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Crystal tingles: My top ten crystals to stimulate Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

20th April, 2016 Miscellaneous
Astrophyllite tingles

Astrophyllite tingles on Seraphina, my ‘fiery winged’ skull.

As a spider web of tingles skitters over my skin. I can’t believe it. I’ve never felt this.  K.A. Tucker

Well, I can believe it and so it would seem can many other people who are now stimulating the feeling at will. It’s become quite an internet phenomenon. As a child, whenever the top of my head or the back of my neck suddenly tingled it gave me comfort. I felt like someone was watching over me. But it didn’t have a particular stimulus. It came and went seemingly at random. As an adult taking psychic development classes I began to associate these spontaneous tingles with guides, mentors, call them what you will, drawing near to me. It would often be accompanied by the drifting aroma of lavender, sage, or, less delightfully, sweaty trainers and old socks. The latter indicating a trapped soul that needed release.

Crystals too brought on these delicious shivers that rushed from my head down my spine, or went up my arms and headed to the ground and the top of my head to enliven me. As did, on occasion, acupuncture or massage. It was an opposite direction of flow to kundalini force, but just as powerful (see Crystal Prescriptions 4: crystals for chakras and kundalini.) This skittering ‘titillation of skin’ can be so therapeutic, lifting way beyond time and space as so beautifully described by Richelle E. Goodrich:

“Last night I danced. My body rose from its slump for the first time since the beginning of sorrows—my fingers beckoning to the stars at arm’s length, back arching as tingles bubbled up my spine, hips caught in a silent tempo while on tiptoe I twirled in endless euphoric circles. It didn’t matter that you loved me or that you didn’t. For I was wanted by the gods last night; their seraphs and muses descending on moonbeams into my midst, caressing my face and gliding their spirited arms about my waist, lifting my toes from the soil that I might feel what it is to fly without heaviness of heart. I danced with them under the glow of a loyal moon. For one brief, visceral dance I joyed as Heaven joys—in endless bliss. And the universe cherished me.”

Medicine Rhythms Ecstatic Dance

And the universe cherished me

So I wasn’t surprised to find that there’s a whole internet industry out there devoted to what I discovered is called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, ASMR for short. It’s been defined as:

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a neologism for a perceptual phenomenon characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, or cognitive stimuli.

and variously described as:

A tingle in your brain, a kind of pleasurable headache that can creep down your spine.

A pleasurable and calming tingling sensation in the back of the head.

A braingasm

The ONLY thing I know that’s shudderingly THE most bliss-inducing to the point of putting my whole body into spasms of knee-knocking delight.

(The link to that last one is towards the end of the blog if you can’t wait.)

But we’ll be coming onto crystals that have the same effect in just a moment!

Lighting up your mind

Lighting up your mind

I was surprised by some of the triggers. I’m one of those people who’s always shuddered at chalk or nails on a blackboard. I react badly to loud background noise, and am driven to distraction by someone repetitively tapping their fingers or jiggling their foot – although quiet drumming is an altogether different matter. From my conversations with other psychics I think that’s due to our hypersensitive senses having been tweaked to respond to different frequencies and resonances. So, would this make you shiver, or turn you into a shuddering wreck hands clapped firmly over your ears?

Scritching on crystals

Scritching on crystals with your nails is just one suggested ASMR trigger. So different to crystals gently swishing in a tumbler polishing off their rough edges – one of my triggers. And I need my nails plain and unvarnished to help me sense the energy, so false nails are definitely a no no for me. (But not, I realise, necessarily for other people.) There’s a list of triggers culled from various websites below. You’ll see there are several triggers that overlap but do your own research. (There are plenty of Youtube offerings out there.) Or, like me, you can just pick up a crystal and put it on the back of your neck. Or simply hold it on your palm chakra. Even thinking about it is enough to set off crystal tingles for me. So let’s explore some of the best.

My top 10 crystals for inducing ASMR tingles

Blue Moonstone

Blue Moonstone

Blue Moonstone c.

The first time I saw a Blue Moonstone pendant I instinctively put it in the hollow at the back of my neck where the spine joins the skull. It was like being given a chiropractic treatment all through my spine. Sparks flew. Tingles ran in all directions, my head fizzed, and the bones seemed to instantly realign themselves. The headache and tension in my neck I’d endured for several days while editing on my computer screen disappeared in a flash. This high vibrational stone is an activation stone par excellence, opening the Alta Major chakra and having a powerful effect on unawakened potential. It creates a gateway to exceedingly high levels of consciousness and multi-dimensions.

Buy one here:

Nirvana Quartz

Purple Nirvana Quartz

Purple Nirvana Quartz, image c. OldGrowthForests on

This stuff is utterly amazing. The first time I held one was somewhat embarrassing because I was standing out in the road outside my house rummaging in the Dolphin Mineral’s van. When Julie handed me a very dirty purplish, dirt covered rock I wasn’t prepared for my response. Fortunately she understands these things so as I tried in vain to be coherent, she said: ‘It’s Nirvana Quartz, a new find from the Himalayas. You can feel why it’s been named that way can’t you?’

When I took my new treasures indoors and gave this particular crystal a wash, a wonderful colour was revealed beneath the purple dirt. I had a distant healing scheduled jointly with a friend so I took it up to my study and sat myself down. I started vibrating from head to foot, so much so that I could hear a low singing note in the room. For the next half an hour I simply shook, tingled and directed the energy to the recipient – who later reported a complete life turnaround.

My response has never been quite that strong again, but even thinking of the crystal sends shivers up and down my spine. It only comes out for especially challenging healings and is camera shy so enjoy the photo from Old Growth Forests, they have a great selection on

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice, c. Jeni Campbell

‘What do you make of this?’ asked an old crystal supplier friend. ‘Looks like Crackle Quartz,’ I replied as he placed it in my hand. ‘Whoah! What is that?’ It definitely wasn’t an ordinary Crackle Quartz! The tingles that went up my arm were phenomenal, like putting my hand into a lightning bolt. It was Quartz that had been thermally shocked, as is all Crackle Quartz, but the underlying vibration of the Quartz used was so high it was like nothing else that process produces. Since then I’ve used Fire and Ice on many shamanic journeys to refertilise the heart of Mother Earth. It is still amazing. Buy one now via the search button at, click here: or email Jeni direct: [email protected] as I’ve got several not on the website.


Tangerine Dream Lemurians

Tangerine Lemurian

Tangerine Lemurian c.

A cautionary tale! On the day I received a large number of the first find of these incredibly energetic beings I hurriedly unpacked them and spread them out in a grid – having given them a quick cleanse first of course. I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to get in the middle. I wanted to know what the properties were. Well someone has to find out. But perhaps not this way.

It was like being in the middle of a firestorm but each piece of fire was a vibrant but cool energy – fortunately. They still made me jump about though. Each crystal point was sending its own beam of light into my head which then flashed down the rest of my body. I journeyed through the galaxy and through my own body, and crawled out of the grid about four hours later but the effects went on for days. When I regained a degree coherence, this is what I said in the second volume of The Crystal Bible. Tangerine Dream Lemurian ‘is a useful multi-dimensional healing tool rectifying karmic and soul imbalances and amending the etheric blueprint to accommodate the higher vibrational needs of the lightbody. This Lemurian has an accelerated energy pattern that can bring about profound change and activate soul-based creativity, literally dreaming a new world into being or manifesting your highest soul purpose.’ I rather think I understated the effect so as not to frighten the publisher!

I named the crystals ‘Tangerine Dream’ as their music had the same effect on me that this grid did. (I prefer Firestarter from Legend, and Hyperborea, but you could try as it sounds like just the kind of ASMR trigger that’s now out there on Youtube).

Buy a Tangerine Dream Lemurian from – email Jeni as I have a few that are not on the website. You’ll find one is enough!


Strawberry Lemurians

Strawberry Lemurian

Strawberry Lemurian c. Jeni Campbell

These are incredibly energetic, powerful heart healers and energisers. There’s a note of their properties under ‘new crystals’ on but I can do no better than refer you to this personal account by Zsuszanna Griga

‘I sat down with the crystal, tightly clasping it, and closed my eyes. All of a sudden, power surged through me and I became filled with it. Every cell of my body began to sing, and the energy poured out into my aura. I felt strong and reassured. I hang on to the Strawberry Lemurian during my entire speech. I was bright, funny, my voice carried authority, and I miraculously remembered everything I wanted to say. The auditorium, which was actually half empty when I started, filled up completely by the time I was halfway through my presentation. I cannot tell how grateful I felt.’

Read more on:

Jeni will have them for sale on soon if they aren’t there already as I’ve had a new stock in.

Or try the new Dreamsicle Lemurians

My big Dreamsicle baby

My big Dreamsicle baby. Not for sale!

 These are utterly amazing. So cool. So energetic John has them for sale but be quick, they’ll sell out rapidly. I think it was John who named them, maybe he’ll tell us why although I think I can guess:

Dreamsickle Lemurian

Dreamsickle Lemurian, c.

Preseli Bluestone

Preseli Bluestone

Preseli Bluestone, c. Jeni Campbell

‘What do you make of this?’ asked Simon Lilly handing me a stone that I instinctively put on my soma chakra (mid hairline above the third eye). As you’ll have noted people often ask me this, usually in places where I’m surrounded by masses of crystal energy which rather jangles the vibes. But this time, as we were in the pub, I had to hastily remove the Preseli Bluestone as I shot out of my body and started journeying. Even after removing it, the insistent tingles continued for quite sometime.

Preseli Bluestone is a unique British stone that spiritually links to Merlin energy and the shaman in us all. It is the ancient stone of memory and dreaming which forms the inner ring at Stonehenge, for a very good reason. Plugged into chalk, it creates a battery. This stone opens a cosmic anchor and attaches to the earth’s core. Size does matter with Bluestone! A small piece is exceedingly intense and larger pieces may need to be moved out of a bedroom at night to avoid over-stimulation.

Recently I went deaf in one ear and the side of my face was numb. ‘Try Preseli Bluestone,’ suggested Terrie Birch who was part of the original investigations into this extraordinary stone. ‘It helps with ears.’ It was late at night and I was tired so rather than going downstairs to find a tumbled piece, I put Morwenna, my Bluestone Dragon pendant, over my ear. It didn’t have any effect – until I stuck her snout into my ear. You can see what the result felt like here:

Bluestone Dragon pendant

Buy Preseli Bluestone from!/Preseli-Bluestone/c/14031080/offset=0&sort=normal



NuummiteNuummite is known as the Sorcerer or Magician’s stone. Hardly surprising given its long history of shamanic use. I can’t remember when I first used one it was so long ago. But I do remember working on someone who was in desperate need of losing a hitchhiker she’d picked up. I held Nuummite and Novaculite at the front and back of her head and we both started tingling and trembling gently, like an electrical current was passing through us. Suddenly the hitchhiker was gone, sent to the light by the stones. And we were able to ground the incredible energetic charge right down to our feet.

One of the oldest minerals on earth, Nuummite is an exceptional tool for those whose energies have been attuned sufficiently to work with its intensity and to ground it afterwards. It can take you deep into the heart of Mother Earth. It is particularly effective when shaped into a wand to pull out negative energy, imprints and implants. Nuummite is strongly protective against ill-wishing and psychic manipulation (see Crystal Bible volume 2 . )

Buy one: John has some small tumbles on his site at the moment but as it will be awhile before you get to read this he may have posted more



Triplite, c. Jeni Campbell

Triplite grid, c. Jeni Campbell,

Triplite grid, c. Jeni Campbell,

I know I keep banging on about this stuff but it really is incredible. The stones from Skadu in Pakistan have a very special energy that I haven’t found in Triplite from elsewhere. Even the tiniest piece is enough to set off the tingles and stimulate your creativity. It raises kundalini when placed at the base of the spine but sets off ASMR when placed in the hollow at the base of the skull. A grid spread along the body with the matrix stone at the feet, the darker red just under the navel and the brighter red behind the neck sets off a firestorm but, because of the matrix piece, it is grounded and controlled. Great stuff!

Buy now from at!/Triplite/c/11493184/offset=0&sort=normal


AstrophylliteI misfiled my Astrophyllite skull picture under Nuummite because, at first glance, they do look exceedingly similar with coloured flashes lighting up the darkness of the stone. And I’m still not entirely convinced as she is very black and Nuumite-like rather than the more brownish tinge to Astrophyllite. Sometimes even ‘experts’ find it hard to distinguish. I usually rely on the energetic feel rather than the look. The skull was not best pleased and made that clear next time I picked her up. No tingles. Normally when I hold Astrophyllite I find myself rushing through the cosmos feeling cosmic energy flowing through every fibre of my being and each cell in my body tingling. Not that day, however. Nor did it have a Nuummite feel of taking me into the magical shamanic world, so I am still somewhat confused. But it reminded me that crystals have feelings too.

Rough Astrophyllite

Rough Astrophyllite,

Astrophyllite highlights your unlimited potential, heightens perception and makes you sensitive to unspoken needs. Activating ‘dreaming true’ to see your soul path, it promotes out of body experiences, acts as guide and protector in other realms. Assisting in attaining an objective view of yourself, it eliminates without guilt anything that is outworn, reminding that as one door closes another open. Promoting intimacy and increasing sensitivity of touch, it is helpful for massage or acupressure. [Extracted from Crystal Bible volume 2]

John has some nice rough Astrophyllite on his website,

Green Ridge Quartz

Green Ridge QuartzGreen Ridge Quartz Zoom

The pictures that started my passionate relationship with with Green Ridge.

Did I want it? Yes I did! And I still have this one safely tucked away.

I do so love this stone! From the moment I first saw a picture I knew I had to have it. The picture made me tingle all over. It remains one of the highest vibration stones I’ve yet encountered. I’ve had some amazing healing and journeying experiences with it. You can read about it on and under the ‘new crystals’ tab on

We have a stash in my storage unit so don’t hesitate to contact Jeni if you’d like one.

And finally… Do remember! Ground yourself!

Blue Flint

Blue Flint c. Judy Hall.

Putting a piece of Flint or other grounding stone such as Hematite or Black Tourmaline at your feet while you experiment with crystals for ASMR will ensure you stay grounded, or at the very least that you will return to your body if the crystal takes you journeying. It’s a sensible precaution to take when you’re working with a stone of which you don’t know the effects on you personally. Especially as the stone will protect your body and your energy field if you do ‘leave’ for awhile. The intention, however, with ASMR is to stay with your body, to let the energy flow through to enliven you but not float you off the planet.


Energy shouldn’t be up in the head all the time, ground it or you won’t sleep.

ASMR Triggers

There are several hundred Youtube videos out there that aim to trigger ASMR. But this first list comes from an article in the Guardian. Perhaps I should read newspapers more often.

Common Triggers

Don’t you just love it? Couldn’t resist this image from

ASMR Research and Support website (you knew that had to exist) gives a list:

  • Exposure to slow, accented, or unique speech patterns
  • Viewing educational or instructive videos or lectures
  • Experiencing a high empathetic or sympathetic reaction to an event
  • Enjoying a piece of art or music
  • Watching another person complete a task, often in a diligent, attentive manner – examples would be filling out a form, writing a check, going through a purse or bag, inspecting an item closely, etc.
  • Close, personal attention from another person
  • Haircuts, or other touch from another on head or back

The writer, Steven Novella, comments: ‘This is a diverse list of triggers, but I can see what they all have in common. They all seem to engage the same networks of the brain – that part of us that interacts carefully and thoughtfully with our environment or with other people.  There is something calmly satisfying about such things. (Total aside – this reminds me of an episode of Spongebob in which he confessed he loves the sound that two pickles make when you rub them together.)’

Sponge Bob

One way to calm yourself in a crisis:

Here’s a couple more lists:

  • Air can duster and other chemical induced sounds
  • Leather sounds, latex gloves and fabric sounds
  • Trigger words (triggered by certain words), ticking clock and thinking sounds
  • Motor humming, Helicopter flying, turbine starting
  • Paintbrush on canvas, spray painting
  • Writing sounds, Typing sounds, Alphabet Sounds
  • Hands Cupped Over Ears, Hearing Test
  • Cat Purring and other relaxing animal sounds
  • Eye Examination, Follow the light and Cranial nerve examination
  • Fizzing In Your Ears (soda, beer), Anticipatory Triggers and Humming
  • Pop Rocks, Echo, Water Drops On Glass and Scalp Massage
  • Chalk on a chalk board,
  •  lather sounds (washing/shampooing)
  • Sk sounds


  • Scalp massage, Hair washing, Hair brushing
  • Facials and Massages
  • Role Plays
  • Whispering in the ears
  • Ear cleaning
  • Ear massaging, brushing, and tickling
  • Mini movies that incorporate ASMR triggers
  • Tapping, brushing, crinkling
  • Opening packages
  • Personal Attention (without an actual person staring at you!)


The result

The result.

The next stage of human consciousness? Or tripping balls?

I rather liked this quote from Karissa Ann Burgess, who is in charge of experimental research and data for

‘ASMR [is] caused by “secretions from the pineal gland” in the brain, which is regarded as a “third eye” or even the soul by some people who believe in things like third eyes and souls. I even heard from Shaun Robertson, who doesn’t experience ASMR but was involved in the community for a time, that a few people believed that the condition was “the next stage of human consciousness.”

Which goes rather well with this picture from Professor Greg Parker, one of my favour astrophotographers. Check out his website, it’s amazing:

Cosmic Braingasm

Cosmic braingasm

There’s more about the pineal gland in this quote, for which unfortunately I’ve mislaid the link. Maybe we’d all benefit from some tripping balls:

‘This from “Aureateus” on a video by heatherfeatherasmr was an interesting explanation of ASMR:

that could also be your pineal gland (aka, the third eye) reacting, which is a good thing, helps with sleep. This is because the pineal gland releases DMT (dymethyltryptamine) which is what allows you to dream, trip, the greater the release the more vivid the dream. Everyone thinks Buddhist monks just sit there and contemplate, they do half the time, the other half they’re tripping balls by activating the pineal gland. [sic]

Spasms of knee-knocking delight

OK, if crystals don’t do it for you, try this. Or even if they do, you might like to try it anyway! Reading it made me laugh out loud. I just love the names of those machines.

Max Resonance on 30 Jul 2014 at 10:10 pm 

‘I’m not sure i fit into the ASMR model exactly, but I have a bunch of exercises and ‘gadgets’ that allow me to access similar states whenever I feel like it. My most recent discovery is what I call ‘the Nose Buzz,” along the lines of humming, purring, motorboating the lips, the Razzberry (Bronx Cheer) and my homegrown toys, the Thwizzler, the Donkey Gruntler, The Thwisher and other body-mind favorites. Most of these are described online by clicking ‘exercises’ on this page:

A fast link to one of my favorites:
Recently I developed the Nose Buzz after searching on line and finding this quote in response to suggestions on how to trigger a sneeze:
“The easiest way is to put the tips of your fingers over your nostrils and hum, allowing just enough air to escape so that you can keep humming. Your nose will buzz and that makes you sneeze. Hope I helped!”
This is very close to the Nose Buzz description that follows. It’s the ONLY thing I know that’s shudderingly THE most bliss-inducing to the point of putting my whole body into spasms of knee-knocking delight. So obviously pick a safe place to sit, and don’t do it while driving, etc. Then:
Place the tips of the thumb and forefinger over the openings of the nostrils such as to block them completely. Start humming through the nose and then loosen the fingertips enough to allow some air to escape. Move the fingertips around until you begin to trigger an intense vibration that tingles up your nose, over your head and down your back. It may take some adjustment of the fingertips until you get it right.
I think you’ve just stimulated the subtle nerves known in yoga as the Ida and Pingala. Or at least I think that’s what’s happening. Also — it’s a great way to trigger a sneeze!

Max Resonance on 04 Aug 2014 at 3:33 pm

I just uploaded a 7-minute demo of both ‘The Nose Buzz’ described above and also how to achieve knee-knocking bliss my lightly touching the facial nerves.

And here’s one of the comments from his page:

This is not a joke.

I have just discovered the world of ASMR and I wonder if this is what I have been experiencing.

None of the videos and other normal things that people with ASMR claim to use to stimulate the effects seem to work on me, but what does work is this.

If I place my forehead in close proximity to another forehead (around 3 inches away, without touching), so far I have tested humans (ex girlfriends) and a cat, I get a feeling of euphoria that gets stronger and stronger and I have to step away. I would describe it as taking 1000 ecstasy tablets in my head, specifically in my forehead and above the eyes.

I wonder if there is any scientific explanation for this phenomena? Maybe you have some scientific explanation because all I can find on the internet is about the “third eye” , but I believe there is a scientific explanation.

This ‘forehead greeting’ is something I do with several of my psychic friends, especially my soul family. It creates a very profound heart connection and a great buzz!

Forehead Greeting

The braingasm

Ok, I know you’ve been dying to ask. So here’s one explanation. I’m sorry to disappoint you but it’s not what you thought. Very pleasurable though!

It’s essentially a tingling, buzzing, warm, relaxing sensation that runs through your brain and all over your body when triggered by a certain stimulus. For some people, it ends in sleep. For others, it results in a sort of meditative state, where your whole body is buzzing for a prolonged period of time, wave after wave of tingles coming over you. In short, we sometimes call them “orgasms for your brain.”

But they are not orgasms. In fact, to confuse ASMR with something even remotely sexual ruins the entire experience. If someone were to touch you, or say something sexual, or even make sexual implications during an ASMR session, it would jerk you out of your trance completely…

I often wonder how many people have ASMR, they just haven’t found the right trigger yet. It truly is an experience I wish everyone could have. Though it is not sexual, there is a similar amount of natural high involved, a feeling of being transported and taken under by your own brain power. At the end of a long, stressful day, to sit back and be almost immediately brought into a calm, buzzing, meditative state is something I am so grateful to have. The instant washing away of whatever concern or hang-up was plaguing you, and the simple, calming, reassuring warmth — it almost makes you feel like a child. There is something akin to being a very young child and having a parent rock you back and forth, “shh” in your ear, or rub your scalp. It is a feeling that small pleasures can be powerful, and that we don’t need much to make us happy. It’s joy in its most pure form, and I’m not embarrassed to say it happens to me.


Exhibiting creativity

And finally, finally, I just love this photo. It makes me tingle to look at it. I wish I’d picked up on the exhibition sooner. It would have been worth a trip to the other end of the UK to see it:

Exhibiting creativity

‘Artist Zoë Fothergill, winner of this year’s John Watson Prize will lead this exciting session based on her current show at Modern 1 ‘Fur, Bizmuth & Spiny Oyster’. These three new pieces are based on her research into the internet phenomenon Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR).

Tonight we invite participants to explore sensory perception and ASMR – tingling in response to triggers and to become ASMRtists for the evening!’

It’s not too late, pick up a crystal now!

Crystal Bible volume 2:

Crystal Prescriptions 4: crystals for chakras and kundalini.


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