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Butterflies not treacle

6th April, 2015 Miscellaneous

The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.”
Terry Pratchett, Diggers


Butterfields emerging from their pupae. Copyright Terrie Birch

I’m sitting here thinking how astute Terry Pratchett was and how much I will miss his acerbic wit. One day he’ll be recognised not only as a great social satirist but also a very perceptive philosopher. There’s so much wisdom – ancient and modern – in his books. It was so clever how he took his many sources and gave them that cunning twist that turned them into genius. He really was a magician in the best sense of the word. I’m sure you too have noticed that when you do try to keep an open mind someone immediately tries to fill it for you.
I’ve always kept what Terry said in mind when I run workshops. My intention is that people will experience things for themselves and make their own connections. When I wrote The Crystal Bible its tag line was A Definitive Guide to… The publishers didn’t like that because they wanted it to be The Definitive Guide. I argued and won back then, but I’ve noticed that over the years it’s reverted. As with all my books I’m offering what I’ve found out so far and that’s liable to expand and change the more I work with the stones. I certainly don’t want to put a limit on their powers. Nor do I want to tell people what to do or what to believe, I want it to come from their own inner knowing. There are people who can’t stand uncertainty. They want to be told to do things in a specific way. That’s fine. There are plenty of teachers out there who will do it that way. There’s room for everyone. What I want to attract are the people who want to explore beyond impossibilities. Who get excited by breaking through boundaries. And I’m very fortunate that most of my workshop participants are exactly that. Lineage breakers. Way showers. Explorers of expanded consciousness. Pioneers of the future: now.
But, sadly, not everyone agrees. I’ve just seen my first butterfly of the year and it reminded me of this piece I wrote back at the end of 2010 at the request of Ann Napier of Cygnus magazine. Ann has now passed on to other dimensions and Cygnus is having its own renaissance. But what I wrote back then still has enormous relevance today. The same transits have been dancing an extended gavotte that is, finally, due to end very soon. But the plea for us all to work together will go on. I believe it is the only way we can shift from the astrological Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius: the evolving future of humanity.

This was how it was then (Cygnus Feb 2011)

Like most of humanity and the earth itself, I’ve been under considerable pressure from the cavorting of the planets around the heavens. We’re being squeezed, scraped and scrambled as karmic encrustations are exfoliated, ingrained patterns reprogrammed and anything outgrown ruthlessly stripped away. Why the soul scouring? So we become who we meant to be and our soul plans come into operation. Plans that, I believe, encompass a shift to higher consciousness and a more soul-respectful way of relating to everyone.

So why, may I ask, is the MBS world so full of sniping, backbiting and contention? Why can’t we pull together to bring about the new world we envisage?

I’ve undergone a subtle form of identity theft. The title of my best-selling book was hijacked – and as titles cannot be copyrighted I was, allegedly, powerless to do anything. An old familiar feeling so I knew a soul lesson was involved. I’m delighted when people draw on my content – I genuinely want to share my soul-garnering so that others benefit. I also honour the contributions made by others, learn from them and thank them for that. But to use my title? A cynical ploy by the publisher. I felt let down. If I could embrace ‘The New’ book it would doubtless be good for my soul growth but I struggled. It dredged up toxic feelings I thought I’d let go. Forgiveness and inner peace are an on-going soul lesson for me. The lovely John from put it so well in his latest newsletter:

When one of us is in pain, we are all in pain. When one of us is in joy, we are all in joy together. It is time NOW for us to use the tools we have of compassion, humility and knowledge to assist one another in our personal and planetary healing journeys. How do we do this when there is so much to be done? Where do we start? Inside. We start inside working on making ourselves happier, healthier and more at peace.

There was a plus side – and humour too. I can’t tell you how often after the launch Amazon emailed suggesting I buy my own books – all of them, in their infinite variety. Those emails went out in their thousands. That’s oodles of free publicity. And they never once mentioned the rip-off. Astrologer Jonathan Cainer pointed out in his daily column that I wasn’t wading through treacle, it was as if I was trying to herd butterflies between moving goal posts. Butterflies – which to me represent soul gifts – are dancing outside my window as I write.

As JC also pointed out: “we tie ourselves up in knots when we try too hard to unravel all of life’s complicated mysteries. Sometimes, it’s just better to look only at what pleases our eye and ignore what spoils the view”. It was a lesson in not giving something too much attention or it expands. Dwelling on it could damage me. But I needed to honour my feelings. A perceptive soul reading from Chris Sell described it as a catalyst in the dance of transformation. I’ll thank that publisher one day – and share the process with you when I fully understand my soul’s strategy.

Having understood that challenge, along came another. When I picked up a piece of Lilac Celestite and it told me it was a stone of Archangel Zadkiel I wasn’t surprised. Stones often speak to me. They speak to everyone but only a few people notice. What was a surprise, however, was another voice that said: “I’m Zadkiel and we want you to run workshops on crystals and archangels. We need to harmonise the new vibrations.”

Two thoughts immediately struck me, the first being that surely everything had already been said and secondly that, while knowing about crystal connections, I knew little about Archangels. I’d had an amazing experience flying on a twelve mile wide forcefield to Tibet that convinced me they existed but other than that… or so I thought. Both assumptions were soon turned on their heads.

Meeting the archangels

ArchangelsI knew a woman who was intimately acquainted with Archangels and their crystal connections. At the first workshop we found that archangelic energy is changing dramatically. Atrugiel is coming in to fill the space left by Michael’s ascending frequency – with everyone and the planet changing vibration angelic consciousness is part of that process. When Atrugiel is called in, he stands like a rock nothing is going to shift him until the task is done. He’s a great protector but he’s also an effective creator and motivator – and the Archangel to call on if you want to reclaim your power. Garnet was the perfect crystal for him. We had the privilege of meeting the feminine ‘counterparts’ of these two great spiritual warriors. The Archangels asked that we each take responsibility for our own unique part in the planetary and personal shift. It was clear that, just as there is no one right way to work with a specific crystal, a wide variety of responses to archangelic energy are open to us.

But, in putting on the workshop, we came under attack from a spiritual teacher who thought she had said everything there is to say. Here was yet another opportunity for learning new protection techniques with the Archangels but I want turn my attention – and intention – to other things.

The next workshop is Zadkiel, the Archangel who first called me. I understand now why we needed to meet Michael and Atrugiel first and to explore the ramifications of protection and power before we moved to the Archangel of forgiveness, purification and transmutation. He’s the dispenser of Divine Justice too. It should be an interesting workshop. I can’t wait!

The incident made me ponder, yet again, why the mind-body-spirit world seems to be fraught with such encounters, back-stabbing and holding people back from fulfilling their potential is, or so it appears, the norm from those who preach love and light. I hear of incidents all the time. Why? Why do people feel so threatened by other people’s growth? And so jealous of success?

As an American friend put it:

It constantly amazes me that people who profess to be spiritual can be so petty.  Basically that type of thinking is all about limitation, competition, and lack.  Not much trust in the Universe…..  how much more productive to be shining in our own brilliance and fulfilling what we came here to do!

I couldn’t agree more with her. How can we raise the vibration of the planet and everyone on it if there are only a few people at the peak? I love it when so-called ‘pupils’ outstrip me and fly high. That’s what I’m here for, I want to empower people – but at the same time I have no intention of giving away my own power or having it forcibly sucked out.

So! Can we find a way to pull together? A way that won’t sabotage each other, that’ll unite rather than divide us? Can we step out of treacle and share what we know with open-heartedness and without jealousy, honouring every contribution? Can we be butterflies dancing a new universe into being? Polishing our souls to a brilliant shine? After all if we can’t, who can? The Crystal Bible isn’t just a book it’s a community of like-minded souls. If, as has been suggested, a butterfly beating its wings in the Amazon creates a hurricane in the Caribbean, just think how a million crystal butterflies beating their wings in unison could transform our world.

And this is now (2015)


Photo copyright Jeni Campbell/

Well, we did that Zadkiel workshop and I learned even more about how unacknowledged feelings can sabotage even the best of intentions and how some friendships, no matter how old, have to be let go if the person is a ‘frenemie’: someone who drags you down in the name of friendship. We simply can’t transport past traumas and resentments into the ‘new age’. Since then I’ve done a whole series of workshops to help people, including me, move on. I even, finally, sold the stunning Brandenberg that had been an important part of my connection to Zadkiel. It told me it was time to go to someone else. As it sold within fifteen minutes of going onto Facebook clearly that message was correct and I wish its purchaser much joy with it.

I decided to leave the archangels be and go back to my listening to my crystal oversoul friends. They were urging me to explore the multi-dimensional spaces that exist all around and within us: the multiverse. So, this year I’m taking a long hard look at just how wide our expanded consciousness can be when we allow it. And how far we can grow our soul. It’s been very promising so far and maybe it will teach us just how interconnected we all are. I hope so.

Green Ridge Quartz

Green Ridge Quartz. Buy one from

Let’s all be butterflies and leave the treacle behind! It’s time to step off the wheel of karma and let yourself grow. That’s what my second favourite crystal, Green Ridge Quartz, teaches us. The treacly gunk flakes off, taking negativity with it, and beautiful golden quartz is revealed that takes us to a totally new dimension. Blissful!

Blessings to you all

Judy Hall

PS And if you’re wondering, no I haven’t yet fathomed out why I had to undergo the identify theft. I don’t even think about it these days. I was surprised when I read this piece just how far out of mind it had gone. But, if the reason surfaces, you’ll be the first to know.


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