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12th August, 2015 Miscellaneous
Celtic Golden Healer Quartz

Celtic Golden Healer Quartz c. Jeni Campbell

I don’t know about you but I’ve always had great difficulty in staying earthed. All my childhood memories are of floating above my body looking down. But when I started healing work I quickly learned that I had to ground myself or I’d float right off the planet. And when I began to connect to the expanded consciousness of other dimensions, it was essential to bring that energy back to the earth and share it with the planet. So, while I’m travelling back to the crystal mountain in search of more Celtic Golden Healer Quartz, I thought I’d share a secret with you that will make not only your crystal work much improved but your everyday life as well. Ground yourself!

Birds boogieing

And just as I typed that, a flock of goldfinches flew past my window to land on the gorgeous apricot St Jude rose flowering beneath it. I love goldfinches. The way they wheel and gleam even on a dull day like today. Little sparkles of sunlight. Like Celtic Golden Healer Quartz taking flight. They brighten up life. I needed it today because, due to a technical failure, I’m going to have to repeat a piece of work I’d put my heart and soul into. If you’ve attended my workshops you’ll know I never quite do the same thing in the same way twice. I like to go with the flow and follow the energy. I’d been reminding myself that there are no failures, only learning opportunities. But it’s felt onerous. Until that goldfinch flypast. My enthusiasm has returned. My head is whirling with how to make the course better than ever.

The European goldfinsh

The European goldfinsh

My favourite symbolism site said:

‘Finches are never satisfied to just go from point A to point B. They seem to boogie from place to place. Bouncing and bobbing through air currents is big fun for these birds. Observing them just gives you a feeling of freedom and happiness… When the finch sings to our awareness it is a beckoning to unleash our own song. If we’ve been concealing our brilliance from the world – the finch is a sign to start making our value more audible and available to others. The finch will sing lightly to your heart, and guide you on a bouncy path of creativity.’ ’

I’ve left in the emphasis in as it was so significant to me. It was reiterated by another website:

Goldfinch coming in to land. image:

Goldfinch coming in to land. image:

It’s time to unleash your own song and follow the path of your own creativity. Allow yourself to explore something absolutely new to you today.’


‘If Goldfinch has flown across your path;

It is a sure sign of exuberance, liveliness and enthusiasm in your current world. They are here to remind you to enjoy life and savor each moment for the joy that is in it. Perhaps it’s simply time to celebrate who you are, your accomplishments or just for the sheer fun of it. You are reminded that life is for living – and that each moment you waste on sending forth negative emotions such as fear, hatred and anger are moments that are forever lost. Find joy in the now.’

Isn’t that beautiful? So true too. I’ve got the message. But let’s get back to what I started with.

Grounding yourself

Image c. Jeni Powell

Grounding yourself

Keeping the Earth Star chakra (located about a foot below your feet) open and grounded into the centre of the planet assists in anchoring higher vibrations, information or healing you receive into the earth and physical planes. The simplest way to do this is with a visualisation, assisted by a crystal or two of course:

  • Picture the Earth Star chakra about a foot beneath your feet opening like the petals of a water lily. Place a Flint, Smoky Quartz or Smoky Quartz Elestial crystal at your feet to assist until this grounding becomes an automatic process.
  • Feel two roots growing from the soles of your feet down into the Earth Star where they meet.
  • The two roots twine together at the Earth Star and pass down through the Gaia Gateway below, going deep into the earth. They pass through the outer mantle, penetrating the solid crust with ease and moving deep into the molten magma.
  • When the entwined roots have passed through the magma, they reach the big iron crystal ball at the centre of the planet.
  • The roots hook themselves around this ball, holding you firmly in incarnation and helping you to be grounded in incarnation.
  • Energy and protection can flow up this root to keep you energized and safe.
  • You can extend this exercise by allowing the roots to pass up through your feet, up your legs through your knees (see below) and into your hips. At your hips the roots move across to meet in the base chakra and from there to the sacral and the dantien just below your navel. The energy that flows up from the centre of the earth can be stored in the dantien.

Note: Whenever you are in an area of seriously disturbed earth energy, protect your Earth Star chakra by visualizing a large Flint, Smoky Quartz or Smoky Elestial Quartz all around it. The root will still be able to pass down to the centre of the earth to bring powerful energy to support you, and the crystal will help to transmute and stabilize the negative energy. Even a virtual crystal can work when visualized with intent, but placing an actual crystal here intensifies the effect.

Anchoring the knee chakras

Balancing and opening the knee chakras helps you to ground and assimilate higher vibrational energies while maintaining your connection to the earth. Placing an appropriate crystal on each knee facilitates this.

  • Sitting rather than standing, repeat the grounding root crystal visualization above.
  • When the grounding root is in place, place an appropriate knee chakra crystal on each knee – you may need different crystals for each knee according to how the individual chakras are functioning (dowse for it). Suitable crystals are Flint, Charoite, Smoky Quartz, Eye of the Storm (Judy’s Jasper), Fluorite, Magnetite and Ancestralite.
  • Feel how the energy locks into the grounding root pathways and helps them to flow.
  • Leave the crystals in place for five to fifteen minutes. If appropriate, tape in place overnight.
  • Repeat as often as necessary until the energy flows easily in both directions or as directed by the power of your mind.

This picture will help you to ground:

Smoky Elestal Quartz. C. Michael Illas Earth Blessings

Smoky Elestal Quartz. C. Michael Illas Earth Blessings

The Gaia Gateway

Just in case you’re not familiar with the Gaia Gateway, it’s located beneath the Earth Star below your feet. This chakra links you to Mother Earth and to the soul of the planet. It anchors high frequency light into the physical body and the body of the Earth. Without this chakra high vibrational energy cannot be assimilated and grounded. It adjusts your electromagnetic frequency so that it remains in harmonic resonance with that of the planet and facilitates an uplift in your own personal resonance. It, together with the stellar gateway above your head, allows kundalini energy to travel up the spine, into the higher chakras over the head, and then to cascade down through the subtle energy bodies into the Gaia gateway. The energy then travels back up to the dantien below your navel where it can be stored until needed or move out in the cells and intercellular spaces of the physical and subtle bodies. This chakra connects you to the soul and spirit of the planet, Gaia, and to Mother Earth herself. When your Gaia gateway is open and functioning at optimum, you are aware of being a part of a sacred whole, part of the energy system of the Earth and, at the same time, All That Is. When balanced and open, this chakra helps you to protect yourself from entity attachment and lower energies. By holding you gently in incarnation and in contact with the planet, it mitigates the more extreme symptoms of ascension and kundalini rise. You can read all about in my forthcoming Crystal Prescriptions 4: The A-Z guide to chakra balancing crystals and kundalini activation stones.

Now you can look to the skies!

P.S. You’ll find beautiful Celtic Golden Healer Quartz for sale on

Celtic Golden Healer,

Celtic Golden Healer,


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