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Cosmic assimilation

8th February, 2017 Miscellaneous

Assimilation denominates the transfer of energy/matter from the “outer world” into the body. []

Orange Sphalerite c. Judy Hall

Orange Sphalerite c. Judy Hall

A friend knocked on my door the other day and asked if I had a minute. She’s an experienced shaman and she’d been having trouble sleeping and was totally exhausted and deeply depressed. It had come to ahead during a shamanic journey in which she felt herself dismembered seven times. A familiar story. I’d been feeling the same way myself and so had so many other people. The dismemberment she’d experienced took her to pieces and opened up the way for new energies to settle in. But it was overwhelming. She’d been told during the journey to use a Lemurian Seed Crystal and Lilac Quartz. So naturally she came to see me – and I added a large Sea Foam Flint for her feet to that prescription and a Rhomboid Blue Selenite to clear her third eye headache. As she said, just knowing that other people were undergoing the same thing in their own ways helped. Hence this blog.

Time for a recharge

Time for a recharge

There was a lot going on astrologically that was opening us up to feeling like this and it was full moon that day. But, on a deeper long-term level, I had become increasingly aware that there was a need to assimilate new energies into our core. Crystals like Orange River Quartz and bright orange Carnelians provided a much needed short term energy boost, but it wasn’t holding. As I was in the process of writing two books, I’d been surrounded by a huge number of increasingly high vibration crystals and, although constantly aware of the need to ground and anchor the energies, was still in danger of being blown away by them.

Opening without grounding

On a trawl through the internet I spotted this, which illustrates the situation so well. Take a look at this activation and see if you can spot what’s going on:

Click here!

Yes, that’s right. The energy never grounds. It flies up the spine through the chakras and fountains out from the top of the head. Too much of this and you become utterly depleted. (See Crystal Prescriptions vol.4 to discover the side-effects of kundalini flying out of the top of your head.) The energy needs to circulate and to anchor you to the Earth.

How the energy needs to be

How the energy needs to be,

Shattered bliss

But more often than not, it’s more like this. Shattered bliss.

Reversing the polarities

A shamanic healing session had confirmed that my core was struggling to integrate the exceedingly high vibration energy. My body was getting an upgrade, a reboot, but it had to let the old programming go first. Once assimilated, it could be highly beneficial. It needed time to settle in – and protection while it did so. One simple adjustment I made was to reverse the polarities on our winter solstice grid. When we constructed it, we took the Flint energy into the centre to transmute toxic earth energies, and then spiralled out Celtic Golden Healer Quartz to revitalise the land. The grid, although out in the garden, was level with my bed however and I became aware that I was in the energy vortex and my own frequencies were constantly being amped up without proper grounding, despite the huge Flint that was anchoring the grid. So I reversed the polarity so that the Golden Healer took the energy into the centre, revitalizing it on the way, and the Flint radiated transmuted energy out and grounded it. Much better! But still not quite complete. These things can take time and it needed several adjustments as the energy shifted.

Celtic Golden Healer and Sea Foam Flint. The winter solstice grid c. Judy Hall

Celtic Golden Healer and Sea Foam Flint. The winter solstice grid c. Judy Hall

Cellular opening

A piece of Orange Sphalerite had been winking at me from a box of new crystals that were awaiting my attention. A quick peek at the internet revealed that it was

‘good for the extreme tiredness that can arise from working with too many high vibe crystals so that the body struggles to integrate the new energies. It gives spiritual grounding.’ I haven’t been able to find that reference again to include it here, but it was enough of a hint. As I was going to a crystal warehouse the next day, I picked up Orange Sphalerites to make a large grid all around myself. Knowing that the grid would need grounding, I found a large, dragon-head shaped piece of orange Flint studded with tiny Quartz geodes to go at my feet.

I knew that I needed to open up all the cells in my body so that the crystal vibes could penetrate the spaces between the cell walls and switch on some latent positive genetic potential, and this picture with the ‘eyes’ really called to me.

Cellular opening

Somehow, as these things do, a grid grew up spontaneously around the Flint dragonhead where I’d placed it on my draining board after washing it. Pieces of browney-orange Flint radiated out stable energy.

Then I found I had a plethora of Rhodonite. A stone I often use for healing broken hearts, releasing the anger and resentment, and stabilising the emotional body. A whole grid’s worth had arrived in the post although it wasn’t what I had ordered. Another hint from the crystal oversouls. It assisted in stabilising the soul, so into my minigrid it went. The grid was beginning to outgrow the draining board but resisted efforts to transfer it elsewhere – it was exactly in line with the end of one of the main arms of the solstice grid. So there it stayed.

And then it was time to for the grid.


Fortunately my crystal group have decided to become ‘ladies who lunch’. Such a good idea! It allows us to talk over so many discoveries and to make new connections. We followed up with a meditation session in which we each held Orange Sphalerite and so formed a huge grid. We had the new Sea Foam Flint at our feet as it forms a filter for the energies, recycling what is beneficial and returning the remainder to the earth for further transmutation. It anchors at a higher frequency to that of the Cursus Flint we usually use for grounding, which was perfect for the shift in vibration. To begin, we opened up our cells, both physical and energetic, creating space around them. This allows for the old energies to release and the higher vibrations to switch on the latent potential. We all experienced it building a new energetic structure – tuned to what each person needed individually rather than at a ‘one size fits all’ level. When we brought the cells closer together again the new structure was incorporated into our core. It will be interesting to see what emerges from this!


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