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Finding crystal properties

28th May, 2018 Miscellaneous
Chinese Writing Stone

It’s easy to see why Chinese Writing Stone was so-named, but it took longer to verify that it did indeed assist with creative writing. Image c. Judy Hall

Crystals constantly delight and surprise me. A question I’m often asked is ‘how do you find the properties of new stones?’ My usual answer is that they find me. Crystals tend to arrive with serendipitous synchronicity. They match what I or those around me are experiencing – and heal it.

So, Eye of the Storm arrived in the midst of major turmoil and I was instantly calmed and centred. Gaspeite was handed to me at a moment when my liver energy centre was being hammered by someone’s anger because I had closed my spleen chakra off from their vampiric graspings (if you don’t know about the spleen chakra and energy vampires see below).  Gaspeite provided a shield and gave me respite – teaching me in the process that if you shield your spleen chakra it’s also wise to do the liver chakra at the same time. Handing the stone onto a friend who was having gallbladder problems brought immediate relief to her. I was unpacking a large purple Nirvana Quartz at the exact moment that, unbeknown to me, another healer was sending healing to someone in my family. Wow. I started shaking and tingling, so much so that all I could do was sit down and go with it. My response ended the moment she switched off. That’s how I found out that it could act as an intermediary for distance healing. Its effect on opening my multi-dimensional awareness followed swiftly.

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm c. Jeni Campbell

At other times my crystal groups meditate with a stone, asking it to communicate with us. We may take it through our chakras or over organs to see which responds, or notice sensations in our body or changes of mood that occur or emotions that rise up for release (the Crystal Experience teaches you how to do this for yourself.) It always awes me as to how a theme emerges even though each person may receive the information in a different way. That’s why I don’t like to limit a stone by asking it to do this or that without adding ‘or something better’. And, similarly, I don’t like to limit people by expecting them to only perceive the energies in a particular way. Let’s celebrate difference and diversity. Let’s talk to our crystals, hear their voice, feel their energies, sense what they have to offer us each in our own unique way. It can only contribute to the wider knowledge. That’s how I learn – and what I love to share.

The spleen protector

Green Aventurine c. Michael Illas/The Crystal Companion

Green Aventurine c. Michael Illas/The Crystal Companion

At other times the properties emerge spontaneously in times of need. For example, when I experienced a sharp tugging pain under my left armpit, I reached for Green Aventurine. Or rather it might be better described as a Green Aventurine that ‘happened’ to be lying around jumped up and down and waved at me saying ‘I can help.’ Fortunately I listened. It did indeed assist and it has been verified many times over in workshops where we have cleared out the spleen chakra hooks that can so sap our energy. As not everyone finds the same crystal helpful, we’ve explored other options too.

Jade Spleen Protector Photo copyright Jeni Campbell

Jade Spleen Protector Photo copyright Jeni Campbell

The spleen chakra located about a hand’s breadth under your left armpit is where energy vampires can hook in to suck out your energy. If you get a twinge or ache in this area it’s a sure sign someone is pulling on your energy. Protecting yourself is easy with this crystal meditation.

You will need: Green Fluorite, Green Aventurine, Jade or other spleen crystal.

  • Tape a spleen protection crystal over the spleen chakra – about a hand’s breadth under your left armpit. This immediately cuts off any hooks from energy pirates.
  • Picture a big, three dimensional pyramid going down from the spleen chakra just below your left armpit to your waist, back and front to protect your spleen (make sure it has a floor).
  • To re-empower yourself, replace the crystal with Quantum Quattro or one of the other power stones.
  • A similar crystal-and-pyramid set-up protects your liver from other people’s anger (red or green crystals), your solar plexus from those desperate for emotional nourishment (yellow crystals), your heart from picking up someone’s heartbreak (green or pink crystals) and so on.
  • Experiment with different crystals until you find exactly the right one for you and, if the energy depletion is severe, keep the crystal taped over your spleen.

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