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Crystal Cronedom

4th January, 2017 Miscellaneous
crystal cronedom

Into the looking glass: crystal cronedom c. Judy Hall

The crone is a stock character in folklore and fairy tale, an old woman. In some stories, she is disagreeable, malicious, or sinister in manner, often with magical or supernatural associations that can make her either helpful or obstructing. The Crone is also an archetypal figure, a Wise Woman…she symbolizes the Dark Goddess, the dark of the moon, the end of a cycle. In New Age and Feminist spiritual circles, a “Croning” is a ritual rite of passage into an era of wisdom, freedom, and personal power.   (Wikipedia)

We’re heading towards the crone phase of the year. In the northern hemisphere, sunlight is dying. We are in transition. Darkness is taking over. The life force is quiescent, awaiting transformation. It’s a period of gestation and contemplation. New growth is awaited as the old year turns anew. But the earth is staying in the moment without looking ahead. Being mindful, going with the flow. A cycle I’m in tune with, as I long ago reached the crone stage of life. But, ironically, it’s also a time when several of my new books will be born out into the world. Including Crystal Mindfulness: still your mind, calm your thoughts and focus your awarness with the helps of crystals. Part of an inevitable cycle of creativity. Maiden: writing, the germ of a new idea coming into form. Mother: nurturing the book through all its pre-publication stages and then birthing it to the world. And Crone: the legacy I leave behind.

Personally I love being a crone. A Wise Woman, magical and mystical. Calling on my power. Holding up a light. Reaching three score years and ten was a landmark for me. Yes, my body is aging, my hands gnarling into fantastical shapes. But these hands have held people while they cried, died, transformed, healed, laughed, gave birth and found a new way forward. They’ve had the privilege of holding my gorgeous pink-starchild great granddaughter. And they can still pick up stones off a crystal mountain. These fingers are not something to be hidden away, they are to be celebrated. Just as my face shows the lines of my experience. The idea of death does not frighten me. I will welcome the new experience.

Love it! Image: Dee Baby

Love it! Image: Dee Baby [ Hope you got that job Dee, you deserve it!]

But a crone doesn’t always command respect. This is how suggests the word could be used in a sentence: ‘a run-down house that was inhabited by a cantankerous crone who kept to herself.’ I can relate to that one too though. The dictionary gives the source of the word as ‘Middle English, a term of abuse, from Anglo-French caroine, charoine dead flesh.’ I’ve encountered that attitude so I was particularly pleased to find this sensuous poem as an antidote. Can you feel your fire rising as you read it?:

hello-poetryHooker and Crone

Oh how I do Desire you
you luscious vibrant creature
Dance with me! Do not resist!
Our Passion we’ll uncover

And I the Crone am here to offer
Wisdom, Grace and Power
Handing you a Magic Key
to Honor your own Fire

Allow us now to merge in you
Relax and see we guide you true
Your path is not a righteous hell
but sweet Creation~
All is Well

K Mae, Aug 24, 2012,  []

A life carved in stone

The goddess’s vulva, Avebury c. Judy Hall

The goddess’s vulva, Avebury c. Judy Hall

I’m sure you’ll have heard it said that, in the past, the old were honoured for their wisdom. The cult of youth and beauty had not yet begun. Not sure how true that is. There’s always been a cycle: maiden, mother, crone. The phases of the moon: new, full, dark. The gods and goddesses may have been ageless but each had their own natural age – and most had their own dedicated site. Sacred sites everywhere give us a glimpse of feminine power, connecting us deep into ancient wisdom. I covered quite a few of them in Crystals and Sacred Sites: Use Crystals to Access the Power of Sacred Landscapes for Personal and Planetary Transformation – the book I most wanted to write and still my personal favourite of all my books. When Sarah Lownds and I were in Avebury at the beginning of the year we found the goddess’s vulva. Was the stone specially selected because of this natural feature? We both thought so. It forms the portal for the sacred Menalite journey below.

But, as so often happens, I was seduced into this blog from writing an article for The Other Side Press on Crystals for Cronedom. By the time you read this, it may well have appeared. But here are my top crystals for taking you into a happy, healthy, enjoyable cronedom – enjoy the journey:

Menalite: the goddess stone

The hag stone: Menalite

The hag stone: Menalite, c. Such a brilliant photo John Jnr.

 Shamanic Menalite has traditionally been used for women’s rituals. It facilitates all the rites and passages of womanhood and is excellent for croning ceremonies. It calms PMT and is perfect for menopause (literally the-moon-of-pause) cooling hot flushes and stabilising hormones. Linking to the wise feminine, this flint-like stone is excellent for meditating with to conceive and put into motion any project. The nurturing stone provides a durable link to Gaia, the Earth Mother, taking you back into her womb for healing and reconnection to the root of being. It opens a grounding cord, attaching you deep into the core of the earth solidifying your core energy field and bringing ideas from other dimensions into physical manifestation.

The Menalite Journey

This journey is ideally undertaken at the dark of the moon, so you may need to put your crystal out a couple of week’s prior to collect its quota of moonlight. But if you can’t wait, go ahead now. The crystal has light enough inside. Record the journey if you wish and play it if you wish, but once you begin the stone will naturally transport you through the various stages.

Avebury vulva stone, c. Judy Hall

Avebury vulva stone, c. Judy Hall

Put your crystal out under the full moon overnight to collect light.

With your crystal fully charged and ready to go sit in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed and withdraw your attention from the outside world.

Gaze at the Avebury vulva stone until you can keep the picture in your mind.

Holding your Menalite, sit quietly with your eyes closed and hold the intention that it lifts you up and transports you to the stone circle at Avebury – the stone knows where to go. You will feel yourself rapidly travelling to this ancient stone circle.

Walk around the stones until you reach the vulva stone. Lean forward against the stone with your hands either side of the crack and ask the portal to open. The stone will part for you. In front of you, you see a path leading down into a long tunnel. Hold your crystal high, its light guides you. The path is broad and wide and it winds down and down into the heart of the mountain passing many crystals on the way. You can hear Gaia calling to you: ‘come to me, my child.’

Eventually you enter an immense cave. The stone womb of Mother Earth. Allow yourself to feel the presence of the spirit of Mother Earth and feel the love that she has for you.

Place your crystal in the centre of her womb to fertilise her.

Water gushes from the stone and forms a pool at your feet.

Seat yourself before it and gaze into its dark waters. Slowly the waters clear and reveal to you your crone-self. The ancient wisdom you hold, the pathway you are following. Speak to this ancient self, learn her secrets. Seek her aid.

pick-up-stoneWhen you are ready to leave, thank Gaia for her assistance. Pick up your stone which is now imbued with even deeper wisdom. Make your way back up the path, lit by the crystal light, and out into the stone circle once more.

Hold the intention to be taken back to where your physical body waits for you. When you reach your body, settle back in. Take a few deep breathes, wriggle your fingers and toes. Stand up and stretch. Stamp your feet on the earth to reconnect and ground yourself.

Power Sceptre

Smoky Elestial power sceptres c. Judy Hall

Smoky Elestial power sceptres c. Judy Hall

Now that you’ve found your crone-self, it’s time to take up your power. The power of a sceptre lies in its shape rather than its being a specific type of crystal. It can be likened to the magician’s wand. Male sceptres have a rod inserted into the ‘head’. Female sceptres have their own vulva. Whichever you choose, you’ll find the exercise below from 101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation very potent. But first, information extracted from that book on the use of a sceptre (spelt Scepter in the US).

‘The Scepter shape enhances the healing and restructuring power of any stone. A Scepter directs healing energy very precisely to the source of a problem within the physical body or the subtle bodies so that the energies are restructured and brought into alignment. It magnifies the healing power of the underlying crystal and dissolves or blasts out sources of dis-ease depending on the nature of the stone. A Malachite or Obsidian Scepter, for instance, would produce a powerful blast of energy while an Amethyst or Elestial would be gentler in its approach. A Brandenberg Scepter is an excellent tool for restructuring the whole etheric blueprint and imprinting this into the subtle and physical bodies to realign all levels of being.

A Scepter is particularly helpful in dealing with the emotional and psychological impact of childhood abuse or the past life effects of misuse or misappropriation of power and authority, especially where this is an underlying psychosomatic cause of present life dis-ease. A Scepter also conveys back and reintegrates soul fragments and heals personality splits created by soul or karmic wounds. It unites masculine and feminine energy to stimulate the controlled rise of kundalini power to reach enlightenment.

Transformational power

An Elestial Quartz Scepter is the ultimate tool for reclaiming lost power whether this has been willing handed over or has been lost from abuse or misuse of power in the past but all Scepters assist with assimilation and right use of power. It is especially useful where this loss of power has caused psychological dis-ease, anxiety and personality disorders.  Calling back power transforms you into an inner directed being who cannot be swayed by external influences. You are empowered.

Harnessing the power  

To activate your power, place the Scepter over your base chakra for five minutes and say out loud: ‘I reclaim my power now’.’

Tanzine Aura Quartz: the regenerator

Tanzine Aura Quartz c.

Tanzine Aura Quartz c.

Tanzine Aura Quartz brings about multi-dimensional balance and profound spiritual interconnection. Spiritually attuned to the violet flame, this Aura Quartz opens and aligns the soul star and highest crown chakras way above the subtle bodies and draws cosmic energy into the physical body and to earth. It can take you into a centred state of ‘no-mind’ that enhances sensual enjoyment of the world around you.

Emotionally Tanzine Aura Quartz provides deep spiritual comfort, dissolving emotional blockages and replacing them with unconditional love and the sense of being part of a greater soul group who are here to support each other in learning from life’s challenges – which were chosen prior to incarnation for the gifts they bring. Physically, Tanzine Aura Quartz has a powerful regulatory effect on the pituitary, hypothalamus and pineal glands bringing about physical equilibrium. [Extracted from Crystal Bible volume 2).

The thyroid tends to work less efficiently after midlife, sometimes speeding up, sometimes slowing down. In part this is due to the fluoridation of water and toothpaste. The fluoride that is alleged to create healthy bones and teeth actually degenerates the brain and the thyroid.  I researched this back in the 90s when I wrote a couple of menopause books but fluoride has since been officially reclassified as a neurotoxin, so thanks to Terrie Birch for spotting the link: ( However, this doesn’t mean you should ditch your fluoride-based crystals as potentially toxic, the fluoride is geologically bound up within the stone. But, if making an essence, you can create it by the indirect method. And you can use Fluorite or Fluorapatite in a homeopathic ‘like cures like’ way to assist your brain function. Assist your thyroid is with (genuine not dyed) Tanzine Aura Quartz which is alchemicalised from gold and indium. Wear it over your thyroid. It worked for me.

Malachite: the arthritis aid and so much more

Malachite c. Jeni Campbell/

Malachite c. Jeni Campbell/

Malachite, being a copper-based stone has traditionally been used to treat arthritis. The ancient Egyptians recognised its natural antibiotic properties and used it as a remedy for the eyes. It can be helpful for treating cataracts and other problems that develop as the eyes age. The following information is extracted from Crystal Mindfulness, available November 2016.

gaze-at-the-whorls-on-the-malachite‘Malachite is a powerful stone. If you have been suppressing toxic thoughts or feelings, it brings them to the surface. Releasing historic anger and psychosomatic causes of dis-ease, Malachite breaks old ties, releases inhibitions and removes outworn patterns setting you free to be your authentic self. The experience may be temporarily traumatic but ultimately therapeutic as you are no longer pulled back into past dramas. Malachite helps you to stay with the feeling, fully experiencing it, and then allowing it to move on. Simply be with the feeling, accepting it and breathing gently until it dissipates. You can program the stone to remind you to stay with the process and not pull away. This stone teaches you to take responsibility for your actions, thoughts and feelings. It helps you to develop empathy with other people and makes you less judgemental, showing how it feels to be in their place.

What this crystal brings to mindfulness: Malachite is stone of profound transformation. Life is lived more intensely under its influence. Journeying through Malachite’s convoluted patterns releases your mind and your emotions to remain focused in the present.  It teaches that a feeling is just that: a feeling. Neither good nor bad. And it too shall pass.

Using Malachite to switch off automatic pilot: Gaze at the whorls on the Malachite. Be aware that these are the ingrained patterns that run your life, going around and around. Recognise where you have been running on automatic pilot for so long. Suddenly move your eyes, changing focus to the edge of the crystal. Step off the hamster-wheel into now.

Malachite Crone? Couldn’t resist this one!

Malachite Crone? Couldn’t resist this one!

Crystals and Sacred Sites

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