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How does Earth healing work?

14th December, 2016 Miscellaneous

Five minute daily earth healing exercise

Open your palm chakras and hold a piece of Selenite. Imagine you are holding Mother Earth and that the Selenite is filling the whole Earth with white light. Once it is filled with light, see the Earth’s matrix grid lighting up and visualise a strong protective shield around the outer edges of the Earth’s biomagnetic field.  Judy Hall, Earth Blessings

Earth BlessingsI wrote this piece for Earth Blessings: Using crystals for personal energy clearing, earth healing and environmental change. Perhaps not surprisingly it was deemed too complex an explanation for that book. I wished at the time I had a short, coherent, scientific answer to the question but I didn’t, only a line of thought processes that I’d like to share with you now. I knew that intention and resonance played a part. I had insights gained from quantum physics, but I am not a physicist; and from brain neurology, but I am not a neuroscientist, nor am I am a geologist. But this doesn’t prevent us from exploring how energy and consciousness function in an holistic universe where everything is connected to everything else, in other words in a unified field.

Riding the crest of a wave

Riding the crest of a wave

Consciousness is a huge oceanic wave that washes through everything, and it has ripples and vibrations in it. When there are acts of consciousness, the wave turns into bubbles at that moment…

Dr Fred Alan Wolf

The holy grail of physics has been to find a unified field theory that can explain the action of gravitational forces, electromagnetism and the strong and weak intra-nuclear forces that bind atoms together. The Quantum Field Theory put forward by Burckhardt Heim postulates a universe on four levels and six dimensions rather than the previously scientifically accepted four – that there are even more dimensions is something crystal healers experience on a daily basis, however. Heim’s theory puts forward the idea that the control mechanisms of living organisms – and I would count crystals as animate – exist at the level of the fifth dimension and are, therefore, outside four-dimensional space and time. Religion and metaphysics have long postulated the existence of a spiritually unifying force: Mind, God, Great Spirit, Brahman, All That Is and so on. As the Mundaka Upanishad put it over three thousand years ago:

 ‘Everything that sways, breathes, opens, closes, lives in Spirit; beyond learning, beyond everything, better than anything; living, unliving.’

Science supports this unifying force with discoveries from quantum physics. Werner Heisenberg declared that: ‘the idea that living things are chemistry and physics with no living force contradicts quantum theory.’ And the physicist David Bohm theorises that we are actually unified by space, arguing that a dynamic, flowing wholeness underlying the parts is a greater reality than the apparently separate parts, ‘each relatively autonomous and stable structure… is to be understood not as something independently and permanently existent but rather as a product that has been formed in the whole flowing movement and that will ultimately dissolve back into this movement.’ An insight that was shared by the writer of the three thousand year old Mundaka Upanished:

 ‘the sparks, though of one nature with the fire, leap from it, uncounted beings leap from the Everlasting, but these merge into It again. The Everlasting is shapeless, birthless, breathless, mindless, above everything, outside everything, inside everything.’

A description that sounds exactly like the universe from the perspective of a crystal healer or a modern mystic such as the systems theorist Ervin Laszlo who said, ‘the primary “stuff” of the universe is energy and not matter, and space is neither empty nor passive – it’s filled with virtual energies and information.’

Quantum physics suggests that quantum particles can inhabit any or none of the various levels and dimensions simultaneously, thus transferring information patterns over great distances and time. This would seem to be a good basis for crystal earth healing, as is the next concept: the holographic universe.

The holographic universe

holographic universe

A hologram is a system in which a part contains the information of the whole and cutting edge scientists use this concept to provide an overall ‘umbrella’ for the various phenomena encountered in quantum physics and in metaphysics. This idea was independently arrived at by Bohm, a quantum physicist from London University, and Pribram, a neurophysiologist from Stanford University. Pribram turned to a hologram to resolve the problems he encountered in trying to explain the workings of the brain and such things as memory and perception. Both men, however, quickly realised that the holographic model not only solved their particular puzzles, but could also account for previously inexplicable phenomena such as synchronicity, psychic abilities, intuition and mystical experiences. To this I would add healing.

In Bohm’s view, the universe itself is a hologram. The chameleon-like ability of subatomic phenomena such as electrons to be either particles or waves and the mysterious interconnections that occurred between seemingly unrelated subatomic events were paradoxes that needed a new view of the world. Bohm conceived the then revolutionary notion that the parts were actually organised by the quantum whole and had the property of non-locality – that is, they did not exist in time and space. That information contained within a hologram is non-local explains why a crystal in one part of the world can resonate or entrain with another or with an energy field anywhere.

In a hologram, one tiny fragment contains the whole hidden or folded within until it is projected out to the world. This led Bohm to envision a flowing movement between a deep, indivisible, level of reality that underlies apparent reality and everyday reality itself. He preferred the term ‘holomovement’ to hologram as this was less static. We could look on the crystal world as a holomovement, each individual crystal carrying a dynamic imprint of the whole.

consciousnessAccording to Bohm, consciousness is a subtle form of matter that is present in both the deeper and the everyday reality. His idea that everything, animate or inanimate, in the universe is alive and is consciousness resonates with the ancient Vedantic notion of Brahma emanating throughout creation and similar ancient worldviews in which nothing was inanimate, everything being animated by and forming part of the divine. The holographic model of the universe with the idea of a continuously emitted, non-local emission and the absorption of information and interconnectedness of a unified field, and especially the notion that consciousness is an integral part of it, makes sense of healing and abilities such as moving out of time and space. In a hologram any part of the whole can be accessed by shining a laser through it at any point. In earth healing, what shines the light is intention.

Quantum factors


Aragonite, a major earth-healing stone in its many forms c. Michael Illas Earth Blessings

Quantum physics suggests energy is not continuous but rather exists as packs of energy – energy that behaves like separate particles and yet can act like a wave. In discussing consciousness and quantum physics back in 1987, theoretical quantum physicist Dr Fred Alan Wolf suggested that consciousness was a huge oceanic wave washing through everything. He pointed out that everything, human beings included, is composed of this ‘froth’ and that we would see ourselves under an electron microscope as, ‘a rather bizarre looking light show, of things popping on and off, vanishing and reappearing, matter created out of nothing before vanishing again. And in that vanishing and creation, an electromagnetic signal is piped from one point to another point.’ Exactly what happens within a crystal as it interacts with the earth and its energy field.

Points to consider

  • Only one thousandth millionth part of our body is matter. The rest is energy.
  • Quantum physics sees photons as controlling matter. In other words energy controls matter.
  • Fundamental particles such as electrons protons, neutrons, photons, neutrinos can influence each other at a considerable distance. A concept known as non-locality.
  • Everything is interconnected in such a way that the properties of the smallest pieces contain the properties of the whole.
  • ‘In some strange sense the quantum principle tells us that we are dealing with a participatory universe.’ (Professor John Wheeler)
  • One quantum particle can be in two places at once.
  • Quantum particles come into existence when observed.


Entrainment image from Stephen Halpern

Entrainment image from Stephen Halpern whose amazing sound healing music has facilitated many an amazing journey on my workshops:

Entrainment is a subtle energetic interaction. In physics it is defined as the synchronization of two or more rhythmic cycles but in earth healing it is a sympathetic resonance between two energy fields. In conventional entrainment a smaller energetic field takes on the characteristics of a larger field but this can work both ways, the larger field takes on the characteristics of the smaller, ore perfect resonance, especially when directed by intention. Time and distance have no relevance here. Research has shown that the brainwaves of a healer and the recipient synchronise, or entrain. Quantum physics has demonstrated that simultaneous transfer of energy is possible. A particle can be in one place and in another at the same time and thought can have an instantaneous effect over vast distances. A crystal’s pulsing energy field has perfect equilibrium and its sympathetic resonance stabilises a larger field through energetic synchronisation. This property is used to send healing to a specific site or to the Earth’s matrix grid through the placement of crystals to restore balance on maps and diagrams, which energetically transfer to the larger energy field. Such entrainment can be heightened by rhythmic drum beats, light flickering from candles, or by intention – the power of thought.

Scalar waves

Everything is energy and that everything vibrates at different frequencies. Bio-scalar energy is a unique form of energy that can be harnessed and directed into solid objects or bodies placed in its field. (Kalon Prensky)

And finally there are scalar waves. Scalar waves are found throughout the universe and within our physical bodies. Bioscalar wave energy exists at the microscopic level in the nucleus of an atom or a cell and creates a bioenergetic source more powerful than DNA, cellular matrixes and other physiological processes. Bioscalar waves have been shown to energize the extracellular matrix of the body and protect against electromagnetic emanations that would otherwise detrimentally affect cells and tissue. They activate the meridians and facilitate healing at the energetic interface between spirit and matter. It is probable that all healing crystals have this energy within their matrix, and that their crystalline structure actually produces bioscalar energy. If, as Lilli Botchis asserts, ‘when the human body enters a scalar wave field, the electromagnetic field of the individual becomes excited [and] this catalyzes the mind/body complex to return to a more optimal state that is representative of its original, natural, electrical matrix form,’ we can see how a crystal with its optimal energy pattern might operate on the human and planetary energy body.

In physics a scalar wave is a standing wave that has no GPS coordinates and is not dependant on time or space. In earth healing terms this means that the ‘active spinning vortices composed of quantities of energy that interact with all non-physical dimensions including consciousness’ can be anywhere and everywhere instantaneously and simultaneously. Like two piano strings with the same tone, energy can be exchanged and aligned through resonance and vibration. Many if not all crystals generate scalar waves. Given what we have already discovered about the Earth’s energy grid, a quick look at current definitions of a scalar wave shows us that they are intelligent, active beings and indicates how they might function in earth healing:

A scalar wave is non-linear, not electromagnetic, and exists in multiple dimensions beyond time or space. That means they do not decay with time or distance from their source. Scalar waves can interact with all matter including electro-magnetism but since they are non-linear and hyperspatial, they… must be detected and measured indirectly… A scalar transmitter can wirelessly send power to a receiver through any obstacle… [even] a Faraday Cage or a metal box, and a receiver can receive power far away. During the process of transmission and reception they can magnify power. (

It is hard to conceive of an infinite physical universe but it is not hard to envisage an infinite frequency spectrum… full of various frequency waves of all sorts. Scalar standing waves… carry an inherent intelligence regarding their destination address, termination and effects. The secret to the construction of our universe is that all particles were/are created as scalar, standing waves.  (

A Scalar Wave is not a single wave but a result of the interaction (interference) of multiple waves of very high frequency which seem to modulate and encode each other in a harmonious holistic complexity, similar to a hologram.  The resulting multi-dimensional standing wave pattern emanates out of a fixed source point (a healer) [or crystal] and can be received and decoded by a similar resonant quantum-connected receiver point (recipient)…  This causes vibrational ripples in the Morphogenetic Field of the Cosmic Unified Field. (

Scalar waves seem to me to fit into James Lovelock’s Gaia theory: the Earth is a single, self-regulating system with all the tools necessary to maintain equilibrium and support life. In other words, Earth is a conscious, living entity with amazing potential to self-heal. Helped, naturally, by the crystals that are its core.

scalar-wavesThis depiction of scalar waves is remarkably similar to how an intuitive eye perceives the energies radiating out from a crystal or the energy patterns surrounding the Earth.

Bringing it all together

If our body, our brain and our consciousness are inextricably linked with all other matter in the universe (the holographic and unified field – and unity consciousness – theories) we are connected by an invisible network (scalar waves) to each and every thing in that universe. Through the frequency of our thoughts and intention (entrainment) we can affect the whole, particularly when the frequency is focused and amplified through crystal resonance. Scalar waves and entrainment may well be the mechanism through which all energetic healing is effected.

And let’s not forget

Celtic Golden Healer natural heart formation

Celtic Golden Healer natural heart formation

Since writing this piece, I’ve been drawn to a crystal mountain and crystals from the mountain have, as they requested, travelled all around the world to assist with earth healing. It has created a potent grid. Each stone added enhances the effect multifold. If you haven’t acquired one yet see If the one for you isn’t on the website just ask. We have an abundance.

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