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26th April, 2017 Miscellaneous
colour of the crystals

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I’ve laid a lot of crystal grids over the years. On and around people and places, on surfaces of all kinds, for personal and earth healing. I’ve always been aware that the colour of the crystals used makes huge changes to the energy of the grid. But it wasn’t until I was talking to Sue Lilly a few years ago now that I consciously focused on the colour that underlay the grid. Its base as it were. Up until then, I’d intuitively used whatever was to hand – still do for a good part of the time as grids tend to be set up ad hoc as required. But my discussion with Sue brought another dimension to the process. Added more depth. I was trying out the planetary nets from her book Crystal Doorways (highly recommended for when you’re going through a difficult planetary transit: that’s when a sun sign forecast says things like ‘with Saturn going retrograde in your sign later in the month watch out…’). We use the planetary nets in our crystal astrology retreats and each one is laid on a different colour background. They are extremely effective, attuning us to the positive resonance of the planet.



Back to the point

But I digress. This morning I was woken up by a nagging voice saying ‘you haven’t discussed the colour of grid backgrounds enough.’ What??? At 6am? I’d certainly discussed it in my new crystal grids book. But not apparently in these blogs. I was given a lecture on letting you know how the underlying background for an immune system grid, for instance, could sedate an immune system that has gone crazy in conditions like arthritis, hayfever or lupus, for instance, or stir one into action when colds or flu threaten. Backgrounds to grids are so important.

So here’s something you can try at home. Choose an immune system crystal such as Bloodstone, Quantum Quattro (my personal favourite) or Que Sera. Take five and lay them in a pentagram on different coloured backgrounds. Rub your hands together to open the palm chakras. Put your most receptive hand over the grid and feel the energy radiating from it. Can you sense the change the background colour makes?

To read my new book on crystal grids, you’ll need to wait a little while longer. But you can find out so much more about crystal grids by subscribing to my crystal community. There’s plenty already in the huge resources section and each month there’ll be a new grid for you to try out, along with so much more.

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