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Burbulence, turbulence and hangover cures. Happy new year!

27th December, 2017 Miscellaneous

“How do I feel today? I feel as unfit as an unfiddle,
And it is the result of a certain turbulence in the mind and an uncertain burbulence in the middle.

          Ogden Nash, ‘Private Dining-room and Other New Verses

The Day After - Edvard Munch

The Day After – Edvard Munch

Ok, so this is the usual picture of a hangover. A typical post-Christmas scenario for many – and if you’re suffering you’ll find some useful crystal remedies at the end of this blog. But that poem by Ogden Nash is so true, don’t you just love ‘a turbulence of the mind’ and ‘an uncertain burbulence in the middle’. So evocative. And not just of a hangover. So much of life is like that.

A very different kind of hangover

‘Wild horses would not have stopped us opening that door.’ Tim Smit 1990. (Image

‘Wild horses would not have stopped us opening that door.’
Tim Smit 1990. (Image

There’s a very different kind of hangover. One that is literally a ‘left over’, a burbulence and a turbulence of the psyche. It may be an old toxic pattern, an ingrained belief, a past-its-sell-by-date soul contract, an ancestral inheritance. Something baneful embedded in your very structure. Do you really want to take that with you into 2018? Or, do you want to discover what it may be obstructing, releasing it to reveal the gift at its heart? The beauty that can flower again. If so, read on!

The gift of the heart

Image c. Judy Hall

I was reminded of ‘the gift at the heart’ when visiting the Lost Gardens of Heligan in the early autumn with some friends I hadn’t seen for years. We spent a lot of time reminiscing and laughing at the seemingly dire disasters of my past. Laughter is such an excellent healer and reframer of events. I’d long ago realised that it was a path that had brought me to where I am today, but which had made me dig deep to discover my gifts. I’d been to Heligan when the garden was first reopened, many years ago and was eager to see the progress made. It felt very familiar to me as I was at that time living in the gardener’s house in a similarly wrecked walled garden that, eventually, was brought back to life by a lovely guy who had worked at Heligan. As the Heligan website says:

‘Heligan, seat of the Tremayne family for more than 400 years, is one of the most mysterious and romantic estates in England. A genuine secret garden, it was lost for decades; its history consigned to overgrowth…. After decades of neglect, the devastating hurricane of 1990 should have consigned the now lost gardens to a footnote in history. Instead, events conspired to bring us here and the romance of their decay took a hold on our imaginations. Our discovery of a tiny room, buried under fallen masonry in the corner of one of the walled gardens, was to unlock the secret of their demise. A motto etched [in 1914] into the limestone walls in barely legible pencil still reads “Don’t come here to sleep or slumber”…

 The changes since then are phenomenal. A real tribute both to the original builders of the garden and those who have laboured – and loved – long and hard to birth them again.

Lost in time

The next day, a trip to another gem lost in time, Cotehele Manor, brought more revelations and stimulations for this blog.

ancient roof structure

Part of an ancient roof structure encased with a stone wall, unknown until recent renovations exposed it. (Image c. Judy Hall)

So, what to do?

Lay a grid! You could go for Pinolith for personal issues, Ancestralite for the family, Golden Herkimers or anything else that comes to mind. So many new crystals to choose from too. How about Grape Chalcedony or Prairie Tanzanite? Assisted by Selenite or Anandalite, to bring in new light, and Orange Natrolite to anchor the new vibration into your cells. But be creative. Use your intuition. Place it around you, lie in it to absorb the energy, or lay it out where you’ll see it often. Make this the year you bring your innate skills to the surface and put them to work! Here’s my grid for 2018.

Here’s my grid for 2018

And turbulence



Also available from

Physical hangover crystal solutions

Green Calcite for the nausea (on the stomach), Amethyst, Azurite or Lapis Lazuli for the headache, Tanzurine (Cherry and Emerald Quart) over the thymus, mid chest, to rebalance the whole system:

Tanzurine Star of David grid

Tanzurine Star of David grid

Emotional hangover

Emotional hangoverRose Quartz, Ruby in Fuschite or Kyanite, Blue Calcite, Tiger Eye, Ancestralite, Grape Chalcedony.

How to: Lie in a grid or take as a few drops of gem essence for as long as appropriate. (All my books will tell you how to make essences, and there’s some great grids in my new book to assist with your physical, mental, emotional, karmic, ancestral and spiritual healing.)

Enjoy 2018!

Happy New Year

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