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Healing The Ancestral Tree

18th January, 2017 Miscellaneous

‘What is overwhelming and unnamable is passed on to those we are closest to. Our loved ones carry what we cannot. And we do the same… How do we carry secret stories from before our lifetimes? Transgenerational transmissions take on life in our in dreams, in acting out, in “life lessons” given in turns of phrase and taught us by our family.’ Molly S. Castelloe Ph.D. The Me in We, How Trauma Is Carried Across Generations. Holding the secret history of our ancestors. Posted May 28, 2012

family history

I am utterly blown away by this picture of the back of the brain that I found when writing Crystal Prescriptions: Crystals for karmic healing, soul reintegration and ancestral clearing. An A-Z guide. Volume 6. I’d been looking at ways to heal intergenerational trauma: the unspeakable and unnameable experiences of not only our parents but the generations way back into history. I’d been questioning the mechanism – studies having shown that changes to the DNA result from such trauma but also that the changes can be reversed. And using the Tree of Life image in healing work. Then I found this image:


Did you know that you had an ancestral tree in the oldest part of your brain? And that its roots go deep down into the base of your spine? Anchored into your ‘sacred bone’. What is often referred to as ‘the reptilian brain’ may be the wisest part of us. It’s the part that controls vital yet unconscious physiological functions. The hindbrain coordinates activities that are fundamental to survival, including the respiratory rhythm, motor activity, sleep, and wakefulness, and chemical production.

The hindbrain

The hindbrain

No wonder detrimental patterns so easily get passed down the family line. They are literally built-in. Fortunately crystals can assist us in rebooting these programs. I’ve blogged before about karmic clearing, and mentioned the ancestral line but, for the last year, it has been ancestral healing that has been uppermost in my mind. Especially with the arrival of Ancestralite, Cradle of Life (Humankind) and the Freedom Stone in addition to Celtic Healer Quartz. Excellent stones for transmuting the past and sending revitalised energy out to future generations. The new book, out later in 2017, will share techniques for dissolving intergenerational trauma in greater detail, but if you can’t wait, see below for a quick, first aid method.

intellectual ancestorsAncestral line

Not just physical DNA, it includes subtle energetic DNA and an energetic web encompassing past, present and future – and beyond. The ancestral line carries your family history. The beliefs, experiences, dramas, traumas, dominant emotions and assigned roles that stretch back into eternity. Lineage breakers incarnate to break the chain and start a new trend.


Sometimes the shade is overwhelming, blotting out the potential of the future generations until light is let in.

So, we need to heal – and send that healing forward into the future too.

Healing the family treeHealing the family tree

ancestors drawing

Source unknown but this is a beautiful image of the ancestors.

  • Holding your ancestral healer crystal, picture yourself leaning against a huge tree (or see yourself in your position on your family tree). The trunk is the present and the branches and leaves are future generations, the roots the ancestors.
  • Place the healing stone at the bottom of the deepest taproot, or the start of the family tree. Tell yourself that this is the place of healing for the family as you stand your crystal here.
  • Feel the crystal emanating forgiveness and loving compassion up through the roots, into the trunk and up into the branches reprogramming negative family patterns as it goes.
  • Roll that love out into branches and leaves that haven’t developed yet for the benefit of future generations. Seed gifts for future generations into the branches.
  • Bring that love and healing into your own heart.
  • Leave the stone in place at the roots to continue the healing.
  • You can extend this exercise by laying further crystals on the branches, trunk and roots of the tree as appropriate.
roots of the tree

Workshop layout: Celtic Healer Quartz, Ancestralite and Rose Quartz at work.

Honouring the ancestors

Honouring the ancestorsIn traditional societies, ancestors are an honoured part of the family. Ancient peoples kept bones under the floor, created home altars, or regularly visited tombs making offerings so that the spirits of the ancestors blessed them. In modern families people often unknowingly make an equivalent ‘family altar’ with displays of photographs or inherited objects (which may need to be cleansed, with Petaltone Z14 to release the soul-learning gifts into our lives). An altar can be used to honour and bless the ancestors and to bring their blessings into your everyday life. Spirit Quartz is an ancestor-orientated stone as is Ancestralite.







Cradle of Life (Humankind), Judy Hall

Cradle of Life (Humankind), Judy Hall

Ancestralite, c. Terrie Birch

Ancestralite, c. Terrie Birch

Spirit Quartz c. Jeni Campbell

Spirit Quartz c. Jeni Campbell


You will need:

Family photographs

Large photograph frame

Spirit and Rose Quartz or Ancestralite

Tea light or candle in holder

Most potent time: full moon

Ritual: Honouring the ancestors

  • Gather together a selection of family photographs that span the generations and create a collage radiating out with you or your immediate family in the centre. As you do so, thank each person for being part of your ancestral line and ask for their blessing.
  • Frame the collage and set it up in the ancestral portion of your home (the middle of the left-hand wall of the house).
  • Light the candle and place it in front of the collage.
  • Hold the Spirit Quartz or Ancestralite and dedicate it to honouring your ancestors. Touch each ancestor with the crystal and bless them. Place the crystal in front of the collage.
  • If you feel that more love is needed, place Rose Quartz next to the Spirit Quartz.
  • As you blow the candle out, send love, blessings and honour out through future generations.

When working on Crystal Prescriptions 6, I suddenly realised that houses have an ancestral line too:

Ancestral house clearing

All but the newest of houses have an ancestral history – and even then the land on which a new dwelling is built may well have an ancestral saga attached. All the owners and occupiers who have lived there throughout the years will have left their energetic mark: their joys and sorrows, hopes and expectations, fear and fantasies. Tie cutting may be needed to free up the energies. Houses can be ‘happy’ or ‘sad’ places. Especially when larger spaces have been carved up into smaller units or the building has undergone a change of use. Sometimes this energetic residue chimes with our own, which is why a house can reach out and grab you. Make you feel you’ve ‘come home.’ Or, a building may repel you because it mirrors your own or your ancestors’ less than beneficial past experience. The house may have much to teach you.

Houses can also hold onto the horrors of the past. In the UK, as with other places, many old asylums, prisons and former poor houses, religious or commercial buildings have been converted into flats. Occupants often report disturbances that can be traced back to the despair, beliefs or psychosis of former inmates. In some cases, the previous occupants are still there and need help to move on (see Crystal Prescriptions and Good Vibrations). In other cases the desperation has been imprinted into the walls and floors, seeping into the very foundations and land on which a building stands. An imprint that may not be dissolved if a building is torn down or decays. Traumatic events such as battles, family quarrels, or turning the occupants off the land may also have left their mark. The actions of thoughtless and unaware property developers may lead to problems further down the line in the present day. One former church, for instance, had had the occupants of the graves disinterred and the bones thrown into the crypt, which was then walled up. The restless souls soon made themselves known when a sensitive owner moved in.

Healing ancestral patterns in houses

patterns in houses

One of the quickest ways of healing the ancestral memory of a building is by using a crystal layout combined with essences such as Petaltone Z14 or Astral Clear (

  • Lay a large five pointed star grid using ancestral clearing crystals such as Ancestralite in the centre of the space with a Selenite sphere in the centre.
  • Place Rose Quartz between the ancestral stone and the Selenite at the crossing point of the lines.
  • Add Petaltone Z14 to each stone.
  • Visualize the crystals joining up in a multidimensional grid that sends clearing and healing light from top to bottom and side to side of the space and then down into the land beneath.
  • Ask that any lost souls be taken to the light.
  • Leave the crystals in place for as long as feels appropriate.

[All exercises extracted from Crystal Prescriptions volume 6: available soon. Crystal Prescriptions 5 covers further first aid measures if you cannot wait.]

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