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Crystal Mindfulness: half an hour meditating, half an hour cleaning.

19th October, 2016 Miscellaneous

‘Service doesn’t mean making a martyr or a sacrifice of yourself. You deserve – as well as need – to be replenished. It’s not a self-sustaining system.’

I was discussing the concept of service with a shamanic practitioner friend. We’d talked about how the ‘New Age’ has changed from the early sixties/seventies concept of active spiritual change and seems to be morphing into a more passive acceptance of mindfulness and being with what is no matter how crap (see below re coping with that). But we also mentioned how many healers and therapists we knew became ill themselves because they felt they had to give and give and give, even when they were running on fumes, or beyond the memory of fumes. I’d been through that phase myself and got totally exhausted in the process. Thankfully I woke up to what was happening and crystals have helped with that. It’s the constant travelling that can zap my energies. Hence my frequent visits with Sarah for an energy top up. It’s part of my commitment to look after myself. A present to myself. It’s something everyone needs to do, we all need replenishing. Especially if we’re being of service to the planet. Crystal Mindfulness really helps with this.

Being Mindful

ut do it with a crystal!

Beyond the memory of fumes

My definition of service is doing what you’re called upon to do with a glad heart and without thought of outward reward or recognition while at the same time ensuring that your own interface with the outside world is intact so the external energies don’t impinge directly into you. It marries up with my definition of unconditional love: Loving someone warts and all but without needing to change them or do it for them, and not being walked all over or overwhelmed, because you are standing in your own space. Standing in your own space is loving yourself unconditionally. As is grounding yourself in your body and having a central core of peace within it. After all, we have to live on planet Earth and to do that we have a body. We need to take care of both. Spiritual growth and personal well-being are not opposite ends of a spectrum, they are the fulcrum. I rather liked a comment I heard recently:

‘Life isn’t about becoming more spiritual. Life is spiritual.’

Life is Spiritual

Half an hour cleaning

One of the original TM teachers told me back in early 80s when I commented to him on the number of people consulting me because, rather than the meditation improving their life, they were getting depleted and ill, that Maharishi had said to him: ‘After half an hour meditation, half an hour floor sweeping is necessary to balance.’


But that wisdom had got lost in the long meditation courses that became fashionable. Some TMer’s bodies were suffering because they spent many hours in meditation – often trying to fly – without grounding themselves afterwards. Putting them back in their bodies and anchoring their feet to the planet helped. Nowadays I have a whole plethora of grounding crystals to assist with that. But I still find that some people are so concerned with expanding their spirituality that they forget the basics. I teach grounding before we do any opening up of higher consciousness exploration. It’s so essential.

Grounding crystals: Flint, Smoky Quartz, Smoky Elestial Quartz, Hematite, Fossilised Wood, Stromatolite, Basalt, Granite.

It wont hurt here to drop in a reminder that crystals too need a cleanse after working. Simply rinse them under running water – or put them into brown rice if delicate or soluble – and then put them out in the sun to recharge. Or, the easy way, spray with Petaltone Clear2Light essence as that will do both.

Staying in the present moment

Having a peaceful core and no need to do anything is part of mindfulness. There’s a dynamic stillness. A paradox I know. But then so much of life is. To me the biggest question when I was writing Crystals for Mindfulness was, ‘How could I stay in the present moment when that moment was unbearably awful?’ Housebound, virtually blind and severely disorientated for five months, all I had been able to do was sit with my crystals. They supported me and offered hope and comfort in each moment. Fortunately for me, the lovely Margaret Cahill was exploring mindfulness as a way of moving through her cancer treatment (see Under Cover of Darkness: blogging my way through mantle cell lymphoma) and I learnt a huge amount from her and, as part of the process, shared crystals with her. Similarly, many people with intense, chronic physical or mental pain, serious illnesses or extremely challenging life situations are finding that mindfulness helps them to cope with the seemingly unendurable. With the help of my crystals, I came through. So can you.

One of my favourite crystals to support you at such a time is Charoite. Here’s an extract from my new book Crystal Mindfulness. It’s not going to be out for awhile yet but I know there are many people who need this now. So here it is:

Featured crystal: Charoite

The present is where joy arises anew in each moment.

Keywords: Transformation, healing, acceptance.


Charoite, c. Jeni Campbell,

Charoite, c. Michael Illas, Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle and Chrystal Mindfulness

Charoite, c. Michael Illas, Crystal Wisdom
Healing Oracle and Chrystal Mindfulness

Qualities: Charoite helps you to accept the present moment as perfect. With its help you relax and let go. This stone integrates instincts, intuition and intellect. It can stimulate insightful visions of past lives and suggest ways to release karma personally and collectively. Stress and compulsions fall away. You become much more laid back. At the same time, it quietly facilitates deep physical and emotional healing. Charoite encourages practical day-to-day spirituality. It integrates vibrational changes without you having to do anything. It is all about being transformed. Charoite takes your newly hatched spiritual self and anchors it into eternal now. This stone helps to overcome fears that arise out of past experience. It assists in recognising that ‘negative’ experiences also have gifts to offer. Dissolving your resistance, it opens the way to making your inner visions an actuality. If you’ve never felt you belong on Earth, Charoite is for you.

What the crystal brings to mindfulness: Charoite heals deep soul-wounding. It releases painful memories and removes distractions. This stone assists in putting things into perspective, helping you to accept other people, and yourself, as they are rather than as you would like them to be. No criticism. No expectations. No demands. Simply being with what is. Unconditionally accepting life.

Using this crystal to stay in the present moment: Focus your attention on the ‘eye’ in the centre of the crystal. Notice without comment that it is reflected below. Let your eyes move between the two until a point of stillness is reached. Absorb the healing energy of the crystal. Stay in the moment.

Each crystal featured in the book has an image to hold in your mind. The one for Charoite is:

A centaur galloping. All wounds healed. In the eternal now.

Centaurs sometimes turn into unicorns. Enjoy!

Centaurs sometimes turn into unicorns. Enjoy!

Crystal Mindfulness Watkins Publishing will be released on November 17, 2016.

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