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Grape Chalcedony (Grape Agate)

29th March, 2017 Miscellaneous

The Wonderland Stone

By Judy Hall

Grape Chalcedony

Grape Chalcedony c. Judy Hall

It seems that whenever challenges arise in the outside world, the crystal kingdom sends a new tool to assist the inner world cope. On the day of the terrorist attack on Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament, a large box arrived on my doorstep. It was the Grape Chalcedony (otherwise known as Grape Agate) I had ordered for my crystal group to assess. I’d been drawn to a picture of it on the wholesaler’s website – who said it was flying out the door – and a comment on the web had said that it induced deep peace. Just looking at it brought a feeling of a united community to me, so I was anxious to try it out. With the serendipitous synchronicity I now expect, I ‘happened’ to be travelling to London to give a lecture and a workshop on crystals for psychic protection.

The crystal was insistent that it should come along. It said it was excellent for the inner terrorist that lives within us all. That little fearful little voice that whispers in our ear to sabotage our hopes and dreams. Terrorists, the crystal pointed out, thrive on fear. It’s what they strive to create. But the crystal was firm in its intention to counteract this. It suggested I place one in a grid with The Lumi and leave it at home during the weekend. Its influence would travel with me. The remainder had to be hastily packed and went into a grid at the College with The Lumi.

I will report further in a members’ community blog when the crystal group have had the opportunity to work with it. I have to say, my journey to London that day was quicker and smoother than any I’ve known and the group drawn to participate in the evening lecture – appropriately enough on psychic protection – was the largest I’ve had in a very long time. We filmed the lecture (the first one of what will hopefully become a series) for the College of Psychic Studies website so Grape Chalcedony, Prairie Tanzanite (with which it cooperated extremely well), The Lumi and other stones will soon be having a starring role beaming their energy out around the world to a wider audience. The College draws people of all nations into a harmonious psychic community, which seems fitting.the lumi

As I unpacked the box of Grape Chalcedony at the College one of the staff was talking to me. I handed her one. She immediately at down and held it, becoming instantly still. Always on the go, she’s not someone who sits about for long as she always has something she must do, so this was significant. Twenty minutes later she got up which was such a change from her usual ‘busy, busy’ stance. The crystal totally relaxed her. ‘It cleanses perception’, she said when she reluctantly returned to her office. ‘It shows you what’s important and what can be put aside.’

The White Rabbit Stone

On the way home it led me to thinking about the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, running hither and zither muttering to himself. He is the first person Alice meets when she falls down the Rabbit Hole and lands in Wonderland, but he doesn’t have time to stop and speak. He is, however, the catalyst for her journey through Wonderland. Alice chases after him, and that is where her adventures begin.

white rabbit‘The White Rabbit is not your usual rabbit. First of all, he is wearing a vest and carrying a pocket watch. He also has somewhere very important to be, he says over and over.

Running past Alice, he says, “I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date! No time to say hello goodbye, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!”

In English, chasing a white rabbit means to chase the impossible, a fantasy, a dream…

Following the white rabbit means following an unlikely clue and finding yourself in the middle of an extraordinary situation. This situation often challenges your beliefs and changes your life.

The White Rabbit is so curious, so strange, that Alice cannot help but to follow him. []

Having loved Alice since I was a child, I decided I would call Grape Chalcedony ‘the Wonderland Stone.’ It helps us to know which dreams are worth pursing, when we should go all out for the impossible, which fantasies will be fruitful and take us into a true Wonderland – and which are illusions we can leave behind. But it’s also excellent for harmonizing brain chemistry and the White Rabbit is a great example of the anxious worrier who can nevertheless be extremely rude because he’s too busy being busy to take notice of his surroundings. Grape Chalcedony says ‘slow down and smell the roses’ – or spot the Cheshire Cat grinning at you from a tree.

smell rosesThe rest of the crystals flew out of the door during the lecture and the workshop next day. My suitcase was significantly lighter on the way home. And the wholesaler had run out when I tried to replenish my stocks. I predict this will be an impossibly popular stone. One well suited to visiting Wonderland.

I had already been exploring the crystal for last minute insertion into a book before I laid out the grid, here’s what I had come up with so far:

Grape Chalcedony

Grape Chalcedony c. Judy Hall

Composed of tiny spheres naturally bonded together, comforting Grape Chalcedony is perfect for creating a peaceful community. This tranquil stone has a gentleness within its somewhat spiky exterior that assists you in letting down your defences and opening your heart to peaceful cooperation. It draws together like-minded people who work for the good of the planet and who may need mutual support in challenging times. It reminds you that, even when you seem to be totally alone, there is always support available from the spiritual realms. A stone of inspiration that encourages trust, Grape Chalcedony facilitates finding your karmic strengths.

Brain and brain chemistry; ameliorates panic attacks, bi-polar or anxiety.

Healing: Harmonises brain chemistry, ameliorating panic attacks, bi-polar or anxiety.

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