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Breaking the code: Junk DNA or jumping genies?

13th January, 2016 Miscellaneous
Image c. Michael Illas

Image c. Michael Illas

In the movie Superman, the infant Kal-El is sent in a crystal capsule to Earth, with ethereal sounds and images to teach him along the way. The crystals were then stored in a crystal cave for his future use. All knowledge was imbedded in the crystals. How true this is! All the healing knowledge we humans need to access and know about has been imbedded and stored in the crystals of our own DNA. Crystals can transmit information to us, about survival, about our past and about healing. We just need to access, to listen, and be open to the possibilities.

Kathy M. Scogna, foreword to ‘Junk DNA: Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of your DNA.’


Isn’t this beautiful? DNA is part of our inner landscape.

For many years I’ve blithely talked about the karmic blueprint that carries the impact of all our experiences from life to life in whatever dimension that may have occurred. It is the concept I use in karmic healing, taking people to where it is stored in the Akashic Record so that the blueprint could be healed and transformed as appropriate. Lately I’ve used crystals such as Brandenberg Amethyst and Ancestralite to assist the process. Brandenberg held the perfect blueprint before anything was imprinted and could therefore return energy to a state of perfection, but Ancestralite carried forward the soul learning while healing the ancestral wounds. But I never gave much thought to where – if at all – the blueprint was located in our body, except to see it as part of our subtle energy field. Much of which lies outside of our physical body. And yet it’s a beautiful, integral part of ‘me’.

That’s true of so much. I’ve tended to go ‘out there’ in search of wisdom, expanded consciousness, ancestral healing and so on. But the message is now getting across loud and clear, ‘It’s all within’. So a big thank you to all who’ve pointed this out to me recently, and especially to the source of my latest awakening: ‘junk DNA’. I hadn’t given that much thought until I was asked to write a forward to a book on crystals and past life healing. (I’ll give you more details of that when it’s available). It’s a book I’d love to have written myself. I’ve used many of the gridding techniques for years and I’m quoted on the properties of the various crystals. But if I’d written it, the message wouldn’t have got across to me. It is all inside! In our so-called Junk DNA. It’s the old Hermetic axiom in action, ‘as above, so below; as without, so within.’ (More of that maxim in a blog coming your way soon with regard to birthstones.) That’s where the blueprint lies. And it’s what gets passed down through the ancestral line so it’s where we tune in to a vast field of experience much wider than our own. It’s spawned a vast system of healing. And made me reassess a few crystals along the way – see below.

But what exactly is junk DNA?

Well, briefly it’s what the genetic scientists couldn’t immediately identify the purpose of when unravelling the secrets of DNA. It apparently didn’t ‘code’. So they called it junk and relegated it to the dustbin. All 98% of it. Durrh?? Maybe it’s time to think more in terms of a recycling opportunity.

Junk DNA

I had of course come across the idea of junk DNA before, I’ve found some of my old notes. But somehow it had slipped to the back of my mind. A not unusual occurrence these days. It’s all in there but it’s like I’ve lost the key to the filing cabinet. Old age? Or just an over-stuffed memory? I rather think it’s the latter but reaching three score years and ten does make you wonder if it’s part of a natural process of letting go. If only I could be selective in what escapes me! Let’s take a look although I warn you, your eyes may begin to glaze over at the terms used but you’ll get the picture.

‘In genetics, the term junk DNA refers to regions of DNA that are noncoding. DNA contains instructions (coding) that are used to create proteins in the cell. However, the amount of DNA contained inside each cell is vast and not all of the genetic sequences present within a DNA molecule actually code for a protein.17 Nov 2014… The term “junk DNA” was first used in the 1960s, but was formalized by Susumu Ohno in 1972. Ohno noticed that the amount of mutation occurring as a result of deleterious mutations set a limit for the amount of functional loci that could be expected when a normal mutation rate was considered. In a Nature review published in the 1980, Leslie Orgel and Francis Crick stated that junk DNA “had little specificity and conveys little or no selective advantage to the organism.”’

Human Genome

‘With the advent of deep sequencing technologies and the ability to analyze whole genome sequences and transcriptomes, there has been a growing interest in exploring putative functions of the very large fraction of the genome that is commonly referred to as “junk DNA.” Whereas this is an issue of considerable importance in genome biology, there is an unfortunate tendency for researchers and science writers to proclaim the demise of junk DNA on a regular basis without properly addressing some of the fundamental issues that first led to the rise of the concept. In this review, we provide an overview of the major arguments that have been presented in support of the notion that a large portion of most eukaryotic genomes lacks an organism-level function. Some of these are based on observations or basic genetic principles that are decades old, whereas others stem from new knowledge regarding molecular processes such as transcription and gene regulation.’ [Alexander F. Palazzo, T. Ryan Gregory]

Jumping genes (or should that be genies?)

But light began to dawn and opened up new possibilities. I’m sharing these extracts in their entirety as I have no idea how to put them into my own words, sources are given below:

‘Transposable elements (TEs), also known as “jumping genes” or transposons, are sequences of DNA that move (or jump) from one location in the genome to another. Maize geneticist Barbara McClintock discovered TEs in the 1940s, and for decades thereafter, most scientists dismissed transposons as useless or “junk” DNA. McClintock, however, was among the first researchers to suggest that these mysterious mobile elements of the genome might play some kind of regulatory role, determining which genes are turned on and when this activation takes place (McClintock, 1965).

At about the same time that McClintock performed her groundbreaking research, scientists Roy Britten and Eric Davidson further speculated that TEs not only play a role in regulating gene expression, but also in generating different cell types and different biological structures, based on where in the genome they insert themselves (Britten & Davidson, 1969). Britten and Davidson hypothesized that this might partially explain why a multicellular organism has many different types of cells, tissues, and organs, even though all of its cells share the same genome. Consider your own body as an example: You have dozens of different cell types, even though the majority of cells in your body have exactly the same DNA. If every single gene was expressed in every single one of your cells all the time, you would be one huge undifferentiated blob of matter!

The early speculations of both McClintock and Britten and Davidson were largely dismissed by the scientific community. Only recently have biologists begun to entertain the possibility that this so-called “junk” DNA might not be junk after all. In fact, scientists now believe that TEs make up more than 40% of the human genome (Smit, 1999). It is also widely believed that TEs might carry out some biological function, most likely a regulatory one—just as McClintock and Britten and Davidson speculated. Like all scientific hypotheses, however, data from multiple experiments were required to convince the scientific community of this possibility.

‘Junk. Barren. Non-functioning. Dark matter. That’s how scientists had described the 98% of human genome that lies between our 21,000 genes, ever since our DNA was first sequenced about a decade ago. The disappointment in those descriptors was intentional and palpable.

It had been believed that the human genome — the underpinnings of the blueprint for the talking, empire-building, socially evolved species that we are — would be stuffed with sophisticated genes, coding for critical proteins of unparalleled complexity. But when all was said and done, and the Human Genome Project finally determined the entire sequence of our DNA in 2001, researchers found that the 3 billion base pairs that comprised our mere 21,000 genes made up a paltry 2% of the entire genome. The rest, geneticists acknowledged with unconcealed embarrassment, was an apparent biological wasteland.

But it turns out they were wrong. In an impressive series of more than 30 papers published in several journals, including Nature, Genome Research, Genome Biology, Science and Cell, scientists now report that these vast stretches of seeming “junk” DNA are actually the seat of crucial gene-controlling activity — changes that contribute to hundreds of common diseases. The new data come from the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements project, or ENCODE, a $123 million endeavor begun by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) in 2003, which includes 442 scientists in 32 labs around the world.

DNA affects our physiological as well as psychological internal processes and I found this explanation helpful:

The actions of the DNA and RNA are necessary to put the whole system into operation. The specific fluids that surround the DNA are in precise quantities, which can be translated by a crystalline mirror-like structure, like a laser beam, throughout the entire system. Thus the passages of processes, whether these are electrical, electrochemical or purely chemical, can follow a precise mirrored blueprint. (Joseph R. Scogna, Jr. Light, dark: the Neuron and the Axon.)

Heart Junk DNA

Reading this, to me it sounded like a basis for the pioneering work of Dr Bruce Lipton on how cells walls turn genetic potential on or off. And how the HeartMath organisation might work to turn on our psychic potential. (I’ve written about that in my Book of Psychic Development.) If we can turn our genes on or off, making use of those ‘jumping genes’ it has enormous implications for our health, well-being – and evolution. It’s been shown that traumas, dramas and indeed belief systems can affect our DNA. Let’s go back to Kathy Scogna again. I’ve only had time to read her foreword to her husband’s work but I intend to read deep and hard in the Christmas break when I have more time to concentrate. Her husband apparently likened our DNA to a computer memory chip with RAM – Random Access Memory: something we can all access – and change.

‘The DNA that Joe embraced and wrote about was not just the physical DNA but rather the holistic DNA, the body, mind and spirit DNA of all life energy forms, all of this stor4ed in our very own RAM chip. When understood in this context, the entire composition and view of DNA changes. We see the inherited personality traits, our own emotional traumas and the emotional upsets and behaviour of our parents being acted out in the genetic plans and blueprints we have been bequeathed from ages past to understand and process. Yes, our DNA can be changed and altered in so many ways, by our own environment and our adventures and misadventures in life.’

Kathy Scogna summarised the formation of our DNA as follows:

‘What has occurred on earth from the beginning of time with its geological transformations and eras, with its progression of creatures and energies needing protection, all this has been left as tracings within our DNA. The gravitational, radiational and magnetic flows in the solar system, the beginning of life in the seas and on land with those biological tracings, and the sounds, utterances (languages) and the history of our species has been recorded as well.

We are products of our ancestors on a cellular level, going back even earlier than Stone Age man with all the beliefs, traumas and behaviours intact and products of our enviro9nment (learning, people, places and events), as well as being products of what we eat, breathe in and drink, all to be discovered and rectified, when necessary, by intense mental and spiritual conditioning. This work embraces both creation and evolution…’

What leapt out at me, naturally, was that crystals too are a product of their environment and the processes through which they have evolved. To my mind, they hold a purer energy pattern. One that is radiated to us through their vibrations. That’s why they can bring us back into balance – and help us to evolve. When I looked back at what I had written about the effect of bioscalar waves on healing, it gave me a key. Kathy Scogna again:

‘What is the language of DNA in the crystalline structures that acts much like a laser beam? The vibration of sonic waves. Fr4equencies. This is a multi-way communication line, in and out, so that we have input as well: words ead, spoken or sung, thoughts, emotions and other ‘emotional radiation’, as well as telepathic messages from a distance are involved in the process.’

Here’s an extract from my Crystal Prescriptions volume 3 on the effects of bioscalar waves:

Scalar waves

Everything is energy and that everything vibrates at different frequencies. Bio-scalar energy is a unique form of energy that can be harnessed and directed into solid objects or bodies placed in its field.

Kalon Prensky

Scalar waves are found throughout the universe and within our physical bodies. Bioscalar wave energy exists at the microscopic level in the nucleus of an atom or a cell and creates a bioenergetic source more powerful than DNA, cellular matrixes and other physiological processes. Whilst some bioscalar waves may be viewed as harmful, beneficial bioscalar waves have been shown to energize the extracellular matrix of the body and protect against electromagnetic emanations and geopathic stress that would otherwise detrimentally affect cells and tissue. They activate the meridians and facilitate healing at the energetic interface between spirit and matter.17 It is probable that all healing crystals have this energy within their matrix, and that their crystalline structure actually produces bioscalar energy. If, as Lilli Botchis asserts, ‘when the human body enters a scalar wave field, the electromagnetic field of the individual becomes excited [and] this catalyzes the mind/body complex to return to a more optimal state that is representative of its original, natural, electrical matrix form,’18 we can see how a crystal with its optimal energy pattern might operate on the human and planetary energy body.

In physics, a scalar wave is defined as a standing wave that has no GPS coordinates and is not dependant on time or space. In healing or shielding terms, this means that the ‘active spinning vortices composed of quantities of energy that interact with all non-physical dimensions including consciousness’ can be anywhere and everywhere instantaneously and simultaneously. Like two piano strings with the same tone, energy can be exchanged and aligned through resonance and vibration. Many if not all crystals generate scalar waves. Given what we have already discovered about the Earth’s matrix grid, a quick look at current definitions of a scalar wave shows us that they are intelligent and pro-active and indicates how they might function in crystal healing and EMF and GS protection:

A scalar wave is non-linear, not electromagnetic, and exists in multiple dimensions beyond time or space. That means they do not decay with time or distance from their source. Scalar waves can interact with all matter including electro-magnetism but since they are non-linear and hyperspatial, they… must be detected and measured indirectly… A scalar transmitter can wirelessly send power to a receiver through any obstacle… [even] a Faraday Cage or a metal box, and a receiver can receive power far away. During the process of transmission and reception they can magnify power. (

A Scalar Wave is not a single wave but a result of the interaction (interference) of multiple waves of very high frequency which seem to modulate and encode each other in a harmonious holistic complexity, similar to a hologram. The resulting multi-dimensional standing wave pattern emanates out of a fixed source point (a healer) [or crystal] and can be received and decoded by a similar resonant quantum-connected receiver point (recipient)… This causes vibrational ripples in the Morphogenic Field of the Cosmic Unified Field. (

Evolution's Biggest Blunder

Surely not?

Evolutionary processes:

Evolutionary processesMy musings took me into thinking that this could be how positive affirmations and the like work, by interacting with the random access memory of our DNA and unlocking their hold. A process that I find is facilitated and eased by holding a crystal. One of the latest ones to come my way is The Cradle of Humankind, an extraordinary healer for ancestral, personal and planetary DNA. Trying gridding it around you in whatever pattern comes to you intuitively and let the genies jump out of the bottle and transform you!

The Cradle of Humankind: the crystal ‘holding catalyst’

When my crystal meditation group were assessing the Cradle of Humankind stone, Jeni Powell’s guide said, ‘it’s a holding catalyst.’ I’d been groping for a word for an inert, space-holding ‘substance’ such as light that ‘fills’ the space when something has been let go and keeps it open until something new – and beneficial – is imprinted. I’m pretty sure there is such a ‘substance’ in alchemy but once again it is in a locked filing cabinet and I haven’t yet accessed it. But ‘holding catalyst’ will do fine. Or perhaps I should just call it a jumping genie?

The Cradle of Humankind stone had been given to me a few years ago for assessment and I thought I’d added to the Crystal Bible volume 3 under the title ‘Cradle of Life’ as I’d misremembered the name. But although I’ve found my text on file, I can’t find it in that book. But that may be because I’d missed a very important property. The stone not only shows you what you need to release, but it also shows you how much of other people’s energy you still have in your field. And, as I now realise, in your DNA. It was a missing piece of the ancestral healing puzzle. It clears out any stuck energy residue. In this context, the ancestral line is not only your own family tree but that of all humanity and the planet. It also has a profound and very deep link to Gaia and all that is stored in the DNA of Mother Earth. My crystal group suggested that ‘Cradle of Being’ would be the perfect name. But we’ll go with what Alex from Dolphin Minerals coined when he first brought it back from Africa for now.

The Cradle of Humankind stone comes from Magaliesberg, South Africa. It is a product of the archaeological excavations taking place at a spot where the oldest human and prothuman fossils are being found. It’s not a very pretty stone, very basic looking. But that’s probably exactly right given its purpose is to strip you back to basics and help you rebuild yourself.

I’ll have a picture of the stone up on my website and Facebook as soon as I remember how to do that from my new camera and it’s light enough to see under my desk (where my computer is located in case you’re wondering).  Maybe I’ll give it a go in the morning, it’s time to stop for now. The new camera got stuck on auto focus tracking which is distinctly unhelpful when you are trying to take photos of a two year old’s birthday party. I missed a great many undoubtedly lovely shots of my gorgeous pink star great-granddaughter. But I love the way messages come every which way from the universe. So I’ve shifted my focus and decided to give you first impression rather than finished text. Jeni will have it for sale on soon. Email her if you’d like one as there are a very limited number at the moment.

So, here’s my somewhat disorganised notes from the first assessment, but you’ll follow the process as it unfolded. As you’ll see, I was calling it the Cradle of Life then and that still feels right to me although I have also called it the Cradle of Humanity when writing about it. That feels more relevant than Humankind somehow.

Cradle of Life Stone (Cradle of Humankind)

Facilitates a life review

Ancient wisdom and inner knowing.

Rebirth, new start.

Heals and strengthens bones (although it can be painful as the process commences and stress held in the bones is released).

Promotes centering and grounding, assimilating new energies and ideas.

Going back to the foundations to start again from the beginning of the soul’s journey – reprogramming all that has gone before.

Good for those who’ve been uprooted/displaced and need to find a new home within themselves.

Perfect for ancestral healing rituals.

Facilitates a life review.

But!! Still keeping its secrets – about to awake? Do we need to have made a shift of consciousness, moved on before it will reveal itself?

Connects heart and throat and earths communication, opens and releases.

Half a rainbow, orange, left to middle.

Like a rock ‘don’t push me around any more’

Third eye, centres on the cerebral level so you understand what is being metaphysically communicated – link back to the days when minds were connected. Telepathy.

Ears react – past life chakras are being opened.

Takes the healing deep into Gaia and her inner structure.

And I found a word-image that seemed to beautifully sum up the effect of this stone and all I now know about it:


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