and celebration of what difference can offer. Wouldn’t that be an amazing world?

To make a difference you must be differentJoin our crystal community now:



The Members Community is now open.

I would be delighted to welcome you to the new members' community section of my website and to have the opportunity of sharing my many passions with you.

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